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  1. CD Changer not working?

    I just bought my 2005 '225' with standard CD player and dash mounted 6-CD changer and couldn't for the life of me get the changer to do very much. I switch the radio to the changer source and when I press load it, usually... I think I have to hold it for a second, says "select". I press a slot...
  2. Fitting Alpine Renault CD-Changer

    I am looking at buying a second-hand Alpine CD changer that was factory fitted into a Renault. I have a couple of questions....... I have not long purchased the car, and have no idea where the FF changer would go (in the manual there is a space for "cd changer" above where the curtrent...
  3. cd-changer

    hi, on my laguna radio cassette is a text, "cd-changer", where is located my cd-changer if i have one? PLS HELP!!!! and how can i found the history of my car, i recently bought it.
  4. Resetting CD-Changer

    My CD Changer is not working, i took it to the garage and they said they needed to reset it. he said something about going behing it and reseting, how do i do this as it has done again