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  1. Steering and Suspension
    Hello all I own a Renault trafic 2006 2.5 140 dci I have a problem with the steering wheel not centering after turning The steering wheel will return to center after turning left but does not fully center after turning right I have changed both track rod ends and top mount bearings on...
  2. Heating & cooling
    I need to replace the AC clutch on a Trafic 2012 but it is very hard to remove the centrum bolt! I have managed to get it out half way using a impact wrench but now its stuck pretty good and the insex head is rounded. I can get a grip with pliers but it sure is stuck. Like it was seized on the...
  3. Exhausts
    I have a 2002 renault megane scenic/expression been having a number of issues and the latest the centre exhaust join has come away, two questions can anyone recommend a new clamp also does the centre join connect to the car? I've had a look and it doesn't look supported so surely it can happen...
  4. Electronics
    Hey lads any ideas why this is happening when i unlock the car the full display is there but then it quickly fades
  5. Electronics
    I have recently had the weird issue that all of a sudden my clock and info on my Renault Clio 2 2004 is receiving no power, and so isn't my radio but the Hazard / Triangle lights work, the door lock button and the "Refresh" button works. AC also doesn't work either. I doubt my fuses are...
  6. Electronics
    I can not get the dipped sliding center console my scenic 2. Could you help me?
  7. In-car entertainment
    Hi. I was just wondering if it is possible to replace the center console between the phase1 (-05) and phase2 (05-07) model? I'm only interested in changing the CD player + above empty box part (if that make sense). I'm asking this because I have a phase 2 model and I want to fit in a double din...
  8. Interiors
    does the mk2 clio have an OEM center console armrest ?? is this optional to add ??
  9. Electronics
    Hi guys, I got a 2002 Megane Classic last week and none of the center console lights worked. I was able to replace the bulb in the clock/temp display and now it's working. Next I took out the A/C control unit, but only found a single bulb in it, I replaced it. Is there just a single bulb in...
  10. Wheels & tyres
    Hi does anyone know where the center caps for these can be found they are 140mm across and are on my 2006 Kangoo Van. Ive tried eBay but can only find little 60mm ones. Many thanks
  11. Interiors
    Hello, new to the forums so I'm sorry if it's the wrong place. I bought a Clio Grande Y reg just over 1 month ago and have noticed a couple of issues, first there is some damage to the center driver side center air vent cover and you can just pull it out. I was wondering if I buy a replacement...
  12. Electronics
    Hi 1998 Clio 1.4 Rt. The display near the top of the dash has never worked, and I'd like to try fix it. I can't find it identify a fuse for it, but all other electrics inside work to my knowledge. What does it even display? Lol Thanks
  13. Electronics
    hi every one On my way home to night the part of the cluster where the mpg and mileage is shown started flickering and it show loads of arrows going to the to right and a number 1 on the top left? i have checked the car and it has no fault codes at all please please can some one help me thanks...
  14. Electronics
    I have a 2011 scenic mark III. The manual mentions the center console is illuminated but I can not find the bulb. Does anybody know where it is, what it is and how you change it.
  15. Transmissions
    I am considering buying a refurbished gearbox for my RX4 from Renault Specialist Center and wonder if that is a well-renowned company and if someone has bought gearboxes from them? ;)
  16. Electronics
    Hi all. I own a Megane 06 Saloon.Yesterday the center lock system was completely broken down for some reason. I went into the car once after leave it for days, the key card works totally fine with open the lock.But after I leave the car I found that I can not lock my car at all. When I clicked...
  17. Electronics
    hi guys centre console lights are not working, all other interior lights work apart from radio aircon ect.. any ideas where to start after fuse checking? thanks
  18. Interiors
    Hello, I have a 2010 Megane Coupe and there is debris on the face of the tachometer and information center. Is it possible to remove the gauge cluster lenses to clean this area? Does anyone have experience trying it? I tried a few different searches in the forum without any hits. Thanks
  19. Electronics
    Hello After buying a DCI 1.5 Clio that had a front end smash, thier are a few things I need to sort out, one been that the center console temp gauge goes no higher then 0 usually about -3... Any ideas? Cheers
  20. Interiors
    I had to slide my center console back to allow access to the diagnostic reader socket. the console slid back no problem (Up until now it always worked fine) but when i tried to return it to its normal position nothing happen, No power nothing (although the lights are fine) I've seen plenty of...