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  1. Timing Belt Change Freelander 2

    As some on here already know I am still recovering from a bit of an illness and I'm very board. So..........thought I'd have a go at the 10 year service on my Freelancer 2 which involves replacing the timing belt and water pump. My thinking being that most of it can be done either sitting or...
  2. Twingo III oil change.

    Has anyone carried out an oil change on a Twingo III? If so, are there any special instructions?
  3. Using ATS and non Renault Mechanics to change brakes?

    General Chat
    Hey all, a little bit of advice if possible. I have a Grand Scenic MKIII 2012 with the auto handbrake, it needs rear pads, I don't really want to take it to the main dealer as they usually say the flux capacitor also needs changing, just want to go somewhere and have them change what I ask...
  4. Clio 4 -first oil change

    Hi, just bought a new Clio and dealer says first service is 30,000 km or 12 months. Should not the first oil change be earlier than that like 3000km or something. What is the general consensus on this point.
  5. How to change your garage ?

    General Chat
    Could someone tell me how to chnage my garage details. Since i managed to do this once the site chnaged, i seem to be a diamond and there is no option to chnage garage ? How do you do it i want to remove and chnage things ?
  6. Noise after cambelt change ??

    Hi I have this strange noise that started about 500 miles after I changed my cambelt. The car had a full kit plus water pump and dephaser pulley and the noise only comes on now when the car is reaching temperature. Since fitting the cambelt I have changed the alternator (had a no charge...
  7. 2007 Scenic 2 1.9 dci: how easy to change condenser?

    Heating & cooling
    Been told by the garage the condenser has a small leak (losing air con over a month+). How easy would it be to DIY a replacement? I have been quoted £450 by the garage, car is not worth that! If I DIY - do I strictly need to change the dryer as well?
  8. how to change li-ion cells

    General Chat
    thought this thread may help others worth adding as it progresses
  9. Cambelt Change on Espace 2.0 turbo

    I am getting very conflicting advise on when to change my cambelt on my 2006 Gran Espace. The car has only done about 45,000 miles from new and last had a new cambelt and pully changed just 5 years ago at around 18,000 miles. My local garage says the belt is good for 7 years but another says...
  10. Change clio mk3 old style door panels with new style.

    Good morning.I need your advice.I have a renault clio mk3 2011 with the old style door panels.Can i buy the newer style panels with the side big handle and install them? Does them fit? I have these on the first picture and i want to change with the second picture ones.The adjustment of mirrors...
  11. Renault Scenic III 1.9 130hp oil change

    Ask the Experts
    Hello, When I change the oil and the oil filter on my scenic I have always a lot of troubles to "extract" the oil filter, because from the bottom there is no space and from the top there are a lot of tubes. Please help me with your experiences when changing the oil filter (maybe I have to...
  12. Dealer Brake Fluid Change

    Afternoo The car went in for it's 4th service today which supposedly included a brake fluid change. The fluid was fairly clean anyway, so its hard to tell from the resevoir whether they actually changed the fluid. But the bleed nipples look untouched, photo attached. Any thoughts?
  13. Scenic Timing Belt Change

    Engines to the forum, have a 2007 1.4 petrol Scenic and just bought a 2008 1.5dci Scenic last week, the belt is due on the 2008 diesel one, I see there are various bhp from these engines, ours is the 86bhp as far as I know, my question is are the timing belt kits the same for all of them...
  14. Grand Scenic 1.6 dci 130 gearbox oil change

    Hi Car has finally done 130,000 miles on original gearbox oil. Is it quite an easy procedure to change the oil on the 1.6 dci? What is the best and correct oil to use. How many litres are required? Anyone done and this on the 1.6dci and taken pictures / video as would appreciate the location...
  15. Espace IV oil change - not draining

    Attempting to do a regular oil service on a 3.0 DCI. The drain plug is stuck fast into the filter cover, so turning the plug unscrews the cover. Removing the cover, oil drains out, but only the oil that was inside the filter. The oil level on the dipstick barely drops. Why is the oil not...
  16. New Trafic gearbox oil change

    Hi all, My dad has a new shape trafic. It is now on 70k miles and I think its time the gearbox oil was changed with new ELF oil. What is the procedure for this? I assume its the PK6 box so do I require a dipstick or what is the best approach for doing this? Cheers, Rick
  17. Mk4 Clio 1.5 dci clutch change

    Hello, My Clio is in need of a clutch change and was wandering if anyone has done it before? Are there any good step by step guides etc.? I have access to a full garage with 2 post lift and I have a fair amount of mechanical experience, I have done clutch***8217;s on land rovers and rebuilt...
  18. (How To Change ) onboard computer and changing Km/h to Mph - Clio Mk4 **Fixed**

    Hello all - just purchased a 2016 Mk4 Clio this week (its an Irish reg vehicle) and got a couple of questions please about the dashboard/onboard computer. Ok so as I say its an Irish model - I have been trying to see if I could change the mileage from Km/h to Mp/h and been trying the tricks...
  19. Mk2 clio clutch change w/out dropping subframe

    Hi all, I'm just after changing the clutch in my 2001 1.2 16v clio. Pressure plate failed on me last week. I followed this video This method is much easier and doesn't require removing shafts, draining box oil and fighting with the subframe nuts. Been down this path once before. Instead of...
  20. Gear oil change master 140 dci

    Hi have a 2006 Renault Master140dci with 6 speed gear box. It is a Motorhome with 27000 miles on clock. Have been reading that gear boxes can fail early was thinking about changing oil, can anyone tell me the service intervals for changing the gear oil my service book is in French. Also...