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  1. Clio mk2 54 dynamique what engine parts should be changed?

    My clio is now on 126k, I replaced the cam belt at 70k but have not replaced the drive belt, would it be advisable to replace the drive beltbtensioner when changing drive belt?
  2. scenic 2002 1.9dci wont start after broken altanator belt changed

    it turns over fine and starts with easy start but wont run on it but wont fire on the key there is pressure in the injection rail but wont start
  3. Megane 1.5 dci, 83c thermostat changed with 95

    Heating & cooling
    Dear all, I have a 2006 Megane Mk2 1.5DCi 106hp / 78kw. Recently it started leaking from the thermostat housing. SO i took it to a service to have it replaced, which they did. Now it is not leaking, temperature gauge stands still just below 90c or the middle position as it always has. Then...
  4. Changed steering column now the car won't start need some help

    Ask the Experts
    Changed steering column on my megane mk3 now the car won't start. No warning lights on the dash. It tries to start but doesn't Any help would be appreciated
  5. Grand Scenic 3 dashboard display changed **Fixed**

    Hi folks, looking for some advice. I was servicing the wife's car and was trying to find where the cabin pollen filter goes, so I removed the lower section of the dashboard. I discovered that I had to remove the clutch pedal assembly, so that is a job for a drier day. Anyway, I reassembled...
  6. Scenic 2 parking brake changed, wont start **Fixed**

    HELLPP Just had parking brake refurbished. refitted, replaced discs and pads with new. took negative terminal off battery when i changed brake. now when i try and start the car I get a rapid beeping and Parking brake off or braking fault on dash. also some rapid clicking from engine bay...
  7. Megane 1 changed seats, airbag light on **Fixed**

    Okay, here goes. I have a Megane 1 face lift soft top, 03 reg, 1.6 16v. I have changed the seats to full leather as the originals were shot but there's a problem, the old seats had airbags in them and the new ones don't so my question is how do I get the airbag light/service light to go out? Do...
  8. Megane 2 Batteries changed, problems keep coming **Fixed**

    Good morning everyone, I own a Megane 2 , 2004 190.000 km...never had many problems but now she is driving me insane. One month ago I have changed the battery and bought a new one 74ah , 640 cca; the car never started at the first attempt and the longer I left it parked the longer it took to...
  9. How Often Should Coolant Be Changed?

    Heating & cooling
    How many miles before the coolant should be changed? Can I test the condition of coolant? What are the risks of running coolant for too long? I assume overheating, corrosion, potential gasket warping? I have no idea if the coolant has ever been replaced during the life of the car. It's had...
  10. Starter motor changed now check engine and spanner lights are on

    Hello all, new owner of a mk3 Laguna 2.0dci. Starter motor packed in last week and was replaced on Friday at the garage I’ve been using regularly for over 15 years. Drove the car away and everything was good. Tried it again an hour later and the ‘check vehicle ‘ and spanner lights illuminated as...
  11. Timing Belt, How Often Should It Be Changed?

    Renault Megane MK III 1.6 Petrol 16v (100 BHP) Hatchback Reg 2009 Mileage 48,000 Also, how do I find my engine code? I believe it's the K4M series. Not sure if it's the 848? Thank you.
  12. Please help. Changed fuel filter now renault master wont start.

    I had an issue with the van occasionally hunting and was recomended to change the fuel filter. Ive disconnected the 2 pipes and the sensor on the top of the filter and undone the torx, removed the filter and fitter new one. Primed it and now the van wont start. It tries but doesnt seem like fuel...
  13. Central locking not working now I've changed drivers door

    Hi I'm hoping that someone will know an easy fix for a problem I caused by changing my drivers door. My original door had been dented badly in a crash (not by me) and therefore I found a replacement door and fitted it. My electric window controls work still but my key will not lock the door...
  14. Renault trafic injectors changed

    Hoping someone help? I have a Renault trafic 1.9 2003 van which suffered a cam belt failure. The head has been recondition with new valves. After reassembly the engine will not fire, it seems that the injectors are not firing fuel into the cylinders? I have bleed the diesel system several...
  15. Changed the electronic handbrake and nothing!

    Firstly, hello from me. Newby on the site so happy to be able to squeeze the experienced for info! So I bought my 56 plate grand scenic with a handbrake fault. Previous owner said it needed a new one. Nothing works from the handbrake switch on the dash. No motor mechanism noises or anything...
  16. 2005 Kangoo - Squeal on alternator area - belt changed

    Hi, I'm new to this site and wondered if anyone has any ideas what is causing a squealing noise at the front of the engine. I'm a retired mechanic. I've changed the alternator belt and the squeal persists. I took off the belt and the squeal stopped so it looks as though it's between the...
  17. Changed my Motta

    Cars & motoring
    I'v changed the car. Bought a 2007 1.6 Ford C-max Style and have spent the day cleaning and exploring how everything works. So far I am pleased and the missus who suffers from arthritis is impressed as she finds it easier to get in and out of compared to the Honda. Last time I owned a Ford...
  18. Changed dephaser pulley, do I need a new soleniod?

    Hi, please could somebody help me on this? Scenic 1.6 vvt, I have changed the dephaser pulley when doing timing belt/water pump, that was about a month ago, since I have had the rattle noise a couple of times on cold start up. I am concerned that the solenoid is not letting enough oil through to...
  19. Scenic wont start after dephaser changed

    Hello, can anyone shed any light please Partner has just changed the dephaser pulley on my 55 plate scenic, also changed spark plugs. But now it wont fire up at all? Is there anything needed to be done that cant be done at home after dephaser is changed or anything? Well and truly stuck...
  20. Anyone changed clutch slave cylinder on espace iv?

    Mines a 2006 2.0dci 175. I cant seem to work out how to get it off!