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  1. Activating CD Changer in a megane 3!!??

    Hello, I did write a previous thread regarding that I want to upgrade to newer manufactured Radio but the cost for buying one and installing ist just to much for just a bluetooth availability. So instead I have bought a Yatour Bluetooth adapter that connects through the CD Changer, the only...
  2. Automatic gear changer PROBLEM

    Hello All this is all new to me at the moment, don't know the difference between a Thread and and a "Sticky"!!!!!! To business Espace 4 2004 Automatic...............just purchased. Stop /Start Insert key, push start, computer on dash boots up does its thing check check check OK Depress footbrake...
  3. Bose Koleos CD changer harness

    Hi My Koleos 2012's CD/Radio unit is not working and I want to replace it by an aftermarket one. In my country, the newer Koleos have different harness and socket. Could anyone please help me about the using method (ie. Using an adapter) of the newer generation or after market CD player for my...
  4. Carminat 6cd changer problem

    Hi guys, i am new owner of Laguna 2 phase II with carminat mp3 cd changer and gps/bluetooth. The problem is that on the screen when i select cd i get no disk, when i try to eject cd nothing happens. Also i can not put cd i can not do this i can not insert the cd like something is stuck... Also i...
  5. aux for laguna 2 2004 with carminat sat nav and 6 speed changer

    In-car entertainment
    hi, how do i get aux to a laguna 2 2004 initiale with 6 speed autochanger and carminat sat nav?
  6. Code for 6 disk changer ***Fixed***

    I have a megane CC mark 2 early 2008 on an 07 plate. The in dash 6 cd changer is busted and I can see some for sale on auction sites but they often don't come with the code. Is it possible to get the code from the details on the unit?
  7. mk1 Renault convertible cd changer lead!!

    In-car entertainment
    hi all got a problem with my cd changer lead for some reason somebody has cut the wires right were the plug goes into my stereo therefore i don't know whether it works or not? I don't see why they just didn't disconect it .so im asking has anybody got one that they have removed instead of me...
  8. multi changer lead problem

    ok, so i've ended up with a broken cd multi changer lead. it's dated 2003 so i think it's tuner list (slightly mis-leading ebay advert) there are some broken wires on the blue connector and 1 broken one on the green lead (obvious to correct that one) does anyone have a diagram showing which...
  9. Fitting an in-dash CD changer - 2003 Laguna 2 1.9 dCi

    Hiya, I've just bought a 2003 Laguna 2 1.9 dCi and I'm wondering if this in-dash changer will slot straight in above the standard CD player. If it does...
  10. tuner list display no showing cd loading etc

    hi, the cd's load in the multi changer under the passenger seat but the option for cd's does not show when using the source button anybody got any suggestions
  11. Cd changer :(

    Don't know if this is the right place to post but seem to be having a little bit of a problem with the cd changer. Recently got the code to the radio and the other channels are brilliant but the cd just isn't working. All that is happening is I can here the eye moving about but it doesn't seem...
  12. megane 2 6cd changer

    In-car entertainment
    hi guys new to forum so hope this is in the right place.ive searched site and cant find answer to my problem.i have a 2005 megane 2 dci and it only had standard cd player with cubby hole underneath.i purchesed 6cd changer and leads hooked it up put code in and all is working problem is...
  13. Alpine cd changer

    In-car entertainment
    Hi has anyone got a wiring diagram for a Alpine 6 cd changer with the flat oblong plug with 9 small spade connectors in regards Ken
  14. Espace 4 CD changer replacment options

    Hi, My in-dash 6-cd changer (Carbasse Auditorium) has started to stop accepting discs, and I'm looking for replacement options. Ideally, I'd like some kind of cd emulator that I could plug in in place of the changer, that would give me SD storage (or similar) and still work with the steering...
  15. Laguna 2 in dash 6 cd changer - tuner list

    anyone got one? must have the cable to go with it...
  16. CD 6 changer 2005 1.9 dynamic sports tourer Laguna

    is it possible to purchase a Reconditioned factory unit or a new unit? Mike
  17. Lagune 2002 CD Changer

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on my problem. It may be coincidental but last weekend i changed my cabin filter in my Guna, then the CD changer in the boot started to skip tracks, pause, or reload CD's then on friday it stopped all together reading CD's. Loads the cartridge...
  18. Espace IV Initiale - CD changer aux input?

    Hi all I have trolled about for a while but cannot find a conclusive answer. We have a '56 Grand Espace Initiale, with the 6-CD in-dash changer. There is nothing under either passenger seat or in the rear wheel arch spaces, so I'm guessing the entire radio gubbins is in the dash somewhere. I...
  19. RX4 CD changer not working

    Got an RX4 today and the CD changer doesn't seem to work. However without a manual I could be doing it wrong. There is 1 disc in the cassette (which ejects and loads fine) but when I switch the head unit to CD it just tells me "No CD". Do I have to load the cassette a particular way or have I...
  20. CD changer problems..... (mkIV Grand Espace)

    So, I bought the car last week, and the display was reading 'err cd'. I realised that one of the cd drawers was stuck in the engaged position, and the cartridge wouldn't eject. So on Saturday, I took the changer apart, and manually retracted the drawer. Now the cartridge will go in and I can...