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  1. Scenic 3 Issues after changing brake fluid

    Have MOT in 10 days and the brake fluid was tested last year at 160 deg. C boiling point. So I changed it today, bought ATE DOT4 SL6. It was last changed at renault dealer in 2017 (7711575501, that should be plain DOT4). Good old one man pumping method, did it on a couple of cars, no problem...
  2. Changing Glow Plugs - Laguna III 1.5 dci estate

    Hello All, new to the forum - however i need to change the glow plugs on my Laguna III - 2008 model year - with a 1.5dci engine to gain access there is a need to remove a pipe that goes over the engine - the pipe fits into a rubber hose at either end and is held in place by clamps. these are...
  3. (How To Change ) onboard computer and changing Km/h to Mph - Clio Mk4 **Fixed**

    Hello all - just purchased a 2016 Mk4 Clio this week (its an Irish reg vehicle) and got a couple of questions please about the dashboard/onboard computer. Ok so as I say its an Irish model - I have been trying to see if I could change the mileage from Km/h to Mp/h and been trying the tricks...
  4. Megane III 1.6 16V gear changing problem

    My gearbox developed a strange problem recently. When I switch gears, e.g. starting and going from first to second, I have a feeling like the gear didn't connect immediately. Like there is a split second where I can feel a gear connecting to the engine when I press the gas pedal. I can also feel...
  5. Changing dipped head light bulbs

    I am trying to change my near side dipped headlight bulb on a grand scenic dynamic
  6. car wont start after changing injector

    Well I dont know what I have done here on the espace. totally gutted as now cant get to work. I spent a day prepping, writing step by step guide. I got the injector from an ebay seller with 100% rating that specializes in refurb injectors and nothing else. Everything went ok. Injector came...
  7. 2003 clio 1.5 dci rev hang when changing gear

    My girlfriend has a 2003 clio 1.5 dci, it has a very annoying habit of the revs going up even after you have lifted off the throttle, are there any common solutions to this? I had the same on my 2002 passat which i solved by changing the clutch switch, however i cannot see a clutch switch on...
  8. Stay on BST or keep changing clocks ?

    General Chat
    What is your opinion? Do we align ourselves with the 84% in Europe who want to retain permanent Summer Time ?
  9. Clunking noise when releasing clutch fast or changing gears.

    I swear this car is trying to bankrupt me. I had my clutch replaced this week in the hopes of solving some transmission problems I had and it solved a major one but not everything (side note: 220€ for parts and fitting, i think i was ripped off). I don't know if anything i observed it normal...
  10. Stereo/TomTom not working after changing fuse!

    Help please, stereo and TomTom are not working after changing the fuse for 12v(cigarette lighter socket)
  11. Changing TomTom Carminat for aftermarket HU problems.

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all... I have a 2011 Renault Trafic which was fitted with the TomTom Carminat system, I have changed this for a Pioneer Double Din HU but I have an issue. The Pioneer only gets power if the TomTom screen is also plugged in. If I unplug the screen it cuts all power to the Pioneer? I***8217;m...
  12. Advice on changing air con clio mk2

    Hi guys the air con unit has gone on my gf clio i want to fit a new air con unit , i suspect i need to get it degassed first but after i do that how do i go about removing the air con belt and any advice on removing the pump fitting a new one and re fitting the new belt how to tension and such...
  13. Changing water temp sensor on a Laguna 1 mk2, 1999 1.6l k4m 720

    Hi guys, I bought a new water sensor because the old one from time to time was not measuring the temp. After I connected the new one I checked it with my elm327 OBD2 reader. And it was showing 119 Celsius all the time. Do I need to register it somehow in the cars ECU? Or is it faulty? The new...
  14. grand scenic broken radiator does it need changing ?

    Heating & cooling
    HI could anyone confirm is this the aircon radiator thats broken in pics? looking directly in grill below number plate There no leaks i can see do i need to be concerned and have it changed or will it go on for a while longer what part needs replacing please Many Thanks Renault grand scenic...
  15. Changing Clio 4 Alternator

    Last week I posted on here about advice on changing the Clio 4 alternator, as there was very little online about it. I did the job this morning. All pretty straightforward apart from reattaching the belt. There is no adjustment on it at all. Has anyone changed a belt on one of these before. I...
  16. Changing alternator on Clio 4 1.2.

    Hi there, are there any guides or can anyone provide basic information on how to change my alternator on 2014 clio 4 1.2? Is it the same as changing it on any other car or being a Renaultsport, it's an absolute ballache? Is there anything I need to worry about? Heard people mention tensioning etc.
  17. Changing the alternator on a 55plate Modus 1500DCi maxim

    Mods, I did look at putting this in the modus section but I don't have permission. I have posted this here in the hope that its good enough to help others as there is NOTHING out there that shows or explains doing this on a Modus. If you see any glaring clock 0:) ups please shout. Similar to...
  18. Changing Scenic headlight bulbs to Halogen Bulbs

    Hello, I have a 2010 Scenic and want to change the headlight bulbs to Halogen bulbs. Can anyone advise the best bulbs to get and how easy (or not) it is to do. Thanks from a newbie. W
  19. Changing Manual for Auto Box ?

    Hi. How complicated would it be to change my manual gearbox to an auto box on my 1.6vvt 2009 mk2 Megane { it is a mk2 not mk3 } ? Does it require change or wiring looms etc ? Thanks in advance , Tilt.
  20. Changing brake cables.

    Hi. I've had a bit of a fight today with my car trying to free up a sticking caliper. I've managed to free the offending part ready for reassembly tomorrow. Unfortunately in the process I have damaged a cable and now have a leak. I think it is the brake cable but need to double check. On the...