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  1. Diesel Charges Start

    General Chat
    Punish the motorists again Westminster Council to trial diesel parking charge - BBC News
  2. Mobile Phone Excessive Charges BEWARE!!

    General Chat
    Posting this as a warning!!!!!!! Got a text on my phone "Thank you for subscribing to unlimited access to Mobyapps games & apps for £4.50 per week from clarion marketing until you text STOP to 65065" Not knowing why this has happened I sent a STOP text, got a message back "your subscription has...
  3. New parking charges record for me

    General Chat
    I always thought heathrow airport car parking was extortion but Oxford street in London has taken the title as the worst.
  4. Qualifying - Hamilton charges to first Mercedes pole

    Formula 1 news Hamilton will aim for a third Chinese Grand Prix victory in Shanghai on Sunday after taking pole position on Saturday with a best lap of 1m 34.484s in the final, Q3, session in which everyone minimised mileage in order to preserve...
  5. News from Renault - Dame Ellen MacArthur charges up The Mall in Renault's Zero-Emissi

    RSS feeds Ellen MacArthur charges up The Mall in Renault's Zero-Emission Fluence Click here to read more »
  6. Garage charges

    Cars & motoring
    Can anyone tell me how much a garage should charge to fit a steering lock on a 2004 Scenic, I have posted a similar post before but Im now being hit with more astronomical bills for repair. The scenic was taken to a dealer with a diagnosed steering lock fault, they have charged me for putting it...
  7. Road tax: 2009, 2010 and 2011 charges

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    Following the Chancellor of the Exchequer's Pre-Budget Report in November 2008, VED road tax rates planned for introduction in April of each year are as follows: VED Rates in 2009-10 b>VED Rates in 2009-10 Band A (up to 100g/km CO2) no fee Band B (101-110g/km CO2) £35 Band C...
  8. Scots' prescriptions cut to �5 the same day English charges are RAISED to �7.10

    General Chat
    Scots' prescriptions cut to £5 the same day English charges are RAISED to £7.10
  9. Watch your Broadband Charges !!!

    Computer Club
    More of us are now watching TV online via iplayer etc, this affects our download limits every month, make sure you dont end up with a big extra bill !!
  10. Renault Dealer breaks off Injector and charges £900 to fix it?????

    Has anyone dealt with a Renault dealer where they have broken a part on your car on which they are supposed to be fixing and then told you that you have to pay for it!!!! I am in this situation and i am desperate to try and find a way out? My 2.2DCI Lag Tourer was having starting problems, after...
  11. Vodafone slashes mobile internet charges by half

    Computer Club
    Quite expensive if you look at the tariffs Vodafone slashes mobile internet charges by half - Independent Online Edition > Business News
  12. Hospital phone charges up 160%

    General Chat
    Hospital phone charges up 160% Disgraceful!!!!! RIP OFF BRITAIN BBC NEWS | UK | Hospital phone charges up 160%
  13. Clio timing belt - charges!

    Me and a colleague both have 1.2 Clios with around 63k on the clock, and want to get our timing belts changed before they snap. I've been quoted £300 from Renault who also said the car would be off the road for 2 days, and £151 from my local garage (£190 if I needed the full kit after inspection...
  14. Road charges YES or NO

    As im sure your all aware Transport Secretary Douglas Alexander is trying to force through a road charge, I think this is discracefull as we already pay enough in road taxes and petrol taxes and taxes on the parts we buy. if you want to sign the pertition to try and get this bill thrown out goto...
  15. Liverpools John Lennon Airport Charges

    General Chat
    Liverpools John Lennon Airport Charges the proposed charges are a disgrace. BBC NEWS | England | Merseyside | Airport may bring in security tax
  16. Renault Scenic service charges OTT?

    Cars & motoring
    I only recently purchased my 2nd hand Scenic 1.5 dCi (100bhp, 54 plate) from an authorised Renault dealer. During the recall for the rear seat belts I asked ' nice lady on the desk' for a price for my next scheduled service...... £297.00!!!!! :crazy: F*kin heck, is it just me or does that...
  17. Recommend me a mechanic in the South Essex area. Labour charges?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi All Can anyone recommend a good, but reasonably priced, mechanic in the south Essex area? I'm actually in Basildon, so the nearer to that the better. Or a mobile mechanic would be even better still. Obviously must be au fait with Renaults. In the not too distant future I'll be wanting a...