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  1. Mystery Chattering

    Hi All, Can anybody help, firstly to identify the component in the attached photo circled in yellow and red. The problem being the car Megane 1.9 DCi 2006 runs fine. But when I switch the engine off, this unit seems to chatter like a spindle is spinning back and catching. It will obviously...
  2. 2010 1.5dci megane "chattering"

    Hi guys. Got a megane 1.5dci 2010 model. Engine is the k9k 832 variant sitting at 70k miles. Over the past 6 months the car has developed a subtle but noticeable chattering in the drive train, only really felt when in low revs up a gentle incline. Now of course when you shift to a lower gear and...
  3. Megane 2004 central locking chattering

    Hi, The central locking on my Megane 2004 is constantly chattering. All four doors appear to be trying to open and then close constantly. I have disconnected the battery because I'm concerned that this will damage the solenoids or other components. As yet i've not stripped anything down since...
  4. UCH fault? Chattering relay knocking out electrics

    Hiya, hoping for some help (again!!) with this flipping Clio! :? ;) Sometimes when I'm driving it, a relay near the UCH area (can't pinpoint which one as I'm driving!) starts chattering like mad, and affects the electrics (definitely central locking, indicators and electric windows, maybe...
  5. Chattering, no fifth gear

    Hi guys. Not only my very first post but just purchased my first Renault yesterday, 2001 Kangoo 655 D sorry its not under better circumstances that I get to meet you guys but a big hi anyway. :) Drove it home (about 35 miles) and as soon as I knocked it out of gear on my drive I now have the...
  6. Scenic 2 - 1.4 16v belt chattering

    Hi there and wonder if anyone could help out this the following. i've a senic 2 1.4 16v thats done just over 70K, has just been serviced and runs fine apart from this morning. I've just driven to work and noticed that a chattering/clattering noise coming from the engine bay. i've had a look...