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  1. Handy cheap tool for damaged threads

    General Chat
    Just accidentally came across this while browsing on YouTube .... looks a very useful item to have in the toolbox Deburring external chamfer tool
  2. Cheap Engine Mounts - You've been warned!

    I thought I would share my experience with a new gear box mount for my Laguna 2.0 Dci. I bought a cheap one off Ebay thinking it has to be better than the one I was taking it out. Here's what it was like on the first start up afterwards. I paid £23.99 for the gear...
  3. whats a decent cheap car

    General Chat
    having sold my megane which id had for 10 years or so im thinking whether id go back with renault. In a way i guess i miss the megane, its a pretty decent looking car and did have a bit of kick, but theres plenty of cars like that i guess. Im sure the newer renaults are more better built. old...
  4. cheap tax and stuff what car

    General Chat
    hey i am looking for car that meets the following: under £1800 has timing chain not belt road tax under £50 cheap insurance 5 doors What cars should i be looking at? So far I have found this usefull list:
  5. Which used cars have really cheap or zero road tax?

    General Chat
    I am looking for a used car that has zero or very cheap road tax, as i plan to keep for several years. I prefer volkswagen, toyota, renaults or hondas. I have seen these: But these are new cars and i cant find any used versions under my budget of £1200 so are there any...
  6. Cheap runabout

    General Chat
    A mate needed a cheap runabout to get him to work, one of the lads says my mum as a Corsa £50, So he sticks £50 in his hand two days later he as the car a Nice looking Corsa Auto 30 odd thousand miles long MOT exhaust a bit blowy £28 of fuel in the tank net cost £22 runs it for 2 years no...
  7. Cheap but not very cheerful

    Steering and Suspension
    Generic parts may not be the bargain they appear to be. The original front wheel bearings on our RX4 lasted about 120k. I've just had to repeat the job now that one of the fleabay bearings fitted has failed at 125k. It's not a bit of play, either. when I removed the wheel and disc I could barely...
  8. Clio 1.2 16V 2005 Silver - Cheap Selling **Sold**

    For sale
    Hi All, My girlfriend got a Kangoo and no longer needs her clio. It has a few problems and currently not Taxed and also SORN. It does have MOT starts, drives and everything but not suitable to drive away. Would be great as a project car or for someone who wants to break it for parts...
  9. where can buy cheap lowering springs?

    Steering and Suspension
    I currently drive a 5 door, 1.2 16V Renault Clio 2004 reg with a performance ECU remapping, induction kit, race coil and a set of 4 NGK race plugs. I have seen posts on here talking about what is better coil-over or lowering springs. I myself would like to know everyone's take on which would...
  10. Wanted cheap reinforced or cleo

    General Chat
    If our offer on a resale Mobil home en chantes is accepted !, we're looking for a cheap Cleo , / twingo left hand drive! Ass the staying goes when in Rome etc etc. VW van now has for sale signs inside
  11. Wot have I Done, bought a really cheap Scenic 2 ??

    General Chat
    As per title, seemed to good to pass up. Yes, I'm a daft old Bu77er. It's a 2005 Dynamique, Engine Management light on, starts fine (after an initial jump), drives, brakes square, good tyres, good body (small ding in tailgate), two keys, NO MOT, good upholstery, aftermarket radio, clutch...
  12. RX4 1.9DCi I love a cheap fix!

    When my RX4's bottom end power faded away I read around and saw all sorts of expensive reasons. I'm pleased to say that the cause was only the second component I checked, the MAP sensor. Others have written about replacing it but I didn't. I removed it and cleaned it inside and out with...
  13. cheap Bluetooth OBD scanner

    Hi All, I bought one of then cheap V1.5 Mini ELM327 ELM 327 OBD2 Bluetooth Auto OBDII Diagnostic Scanners for my Clio ..I now have a Scenic(yes I did buy another French car I think they have always made the best diesel engines)..The dreaded Handbrake fault came up on the dash although my...
  14. Cheap Relays, Alternate sources

    Hi all, I do object to being ripped off by company's for what are essentially generic parts so I hope this little story will save some of you some money. The front fog lights in my Scenic were not working so after checking the fuses and hearing the relay clicking I bought some new bulbs. On...
  15. Should I buy a cheap scenic II?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi there, My wife has just had an accident which has written off our 8 year old Volvo v50. After the insurance has paid off the remaining finance we're left with about £1400. Rather than taking out fresh finance we're considering just seeing what we can buy for that. We're dog owners so need an...
  16. Traffic camper driveshaft the cheap way t1000 1987 1.7

    Hi all, Just thought I'd put this on here for those pulling your hair out for a new drive shaft for your traffic van. Mines a 1.7 petrol manual and had a bad near side drive shaft. Took me ages to find a good driveshaft. Brand new only cost me 53 quid. Got it from euro car parts and it's a q...
  17. All Parts Going Cheap Need Space!

    For sale
    I have loads of parts from a laguna 2.0 petrol going cheap as need the space! Collection only from Darlington 2x wings in blue £10.00 each 4x doors in blue with all mechanisms/leccy windows £20.00 each! Front bumper complete with fog lights etc £35.00 Rear bumper £30.00 Bootlid with wiper etc...
  18. Cheap Fault Code reader

    Tools & equipment
    Hi Folks Sorry my first post is a request but I'm looking for a bit of advice please. My 01 Laguna Recently went into limp mode (I think because it over heated) and now the engine management light is staying on. What would be the cheapest way to read the codes and reset the ECU? Would a...
  19. Renault Clio 1.2RL 5 door, cheap reliable motoring

    For sale
    Renault Clio 5 door hatchback Mk1 phase 3 which has been a very reliable and economical car over the 7 years I have owned the car. The car has been well maintained and I have kept the history on the car while in my ownership. In the past year the car has had replacement discs, front brake...
  20. Do you need a new keycard, I did and got one very cheap indeed

    I needed new keys for my Megane CC 2008 as the one supplied with the car when we bought it was all cracked and there was not a second one. I followed all the advice on the forum and found an advert on ebay. The rest is history........ Much cheaper than Renault or any emergency locksmith car key...