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  1. Check Parking Brake warning intermittently on

    Hi Bought an automatic 2016 Grand Scenic a month ago and in the last couple of days I've had a warning light coming up 'Check Parking Brake' on a couple.of journeys. The car drives as the handbrake is off, but even still, I pull over, turn engine off and remove key card then re-insert key card...
  2. Check injection

    Hello! Megane 2 1.5 dci, 76 kw, 2007 next problem: check injection, engine rises speed to 1000, put clip error: df 1005 circuit thermoplonjon. Any opinions?
  3. megane 2010 1.5 dci check automatic gearbox

    Hi all, I'm new here also this is my first Renault car. I have Megane 2010 1.5 dci with automatic gearbox, and it is showing check automatic gearbox, when I put on manual mode I have noticed that when alarm is on even (1,3,5) gears are not working, it use only odd (2,4,6) gears. I'm not sure...
  4. Check injection

    Hi all. 05 Laguna 1.9dci sport tourer. More problems im afraid. Last few days my car started to stall when I was coming to a junction/roundabout and slowing down, didn***8217;t think much of it but today it happened 3 times and not sure if its linked to the following. So driving down the M3/A303...
  5. Check injection message Renault Scenic II 2006 1.9dci 96kw(131Hp)

    Hey! So time to time I get a Check injection warning on the dashboard and the car as they say goes into limp mode. Currently Im on the idea that the Map sensor could need some cleaning? Could that makes sense? As the times when the message appears are completly random. It can happen while im...
  6. Check Airbag ***x1f615;

    Hi guys I***8217;ve been searching through the forums trying to find a definitive answer. I keep getting Check Airbag did anyone come up with a fix for this? Ive asked this forum questions in past and it***8217;s always came up trumps !!!
  7. Espace IV 3.0 DCi 'Check ignition' and limp mode. Vel Satis engine

    Hi all, I am having an issue with my newly purchased 2007 Espace IV 3.0 DCi. I hear its a problem that can be caused by several underlying issues and I'm just hoping the answer is not that I need to overhaul the high pressure injection pump as its ++£. The symptoms are that (reliably) under...
  8. Renault Mégane 2 (2007,1.4L petrol) check injection fault

    Cars & motoring
    I have a Renault Mégane 2 (2007,1.4L petrol) and recently it's been acting up. When I stop the car it will sometimes display a 'check injection' warning. When this happens the engine will rev (approx 2500rpm) without acceleration. If I put it into gear it will drive. Once the car is turned off...
  9. Check braking system

    Hi. Over the last couple of weeks every so often the message 'Check braking system appears on dash. Brake fluid has been checked and topped up and is fine. Brakes are working fine. Any ideas why this is still happening? Many thanks
  10. Scenic Mk 3 - check injection - smoking - excessive oil usage

    Hi, I have a mark3 grand scenic 2010 1.5dci 110. I have had a problem for a while that anything over 50ish it loses power and comes up check injection. I add some clean injector fluid to the fuel and it made no difference. I removed and cleaned each injector and used brake cleaner to check the...
  11. Check ingition warning when revs drop to idle and turbo stops working.

    Hi, I have a 2007 1.9 DCI Scenic. I have read lots of posts about the P0235 code (that I have) and the various causes and remedies. Haven't found a post with exactly the same symptoms. If I start the car, immediately run the revs to 1500 and move off keeping the revs up all is well. Once I...
  12. Check Emissions + P0180 code

    Got a 2009 1.6 Megane. Check Emissions + engine light came on a week or so back - seems to stay on for a day or two then off for a day or two. I connected to OBD and got a P0180 code. Doing a little bit of a search - seems to point at a Fuel Temperature Sensor fault. SO - am I wrong, could...
  13. Check Anti - Pollution System

    Hi, hope someone can shed some light! this message has appeared on dash with EMS light. Check Anti Pollution System, so dreading it is the DPF i got local garage to clean out the DPF system with dedicated product, quite a bit of debri came out the exhaust after the application but the error...
  14. Master 3 dash message - check auto lights **Fixed**

    Hi 2010 Renault master 3 with 2.3 euro 5 engine - workshop light on and dashboard message saying check auto lights. Can***8217;t find any info in book, workshop manual, online or even from the Renault mechanic I spoke to..... Anyone got any ideas where I can start fault finding it?
  15. Wipers gone awry & check parking brake warning

    Car: Renault Scenic Grand MKIII 2010 plate Hi folks Having a painful time with 2010 Scenic Grand, which I bought in Nov 2018. During mid December the check parking brake warning light suddenly came on. The parking brake worked fine, tested on steep hill, so hadn't a clue what the issue was...
  16. Turbo lagging and Check engine light

    Hello i got 2 problems. 1.My turbo cuts off randomly, that i get no boost. I checked the vacuum hose and all is good. Didn't find any boost regulation valve because that hose comes directly from intake to turbo wastegate. 2. I got Check engine light, OBD2 said its the EGR, I took it apart...
  17. Check Auto Gearbox/Check hill start assist (Automatic)

    Ask the Experts
    Hi there, Was looking for some help and advice. I have a 2011 Automatic Diesel Renault Grand Scenic. Car passed it MOT last week with no advisories. I got in my car this morning to go about my day as normal and when I started the car started getting the following error messages. -...
  18. EPB check parking break Megane mk3

    The problem: I have had a check parking brake warning on my dash for 3 or 4 weeks (tbh since 20 minutes after I bought the car). I've never had a car with an electronic hand brake and everything seemed fine apart from thinking it was a stupid thing to have because starting a car uphill is nearly...
  19. what is easy wasy to check the suspensions

    Steering and Suspension
    hi recently i started to feel it in the cabin when going over a bumps or bad street . how can i check the suspension still good or are aging? thanks
  20. 'Check Turbo Injection' **Fixed**

    Hi all, as you can see I am new to the forum and have made an account to ask this questions, however any help would be much appreciated as my knowledge around cars is very limited! I own a Renault Traffic Sport 2 litre turbo injection, I was travelling home from Leeds to Sunderland, I got 1...