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  1. Engines
    Brought a MAF for my 1.9 from China $46 dollars compared to the genuine part here in australia being $925. Look exactly the same just no made in Germany stamped on it. Surprise it works great no issues so far. Stoked, next the boost sensor solenoid.
  2. Engines
    Hi I have been doing a bit of research after watching an episode of weeler dealers were Edd China used the terraclean system to clean carbon deposits from the engine, fuel and exhaust system of a Jaguar xk8, (did anyone see it?) Having the same problem as many others on this web site, "Emissions...
  3. Wheels & tyres
    recently i had a chat with my neighbour about tyres. he was laughing about me that i always buy michelin primacy hp to my cars. he uses some exotic asian brands and pay 20-25% price for tyres. does it make any sense? i always belived good brand it is guarantee for safe, comfort (less noise)...
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    hope you like my new RX4:o , although it's not real by now:( [/IMG]