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  1. Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix 2019

    Formula 1 results
  2. Chinese diesel heater off eBay

    Campervan Chat
    Anyone got one? Any fitting tips? Seems to be a bit of controversy regarding the air intake. Mine should be here by middle of next month.
  3. Chinese diesel air heater for shed

    General Chat
    I have a cunning plan........>:) I was scouting around another forum I’m a member of, and someone asked about the cheap 12v diesel air heaters on ebay. They were thinking of fitting one to their camper, but I thought “mmm..... how to heat 2 sheds”. I’m thinking that it will be cheaper in...
  4. Are you not afraid of the invasion of Chinese cars?

    General Chat
    Hi everyone! We know that's very common to find over the Internet a lot of jokes, comments, pictures, and videos about the [low] quality of Chinese cars. Here are some examples :devil:: The [famous?] Chinese car hitting a German bicycle...
  5. Megane 2003 and Chinese SatNav, steering control problem

    I am having trouble with the steering control of a chinese 2DIN SatNav. It does not work:( Googled my ass off but looks like no one else on this planet has similar problems. As I see it my red Can bus connector is missing some wires and I can't figure out the wiring order. Bus Other.jpg is a...
  6. Megane 2003 and Chinese SatNav, steering control problem

    I bought a Chinese SatNav to Megane 2003. It was a bad call:( I've had my share of problems with this one. At this point I have fixed all of them except the steering control. Please look at the .pdf attachment. I modified it from my claim to the supplier. (Complete air head):crazy: Have you...
  7. All going Chinese! Who makes what now?

    Cars & motoring
    I need to replce the O'S/lower balljoint on my Scenic, so was going to do just the actual balljoint which is available on it's own. It needs pressing out, which means taking the arm off the car anyway so I decided to replace the whole arm including balljoint. Genuine Renault - bit pricey, so I...
  8. Chinese Grand Prix - selected team & driver quotes

    Formula 1 news India's Vitantonio Liuzzi on his first lap spin, collision, and retirement; Mclaren's Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel, and Ferrari's Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso on their pit-lane tussles; and Jenson Button on his...
  9. Chinese GP - 2010

    Formula 1 news Shanghai International Circuit's stunning architecture, high-speed straights and winding turns, mean the teams are more than happy to endure the city's hectic traffic to enjoy the chance to race in China. Here senior team personnel and...
  10. Chinese GP bosses consider race future

    Formula 1 news
    :MORE @ I guess this is no real surprise in this economic climate. Bernie does like to charge the circuits huge amounts of money for them to hold the event, and if they don't sell enough tickets they make a loss.
  11. Chinese Scam

    General Chat
    I received an email this morning from a site called YGFTC purporting to be suppliers of world-brand goods at hugely reduced prices. This is not the first time I've had to remove mail from them out of my hotmail account, so they are very active and use different addresses. I'm posting this just...
  12. Chinese car is not Brilliant in crash test

    General Chat
    Chinese car is not Brilliant in crash test - 4Car News from Channel 4 Chinese Brilliance comes in threes Geneva preview: Chinese Brilliance comes in threes - 4Car News from Channel 4
  13. Group Test of Chinese M.G.

    Cars & motoring