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  1. Chip tune vs remap

    My mottah!
    Hi all, I’m looking at getting a bit better performance out of my Megane 3, 1.5 dci 110 bhp. I’ve thought about having it remapped but quite like the idea of having a chip tune where I can select a certain map instead of being stuck to just the one. However I have heard that cop tunes can often...
  2. Renault Laguna Chip tunning

    Tuning & Modding
    Hi.I was wondering does anybody have some expirience whit chip tunning the Laguna with the 2.0 dCi motor or any car with that enginge.Mine is from 2011 and it has about 180000km.It has 150hp and i wanted to get 180hp and 400nm beacuse it feels a bit underpowerd at times and i wanted a bit lower...
  3. 2009 Grand Espace Coded Transponder Chip

    Hi guys, I hope someone out there can help me solve a huge headache. I owe a 2009 Grand Espace and sometime last week I broke my key card case when sitting on it at a coffee shop. Somehow, somewhere the transponder chip inside it fell out of the case and could not find it anywhere. Can somebody...
  4. Diesel tuning chip worth it on clio 1.5DCI?

    Tuning & Modding
    Hello there, I currently have 2011 MK3 clio DCI which I do a 60mile round trip to work everyday now, almost all motorway. I am wondering if its worth getting one of these chips which state they can improve MPG and power which I dont understand how it can do both? Do you think its worth getting...
  5. Chip tuning RacingBox

    Tuning & Modding
    Hello, anyone has experience with RacingBox chip tuning? What do you think about it?
  6. Stone chip damage ?

    General Chat
    Is it just me or is anyone experiencing an increased number of windscreen road debris strikes resulting in screen damage compared to their driving past ? I have never had so many, three strikes in six months, where honestly the last time that happened to me and it was only the once was about...
  7. chip in windscreen repair

    General Chat
    the jag has a chip on the wind screen so i thought its worth trying out a repair kit this is the one i ordered Windshield Repair Kit Crack DIY Auto Glass Wind Screen Chips & Cracks | eBay i will take some pictures as a before and after once done and see if the kits are worth the money and i...
  8. F7R remap / chip

    General tuning
    hi guys ive had a quick look in the old archives and thought id found someone to remap the car but when i looked they were last online in 2013 :( so does anyone know how to remap the f7r ecu the car has had a bunch of mods including cams done but now just needs finishing but i dont trust the...
  9. diesel tuning chip

    hi everybody,i have got an 06 kangoo diesel the 1.5 model and i would like to know whether anyone has ever fitted one of the performance diesel tuning chips and if so was it worth doing or did it cause problems
  10. Crazy or smart? Chip tuning a Laguna II 05 mod.

    I Have a 1.8l PETROL 120bhp 88kw Laguna II 2005 mod. is there any positive use of a chip tuning like this one: Does this box remap my car by it self...
  11. Renault 1.5 dci chip tuning box

    Tuning & Modding
    Hello All, I have bought a tuning box for our 2005 Scenic 1.5dci. Thought I will create a slideshow if someone wants to know how to connect this. Would probably work the same way on other Renault 1.5dci engines. Any questions, let me know. Here is the link: vq7ILyg-rBM&
  12. Italianspeed tuning chip

    Hi, anyone used one of these chips. They claim up to 40% increase in BHP:eek: and 20% in fuel economy.
  13. Do the Chip tuning boxes work?

    Tuning & Modding
    Hi all has anyone used one of these boxes before? And had the car dynode to prove they work?
  14. Christmas Offers!

    DNA Tuning
    Ok Guys I am Offering Gift Vouchers over the festive period. These are Ranging from £25 all the way to a full stage 1 remap! So get those loved ones to buy you something you really want this X-Mas! Feel free to call or email us for more info!! 07568306796 [email protected]
  15. renault megane coupe 2001 ecu chip????

    Hi. I have a problem with my megane. Car start without a problem when is cold. After it gets normal temperature it overheats, after a while it switch off the engine. it start again without a problem but switch it off again after couple seconds when i accelere. I have to wait like an hour to make...
  16. laguna iii 2.0 dci 150 chip box

    General tuning
    Can any one let me no what they think of a chip box to fit to my laguna iii 150 is it safe to do or is it better to get a remap.
  17. laguna iii 2.0 dci 150 chip box

    Tuning & Modding
    hi i have a laguna iii 2.0 dci 150 and im thinking of using a chip box has any one used one of these are they safe to use can any one help
  18. repairing/replace chip in Air Flow Meter

    hi my friend renault scenic MAF is broken that what the garage said after testing it and disconnecting it So I was wondering if this kit is worth a try...
  19. Megane F7R Chip problem?!

    Tuning & Modding
    Hello I have bought a chip for my Megane Cabrio. It is a 1998 with thr F7R 2.0 16v engine. The chip i bought from ebay and was told that it will fit once the ecu had a socket fitted. I have had a socket fitted to the ecu by a specialist and so once recieved i then put the chipped eprom...
  20. Renault laguna II 1.9dci remap and chip

    Ive been considering chipping and remapping my laguna II 1.9dci 120, as ive been told it will increase my fuel economy and performance. I commute 100miles a day so added mpg and power when needed would be great as most my mileage is on the motorway. I currently get 600miles to £80 without...