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  1. Electronics
    Hi guys, I hope someone out there can help me solve a huge headache. I owe a 2009 Grand Espace and sometime last week I broke my key card case when sitting on it at a coffee shop. Somehow, somewhere the transponder chip inside it fell out of the case and could not find it anywhere. Can somebody...
  2. Electronics
    hi everybody,i have got an 06 kangoo diesel the 1.5 model and i would like to know whether anyone has ever fitted one of the performance diesel tuning chips and if so was it worth doing or did it cause problems
  3. Engines
    I Have a 1.8l PETROL 120bhp 88kw Laguna II 2005 mod. is there any positive use of a chip tuning like this one: Does this box remap my car by it self...
  4. Electronics
    Hi, anyone used one of these chips. They claim up to 40% increase in BHP:eek: and 20% in fuel economy.
  5. DNA Tuning
    Ok Guys I am Offering Gift Vouchers over the festive period. These are Ranging from £25 all the way to a full stage 1 remap! So get those loved ones to buy you something you really want this X-Mas! Feel free to call or email us for more info!! 07568306796 [email protected]
  6. Electronics
    Hi. I have a problem with my megane. Car start without a problem when is cold. After it gets normal temperature it overheats, after a while it switch off the engine. it start again without a problem but switch it off again after couple seconds when i accelere. I have to wait like an hour to make...
  7. Electronics
    hi my friend renault scenic MAF is broken that what the garage said after testing it and disconnecting it So I was wondering if this kit is worth a try...
  8. Engines
    Ive been considering chipping and remapping my laguna II 1.9dci 120, as ive been told it will increase my fuel economy and performance. I commute 100miles a day so added mpg and power when needed would be great as most my mileage is on the motorway. I currently get 600miles to £80 without...
  9. Bodywork
    My son got a bad chip in his windscreen yesterday as a lorry passed him. It's fractured the glass, covering an area about 3/4 inch across right in his eyeline on the screen. You can flake the glass off with a finger nail and a small piece of stone is embedded in the window still. Also...
  10. Engines
    hi guys i have a meagne 1.5dci (106php) 07 anybody reccomend a good tuning chip box cheers steven
  11. Engines
    Hi I am looking for a good way to increase the performance on my 04 plate Grand Scenic 1.9 dci, It seems very sluggish at the moment! I found this but am always pretty...
  12. Electronics
    has anyone out there had the trafic remaped? i am thinking about it, and was wondering if anybody has had 1 done. i have a new 2011 115 trafic sport. thanks jas
  13. Electronics
    hi lads can u bypass the chip in the key and the decoder for my rt dti 2000 thanks:confused:
  14. Engines
    hi there..... i bought a tunng chip for my laguna 2 & have not fitted it yet, is there any adverse affects related to the installation of these chips..??? the car is basically a massive computer, will the engine management light come on or something.... or will it take the chip & change...
  15. Bodywork
    hi i have a 55 plate renault laguna and at the rear arches near the rear doors are clear stickers which i have been told are stone chip protectors. The problem is they are slightly peeling off so i am wondering if i peel them off is it likely it will damage the paint. I would replace them but...
  16. Welcome to RenaultForums
    i have a renault clio I. one week ago i`ve lost the keys. the new ones that i made cant turn on the car because ive not the chip code. please can anybody tell me how i can fin the chip or how can i turn on my car?
  17. Engines
    Has anyone chipped a scenic RX4? Mine is extremely poor in the low rev range, but otherwise operates OK. I am assuming (Bad move!!) that all is OK engine wise, and it is just very poor at moving itself at low revs? Any ideas??
  18. Electronics
    immobilizer chip got lost from above vehicle. does anyone know where a person could aquire a new chip to programme in or failing that a second hand ecu unit sagem 2 plug with transponder and key any feed back greatly appreciated Reguards mickeyBo
  19. Electronics
    have a 1999 laguna 1.6 and the previous owner had a few cheap mods done one being a piggy back chip where is this lacated i want to remove it heard its not a good thing. i was told its a resister but i dont know where to look
  20. Cars & motoring
    Hi all... I got a thread runnin at moment cos of my dci106 crap fuel consumption; did 9500miles and dealer said it wasn't run in properly yet:alllies: On a different tack; I've thought about chipping it, seen various chips for bout £150-200. Has anyone done this to their dci? Does it improve...