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  1. Choice of batteries for Renault Grand Scenic III?

    When I look up car batteries on Halford's website, giving my reg. no., it says: "note: the factory originally fitted a choice of two batteries - please check installation." I presume this refers to different form factors not just different Amp Hours? Does this mean I can't just go by my Reg No...
  2. Great Car Choice

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    We are Steve and Lindsey from Chelmsford Essex, Needed to get Lindsey a car as she does not like driving mine (ford focus estate), We did only had £500, We spent 2 days searching the net and not finding anything she liked, She did have am Astra in mind as we have had them n the past, even the...
  3. Oil choice for Laguna 2.0dci with DPF removed

    I have always used RN0720 oil in my Renault Laguna while it had it DPF inplace but now that it nolonger has a DPF (i removed and remapped). Do I still need to use the expensive RN0720 or is there an alternative?
  4. Grand Scenic 3 tyre choice

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, I've just bought a 2011 Grand Scenic and was wondering if anyone knows the factory fitted tyre make? Michelin or something else? I want a replacement that's decent quality as the one I've got right now look like cheap rubber. I noticed some cars in the local showroom have Continental, but...
  5. An easy choice

    Jokes & funny stuff
    A man wakes up in the hospital bandaged from head to foot. The doctor comes in and says, "Ah, I see you've regained consciousness. Now, you probably won't remember but you were in a pile-up on the motorway. You're going to be okay; you'll walk again and everything but something bad happened...
  6. new tyre choice ?

    Wheels & tyres
    Need new front tyres on my 1.2 clio 59 plate. Done 21,000 miles. Renault want to charge me £87 each tyre to fit the Bridgestone B520's supplied. Can anyone suggest an all season tyre that a bit cheaper but with the same longevity. Cheers. :confused:
  7. Oil choice

    On my 2001 Scenic 1.9 DCi, reading through various forums, people are saying use 5w40 synthetic oil for the oil change as the wrong oil can cause turbo problems, but in the handbook it gives various choices including 5w30, 10w40 to name a few. Now as I recall, the general rule of thumb was...
  8. lag2 spark plug choice

    so many to chhose from, ngk, bosch, champion, single or multi electrode. whats the best to aim for? or should i go to renault and buy genuine ones from them? and would anyone know the renault part number? car is a 2001 1.6 lag2 this e**y site has genuine listed parts, and at £2.50 a go must be...
  9. laguna 2 tyre choice

    Wheels & tyres
    it's all come at once, the front shocks! front tyres low and the very cheapo rears (put on by previous owner) and i swear they will do another 30k are drumming like crazy... michelins are expensive, the goodyears don't seem to have lasted on the front. has anyone experience of falkens or toyo...
  10. Effect of Tyre Choice on Clio II Ride

    Wheels & tyres
    I have a '51 Clio dci 65 bought last weekend. Seemed to be a nice car with the exception of the ride which was appalling. My brain would jiggle around over every slight bump - had to get out and check I hadn't bought a Golf by accident. It had a couple of new Infinity 040 tyres on the front...
  11. Lag II 1.9DCI (with or without DPF) oil choice

    Hi All New to the forum - have just purchased Lag II 1.9DCi 2006. I'm just giving it a service and like others, little confused about oil choice: Firstly, I think my car is fitted with particulate filter. How can I make sure of this? Manual and service manual say nothing. Depending on...
  12. Thoughts on new car choice

    General Chat
    hi guys:) well as ive already mentioned, ive been doing the sums and looking into getting a new car, albeit not for a good little while but it gives me something to look forward to! so ive decided on a mondeo st 2.2 tdci 155bhp. prefferably in blue:) now ive heard all sorts of horror stories...
  13. Tyre Choice

    Wheels & tyres
    Looking for advice about tyre choice for my Espace I need 245-45-18 Xtra loan Michellin are very expensive but to date give me the best milage about 15,000. Has anyone any recommendations as to what other makes would give good milage and grip etc. Thanks
  14. Microsoft offers web browser choice

    Computer Club
    TBH this hasn't ever bothered me, but I've no doubt it will please many. Millions of European Internet Explorer (IE) users will have the option to choose an alternative browser from 1 March, Microsoft has announced. It follows a legal agreement between Microsoft and Europe's Competition...
  15. 172 cup tyre choice

    Wheels & tyres
    hi, i have a 2002 clio 172 cup and am looking to replace the front tyres. does anyone have an opinion on a decent choice of tyre? i have asked a few people and never seem to get the same answer! many thnx
  16. choice of repair or replace engine

    hi all, this is my 1st posting here hope somebody can inform me? i have a 2002 51 reg scenic 1.6 16v petrol dynamique bought 27th june 08 had 69197 miles on clock when bought,and the cambelt snapped on my way to work on new years day night i was doing about 30 to 40 mph at the time,i do not know...
  17. Browser of choice

    On reading the other thread about Googles new browser, Chrome, I thought it might be interesting to see how many have weaned themselves off IE and given one of the other browsers a go. So, which do you use and why?
  18. Laguna II tailgate badge choice

    Right after some scrote did this.. I'm now left with this after I resprayed it today.. Question is... Do I leave it like it is now (debadged) Or put an original badge back on... Or go for facelift badging..
  19. Renault Laguna II - What are the tyres of choice?

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi all Just wondering what tyres everybody is using? I need to change all 4 on my Lag II (steel wheels, not alloy) and wondered what brand everybody recommends? Thanks.
  20. V Reg - Choice of radio / CD

    I have to replace a CD player that came standard with my Megane, as the cost to get a security code is extortionate! Am I restricted to what CD/radios I can fit in order to use the remote steering controls, do I need to get one from Renault? I will be using an iPod possibly with it too...