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  1. Fluence .. Weird connection between the Heater Fan and Cigar Lighter

    Heating & cooling
    Renault Fluence Dynamique 1.5 dCi 110 Automatic I bought my Fluence a few months ago and I have to say it's been an experience so far. I'll start with the smallest issue first. Has anyone else on here come across the AC/Heater Fan coming on when you plug your phone into the Cigar Lighter...
  2. Cigar lighter fuse Grand Scenic 2011 **Fixed**

    I have a Grand Scenic mk3 2011 1.6 vvt dynamique tomtom. The cigar lighter in the front is not working and I can't find the fuse, the fuse layout in the manual is useless. I've been through the fuses in the glove box as per the pic below and they all appear ok. I've also had a multimeter on the...
  3. Grand scenic 3 cigar lighter fuse

    Hi does anyone know which fuse is the cigar lighter fuse on a 2011 Grand scenic 1.6 dci Spent an hour on the Internet and the user guide with no success! Picture would be useful showing fuse location. Thanks
  4. Grand Scenic cigar lighter falt

    Hello all, the problem is I have checked all the fuses I can find including under the passenger seat, in the glove box and the ones in the engine bay, which was a faff! All look ok I pulled each one out and checked, twice. So there are 5 12v sockets and none of them work, also the light in the...
  5. 2001 clio cigar lighter problems

    I recently bought a 2001 1.4 Clio s and I've started to notice a few problems with the cigar lighter. I noticed that when I press the lighter in the dash lights come on. And when I have my side lights on the cigar lcihter doesn't work at all, I've checked the fuses and they're all fine but I'm...
  6. Trafic Cigar Lighter 12V

    Hi, i remember somebody on here saying that on a Trafic you can get rid of the 'curry hook' & put another 12v cigar lighter, behind you will find the wiring connector & plug it straight in - can't find it anywhere. What i did find was this above the glove box, the wires are brown & blue with a...
  7. Cigar Lighter

    Can anyone help me identify fuse for the cigar lighter on my 99 Megane Scenic? Regards Colin
  8. cigar lighter unit not working - no sat nav!!

    Hi, I have a 2004 Scenic 1.9 dci. I was using the cigar lighter unit recently, having put in a tyre inflator adapter. The motor in the tyre inflator started to run slower and slower until it stopped altogether. Now there's no power at all from the cigar lighter and I can't use my sat nav system...
  9. Cigar Lighter/ Radio Problem

    Whenever I try to use the cigar lighter on my 2006 Clio II Campus, the radio turns off and the cigar lighter does not work. But I can then turn the radio back on again without removing whatever I have put into the cigar lighter socket. I have replaced the cigar lighter, but still no change. Any...
  10. Megane Mk2 2004 Cigar fuse problem

    Ok so bought the car two days ago, New to renaults so im so glad i found this site... The cigar lighter dont seem to work, i checked the fuse board inside the glove box and i thought i had figured it out as there was no fuse where the diagrame said there should be, so i tried to put a fuse in...
  11. rear cigar socket

    can anyone show me which fuse goes to the rear auxilary socket ,and if it also doubles with the front socket. as i have power to the front but not the back socket, the plug is connected. ta in advance.
  12. Cigar Lighter not working

    Been searching through the threads and can't see an answer anywhere so I thought I'd post from scratch. Recently purchased an 06 Grand Scenic which has a cigar lighter situated on both dash and inside centre console, neither of which are working. Have done the obvious and replaced the fuse but...
  13. Renault Scenic 2 - Cigar Lighter Not Working

    Hi, i have not long joined. I have had a look for an answer to my question before posting but couldn't find one. I have just bought an 2005 Sceinc. The cigarette lighter doesn't seem to work though. I use a SatNav quite often so it would be good if it worked. I know some Scenics have more than...
  14. Wiring Megane 12V accessory cigar socket?

    Hi all, I have a 05 Megane Estate and I have various electrical equipennt in it, Satnav...Roadhawk...Handsfree ect. How would I wire in an additional 12v cigar socket that I could hide away and thous keep everything tidy? I've talked to the REME on camp and they've no idea, thanks. (Please be...
  15. Charger for Laptop to plug into the cigar socket.

    Hi all, I could really do with a charger for my laptop, which plugs into one of the cigar lighter sockets in the Scenic. I had a look on Amazon, and the details for the 'inverters' (why are they called inverters?) seems scetchy, with some people not fully trusting them, and some under the...
  16. RENAULT CLIO 2001 - How do I change the cigar lighter?

    Bought the car just yesterday, and found out that the lighter needs replacing. I need to use it for my ipod fm transmitter. Cheers for any help offered
  17. Cigar Lighter fuse Laguna (2006)

    Hi all, I have a 2006 laguna 1.9DCI estate and I have lost power to the cigar lighter at the front and the accessory socket in the boot. I have tried to find the apropriate fuse with no success, A renault dealer told me to go away - "we don't give that sort of information!" I have found the list...
  18. Renault megane scenic 2000, cigar lighter and radio problem????

    hi guys, Today i plugged my satnav into the cigar lighter on my scenic and it was working fine, upon changing cd on my stereo the cigar lighter and cd player stopped working. Iv checked the fuse and it was fine, iv also changed it just to be %100 sure and still nothing, if i take the fuse out...
  19. Rear seat cigar lighters (accessory points)

    Is it possible to install cigar lighters under my rear seats? There are 2 holes covered with blankers but would the wiring be there as well? I'm driving a 2005 grand scenic 1.5dci. Cheers in advance
  20. 2006 Clio no power to cigar lighter socket

    Hi, I have just got a 2006 Clio and went to use my sat nav. I plugged into socket and noticed it was not working. I checked the handbook, located the fuse box and found none of them showed the cigar lighter symbol. I have also checked the fuses under the bonnet all OK. Any ideas if there is...