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  1. Electronics
    'My cigarette lighter in frontfront F the gear stick is not working I am in the process of buying a new one but how the he'll do you remove it :any help would be appreciated thanks
  2. Electronics
    My cigarette lighter shorted and now I have no electric windows and the indicators are on speed, very fast clicking, fuses are all ok inside the cab. Vehicle is Renault master van 2008. Any ideas?
  3. In-car entertainment
    Hi , Just woundering does anyone know do i have to remove the whole panel by the gear stick and hand break to get out the cigarette lighter as it is broken . Have it half out but loose cant seem to get out any further . Thanks
  4. Electronics
    I've bought a new one to go in my 07 plate Mégane convertible as the old one was disgusting and didn't work. The new socket lights up but doesn't heat up or charge my phone etc other half has check fuse in glove box but doesn't seem to be gone. Plz help
  5. Electronics
    2004 Clio dropped the iphone charger end into the cigarette lighter socket & now it doesn't work any ideas if it's the fuse or the socket itself the radio still works if that helps but it does beep & go off itself when driving?
  6. Electronics
    Firstly huge apologies if this has been covered but I’m new to the forum and a bit dim. I’ve just bought an 06 Scenic 1.5 Dynamique and I cannot find a cigarette lighter or charger anywhere ? Is there one or have I bought a base model that simply doesn’t have one ?
  7. Electronics
    Hi lads can you change the the bulb that lights up the cigarette lighter at night in a Renault Megan 2008
  8. Electronics
    two of my cigarette lighters have stopped working where is the fuse for this and is it a common problem
  9. Electronics
    My 2001 1.9 Espace Turbo has wiring fault for both 12 Volt Supply & Cigarette Lighter, Nopower , Fuses Replaced still No Power
  10. Electronics
    My dad has brought a mk2 60 plate and there is a hole for a cigarette lighter in the rear quarter panel, the bloke who fitted the tow bar pulled out 2x2 sets of cables, one set being blue and brown, kind of thin, i possible think these are for speakers, and the other set was thicker black and...
  11. Electronics
    Hi, so I have a Renault clio 2003 plate, 1.2 16V. when I push the button for the cigarette lighter it goes does staying down and popping up hot, the metal looks all rusty and corroded inside but it still gets warm. once I put in a usb port to charge anything it doesn't work. I also checked if...
  12. Electronics
    Evening Gents Is there a way to prevent the cigarette lighter socket in the boot from de-energising after 30 seconds of being locked? I take the kids camping quite often and I have a 12v mini fridge which at the moment I'm having to clamp directly to the battery overnight which isn't ideal. It...
  13. Interiors
    I've bought a 2003 Megane Mk2 1.6, and the cigarette lighter is all rusty and doesn't work properly. I've bought a new one but i'm unsure how to remove the plastic trim it sits in. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Bob
  14. Electronics
    Hiya, I have a grand scenic dynamique that has two blanked out cigarette lighter sockets under the middle rear seat, is there power under this blanking as I would like to add two extra power points to the car. Is this an easy job or is there a lot more involved? Thanks
  15. Electronics
    Hi guys can you help me. I would like to know what the colour wires are from my MK3 clio cigarette lighter. 3 wires, Black Blue Yellow Iv got a 2 wire hard wiring kit for my dash cam. Black Red/black
  16. Electronics
    renault meganelll dynamic 1.5 dci cigarette lights fuse replacement . anyone else to help
  17. Electronics
    Hi there I recently bought my first car, a 2002 Clio 1.2 and am having a few problems. The radio (which is not the original radio) is unable to hold any saved settings, so whenever I turn off the engine the whole radio resets itself despite me saving the stations etc. Also the cigarette...
  18. Electronics
    Can anyone tell me which wires go where on the cigarette lighter , there's a yellow black and blue wire. Which one goes where please.
  19. Electronics
    Hi I have a Renault Megane Estate on an 06 plate and I'm looking to see if I can fit another Cigarette lighter for the passengers in the rear. Is this possible and is it difficult? Thanks
  20. In-car entertainment
    Hi, I'm working on upgrading the sound in my Clio 4 (2014) 1.5 dci. Since I want to keep the stock stereo I need to find a remote (+12v) for the amplifier I have added. I'm aiming get the +12v from the back of the cigarette lighter, but I'm having some trouble removing it. Do anyone know how...