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  1. Clio - brake drum cleaning

    My Clio (2013) is due for an interim service next week - they've offered my (£78) brake drum cleaning. I've not heard of this before - is it something I should get done? Thanks!
  2. 1.6l petrol 16v 2005 megane, confused idle after electronic throttlebody cleaning

    Hi, I did a throttle body valve cleanup on my megane couple of months back and have been driving it regularly since to let it learn by itself the new positions for the valve. Seems like the idle is good normally when I start it but gets up to 1500 - 2000rpm when I any of the following: 1. on...
  3. Manifold cleaning (MEGANE III)

    My upper inlet manifold has a fair bit of oil inside the oil catchment. Lower manifold has a good layer of gunk. What's the best way to clean it all out, and will it improve anything? TB is an clean as a whistle! Thank you. MEGANE III 1.6 Petrol Hatch 2009 K4M 848.
  4. Cleaning egr valve m9r Laguna 2.0dci 150 engine

    Just bought some wynns egr valve cleaner ready to spray into the valve to see if there’s any quick improvement. Problem is I can’t for the life of me see where I can get into it to spray it. See attached photos Looks like I may have to remove it completely, which will be a bit more time...
  5. grey bumper cleaning

    Hi All i have a 54 scenic dynamique i know its a old motor but like to try and keep it in good nick. But lately noticed my rear bumper is starting to wear noticeably every time i try to clean it it just seems to make it worse. any advice on trying to clean it to get it looking semi normal i...
  6. Engine steam cleaning for diagnosing Renault Megane 2005 oil leak

    Cars & motoring
    Hello, All I hope that you are keeping well in this cold weather. I wonder if someone can advise me please. My Renault Megane 2005 has 22,600 miles, has been serviced 2 months ago. It has recently had a bad oil leak all around the engine. The message "Service" and "top up oil" comes on the...
  7. Any advice on cleaning a throttle body and how long a gone cat lasts

    Hi guys from my previous post,I posted a update....... I had a diagnostic done. If anyone could give me any advice/tips/tricks on cleaning a throttle body on a Renault Megane mkIII 1.6 petrol vvt dynamique Anything would be great. Also if my cat and I think he said (lamber sensor on cat)...
  8. Cooling system cleaning additive ?

    Given I have ascertained my cooling system is absolutely minging I am to shortly commit to a serious system flush and so come to the question of cooling system cleaning additives of which given how manky my cooling system is I intend to use and would like from others here that have perhaps been...
  9. Lower Inlet Manifold Cleaning? (Petrol)

    I removed the upper inlet manifold to find the lower inlet had a layer of gunk. What's the best way to clean it? I can only get so far with a brush, because the inlet curves. Also, how do I safely clean an electronic throttle body whilst it's still attached and plugged in, without interrupting...
  10. renault megan dynamique throttle body cleaning

    Hi, i have a renault megan dynamique automatic which i am having problems with. Sometimes it is very hard for my car to start. After doing a lot of research it has been suggested that the problem could be throttle body cleaning. I am based in the UK. It says that the car requires a throttle body...
  11. EGR cleaning worth it on 55k miles?

    Hello, I have started to do alot my miles on my 2011 clio 1.5DCI now that I have a new job which is a 60mile round commute pretty much all motorway driving. Going to get it serviced next month by and I am wondering if its worth getting the EGR cleaned as preventative maintenance? cheers
  12. EGR Location And Cleaning?

    Where is my EGR located, if I have one? How do I safely clean the EGR if it's clogged or very dirty? Megane 1.4 Petrol 16v. Hatchback MKII 2007. K4J Engine I believe. Thank you.
  13. kangoo k4m 1.6 16v engine won't start after throttle body cleaning

    Hi there I am from Argentina and I have an argentine kangoo 1 1.6L 16v k4m this kangoo engine was running until i believe i made the mistake of doing this procedure of throttle body cleaning without disconnecting the battery, i disconnected the throttle body for cleaning and o'ring change, i...
  14. cleaning a windscreen

    Cars & motoring
    just wondering who uses the old trick once in a while of washing the screen first then with soapy water go over it with a razor blade or good Stanley blade not a poundland one either :laugh: . its never failed me you can buy as much fancy named gunk as you like but the old blade trick makes a...
  15. Cleaning inside of headlamp lens

    Not a clue if this works but have used similar on fishtanks to may do. Not a great cost in trying anyway and may do. How to Clean the Inside of a Headlight: 4 Steps (with Pictures)
  16. Cleaning Petrol engine?

    currently cleaning the throttle body can anybody tell me if it is ok to spray cleaner into the holes circled they are really dirty. also what is the sensor pictured ? and would it be worth cleaning this too ?:smile2: ps ignore the heat cover pic i didn't mean to upload that
  17. Scenic 2 diesel EGR cleaning

    I have a 56 plate scenic 2 1.9 diesel which is not running well. I have been advised to use a Wynn's EGR aerosol cleaner to remove soot etc. and the instructions say run it through the air cleaner.Problem is the air cleaner is not a traditional one such as in the Megane. Has anyone else had this...
  18. Windscreen washer tip.

    General Chat
    The windscreen washers were blocking up on the Scenic and even after cleaning out with a needle they blocked up again in a short while. To make a needle easier to handle, stick it in a cork from a wine or sherry bottle, so much easier to handle especially if you have dodgy fingers like mine...
  19. Cleaning EGR method

    Hi, Just spent a while cleaning an EGR on the laguna 1.9dci 130bhp. This is different to most of the EGR regulators shown on this site in that it has a butterfly arrangement. The seating of the butterfly has a ring, much like a piston ring. I have tried a few cleaners and some have been a...
  20. Clio warning lights since cleaning oil from filter box

    Removed the inlet manifold on my 2003 1.2 16v Clio as it was running rough and full of oil. Cleaned all the oil out and breather pipes etc, inc throttle body which was tarred up. Put it all back together and all was OK for about 2 mins then the electrical fault light came on, engine revved to...