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  1. Problems Starting When Cold

    Hi Guys New to the forum but I have a problem that is baffling me so was hoping somebody can relate/knows the problem or solution. Bought the 1.6 Dynamique Petrol in March with 60k on the clock. Within a month of having the car I got a roller coaster type clicking noise on startup and the car...
  2. Starter clicking

    Hello. I have a little problem with my trafic 2007 115dci. Im normally quite good with my own diy machanicing. But am stumped now. I have been having intermittent clicking from the starter upon trying to start. Sometimes 1 click then i would try angain and it would start then sometimes i...
  3. Clicking clutch

    Hey everyone, Have an odd one here where my clutch is clicking approx 3 times when depressing the clutch pedal at a slow rate. Just feels like a larger click if you press the clutch at a normal rate, as if you were driving. This issue has just started on its own so it's not been gradually...
  4. Clicking noise from doors + check airbag light?

    Hi My Megane III 1.6 dCi stc. (2012) has recently turned the service light on along with a "Check airbag" message. It turns on shortly after starting the engine; a clicking/locking noise appears from the doors, and the lights are on. I have found several mentions of "Check airbag" errors...
  5. Clicking noise from behind glovebox 2016 Clio

    Looking for some help/suggestions please as Renault Cardiff seem lost! I own a 16 reg Clio 1.5dci Dynamique S. Over the past 3 months we’ve started to notice a clicking noise coming from behind the glovebox when moving (accelerating and decelerating) in 1st and 2nd. The clicking doesn’t get...
  6. Check ESP light, heavy steering and clicking from steering column

    I need some help I have a 2008 megane 1.5dci it had started to develop a problem. The car will suddenly lose power steering and also try to recentre itself, this happens for about 4 or 5 seconds the check esp light also illuminates and then goes off but comes back on and stays on til you switch...
  7. Clio 1 1.9d fast clicking no start **Fixed**

    Hi again well, here it is: turn key to first position, dash lights flicker in time with strange pinging/clicking sound from square box in front of expansion tank behind supension strut mounting. No cranking of engine when key turned to starter position but dash lights go out. Car is 500 miles...
  8. clicking noise when turning right megane

    Steering and Suspension
    New to this so not sure where to post, but try again...having had drive shafts,joints and wheel bearing renewed the clicking noise when turning right still persists but not when wheels are off the ground and rotated...someone suggested to me it could be electrical steering rack, whatever that is...?
  9. Clicking sound

    Hi all. I have a clio expression 03 plate. There is a clicking sound on the passenger side just above footwell. When the clicking is happening my indicators don't work, the wipers judder accross the windscreen and the windows judder too. Theres wires where it's clicking and if i move them the...
  10. 2013 Clio Relay Clicking Wipers

    Hiya New here and did do a search for this and couldn't find any topics similar. Basically we picked up a new to us but second hand Clio yesterday and I noticed that there's an audible, rhythmic clicking noise from the glove box area whenever: 1. Front wipers are on and in auto mode 2. Rear...
  11. Clicking wheel

    Ask the Experts
    My car has just been for an interim service and mot now I have it back I've noticed a clicking noise coming from my front driver side wheel it only does it when driving forward no noise when I reverse, nothing in the tyre as I had a new one put on today, is this something that could have...
  12. clicking noise as i drive my 2005 megane 1.5dci

    Cars & motoring
    ive noticed a clicking noise coming from my 1.5dci megane 2005, as I drive faster so does the clicking noise as well as grey smoke coming out of my exhaust, what could this be?
  13. Clunk and clicking on steering

    Steering and Suspension
    Morning all car in question Renault Megane mk2 1.6 16v VVT 2003 plate I have a clunk and click sound when turning the steering left and right when stationary or when pulling away to the left or right mainly on full lock. I have had work done on the driver side of late. (new wishbone/ new...
  14. Clicking

    Hi i have a clicking coming i think from the rear off side of the car i think but maybe the front its constant and does not appear to get any louder or quicker as i drive has any one had anything similar Thanks
  15. Gas Pedal Feedback < 20 MPH - Clicking Noise

    Cars & motoring
    Hey Guys, I'm new to this forum, and have tried to search and read different FAQ´s before writing this post - sorry if i missed something. I'm having issues with a Renault Clio 0.9 TCe 2016, that makes a slight clicking noise - Gas pedal Feedback at around 2000-2500 RPM and 2-3 gear. I have...
  16. Fuel pump relay clicking

    Hi, Have had look through similar issues and have checked out the advice given but no joy. I have a Clio 1.2 16v Expression 53 plate. Turn on the ignition and the fuel pump relay in the engine bay fuse box operates for about 2 mins before cutting off. I can hear the fuel pump operating as well...
  17. Sounds like Relay clicking under dash

    I have a 1.2 16 valve 2003 Clio:- I'm getting a clicking from under dash on the drivers side car drives ok no starting problems. At first I thought it was the Power Steering unit but having disconnected that I still get the noise. I've traced the noise to Fuse F3 pulling this noise stops...
  18. 04 Megane clicking: in nearside back pillar (not window, nor petrol tank filler side)

    Just bought a right-hand drive 2004 megane dynamique 1.6 vvt automatic two weeks ago. I was not aware of any ticking when I got it, but it is there now. I thought it was an audible part of the flashing spanner, so reset the "service due" to 18000 miles, and the spanner stopped flashing, but...
  19. Engine Clicking!!

    Hi all was hoping I could get some help of here. I'm not a mechanic at all so please no fancy talk try and keep it simple. I have a Renault Megane 1.4 16v Petrol 2005. My engine is making a clicking sound the kind of sound you'd hear when there is no oil in the engine. This sound only happens...
  20. Clicking noise around glovebox when starting car, flickering lights

    I bought a 2004 1.2 Renault Clio Dynamique 2 days ago, it had a dead battery probably due to it sitting for months. Jump started it, left it running, drove back home and all was fine. Then i started noticing a quick clicking noise coming from the glove box area when starting the car and shortly...