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  1. Dab aerial Clio s nav

    In Car Entertainment
    Hi I've just bought a 2017 dymanique 1.2 t.ce s nav and the dab reception is non existent The aerial on the roof is broken at the top is this the dab aerial and if so how easy is it to replace Thanks
  2. Clio 2015 spare wheel carrier fitment

    Clio 2015 spare wheel carrier fitment

  3. Light issues

    I have a 64 plate clio media nav 1.5 diesel and once I start up the engine for the first 2 mins everything is fine but however after 2 mins I can no longer use my full beam, fog lights and also I can’t turn the dipped lights and the side lights off but however I can still use my indicators...
  4. Trip Computer Display Issues

    Hi guys,I’ve just purchased a 2010 Clio 1.6 Initiale T-Tom VVT,I bought it from my mother in law so I have the last 3 years history on it,I’ve had it 2 weeks and I am now having issues with the trip computer display,it goes from really bright to almost unreadable,never know what it’s going to...
  5. 1990's megane rims on Mk2 Ph2 clio sport campus

    Wheels & tyres
    Just wondering, i have a Renault Clio Mk2 Ph2 and there's a mk1(?) Mégane at my workplace which is being scrapped soon, just wondering, as it also has 185/60r15 tyres on it and mine are 185/55r15, if i stripped the tyres off and fitted it with the same size tyres as the clio, would the rim...
  6. Renault Clio 2008 Campus 1.2 NO Aux function in Update list radio

    In Car Entertainment
    I have purchased the cable via eBay however when I have gone into the hidden menu there is no Aux function only the standard ones. Is there a way to activate the AUX if the radio doesn't have the function I have attached a picture of my radio
  7. Cold start up noise NEED HELP

    Hi, so recently i’ve been getting a noise when the cars cold and then started up. It’s a clicking/tapping as well as a metal scratching sound. It’s gradually got worse. It’s been taken to a mechanic and also recently has a service so full oil change has been done. Nothing come back with an...
  8. Renault Clio 2003 1.5 dci - Fuse box ticking noises

    Hi all, I'm having an electrical issue with the car. Often on start-up and sometimes when I'm driving there's a ticking noise coming from the fuse box on the passenger's side. Alongside the ticking noise, the electrics in the car all die (except for the lights and the radio), so the wipers...
  9. Standard RPM for a Clio 1.2 (2017)

    Cars & motoring
    Hello all and thanks in advance for any input. I purchased a 2017 Clio Dynamique Nav 1.2 yesterday, with only 5,000 miles on the clock. I noticed driving on the motorway earlier that the RPM at 70mph were around 3500. I'm just wondering if that's standard for this car and engine size. It seems...
  10. Extremely rare Clio Sport Raider - chassis no2 - for sale

    For sale
    Hi everyone, I’m sad to be selling my beloved Renault Clio Sport Raider - this is chassis no2 of 50 (although I believe only 11 of them ever made it to the UK), so it is incredibly rare!! Full details below: The last of its kind! This is an incredibly rare Renault Clio Sport RAIDER - this is 1...
  11. Clio reverse light turns on rear fog

    Our 2014 Clio has just failed an MOT as the garage said the rear fog light should not come on when the reverse gear is selected. It's a manual 2014, wholly standard 5 door clio. It's the first MOT we've had to do and the car was bought from a Renault main dealer. There is a single white reverse...
  12. Renault Clio mk3 flashing orange light ???

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    Hi everyone. I’m a new driver and I passed my test about a month ago but not bought insurance yet due to going on holiday but I’m back now and have been looking at prices. Yesterday I wanted to clean my car so I moved it onto the pavement to wash it and as I was going to quickly move the car to...
  13. Clio mk2 tailgate replacement

    Hello all, I have a mk2 Clio and last week someone smashed the rear windshield with a rock and broke the nearside front wiper. I’ve had a poke around on here and have seen there was a facelift around 2005. Can someone tell me if the tailgate and wiper arm from any mk2 will fit or did it...
  14. Clio (2015 1.2) - (64 reg) - "Check Tyre Pressure Sensors" light

    Hello First post, so forgive me if I post this wrong. Warning light and message has appeared. First appeared 2 weeks ago then went off within a few minutes. Since then last 2 days appeared for several minutes, but now appears to be solid in appearance. Faulty part? Renault garage job...
  15. Backlight probles

    Hi, I bought a Renault Clio 2000 yesterday, and I found some problems. I check all fuses and they are ok. -So the first problem is a not working Horn. I think that the connections might be corroded but I need to check that. -Second and the bigger problem (at least for me) is that the...
  16. Clio 2012 Inner Front Tyre Edge Wear

    Steering and Suspension
    Looking for some help from a wheel alignment guru but welcome opinions from the assembled. See below picture of my front tyre and a good evenly worn tyre. You can see the severe inner edge wear. The tread across the tyre is also uneven with 1mm less tread depth remaining in the inner groove...
  17. 1.5 dci turbo issues

    Hi everyone, I have a 54 plate Renault Clio 1.5 dci with 43k on the clock. When i try and put my “foot to the floor” the car is lagging boost- e.g. cars currently in 4th at about 2k revs, the turbo doesn’t kick in till about 2.5-3k (sometimes varies) Anyone know what the problem is? It is due a...
  18. renault clio 2001 1.2 16v petrol--

    renault clio 2001 1.2 16v petrol------problem has developed when starting car-5 times out of ten when u turn key car will start without touching pedal-other 5 u have to give it more petrol and then u know straight away its missing-its down a cyclinder-yellow light starts flashing-i have hand...
  19. Renault Clio 1.5 d 14plate

    I've had a intermittent gear selection problem with my Clio for the past 2 months... It's been in the Arnold Clark Renault garage 3 times but when they test drive it the fault dosnt happen so they can't diagnoses the fault... Last time I took it in they changed the gear box oil... So today I...
  20. Mk4 Clio Dci revs hang between gear changes

    Hi I have a 2016 Mk4 Clio Dci with 16k miles. I find it hard to make a smooth gear change particularly between 1st and 2nd gear. It seems the revs are slow to drop to idle when I dip the clutch and sort of linger for a few seconds, if I hold the clutch for a few seconds and wait until it drops...