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    Hi all, My mum has had some issues with her 2014 Clio in that the radio keeps losing the selected presets of stations and then when trying to find the stations again, will not search for new ones (stuck at 00.00hz yet you can press arrows to search through). After looking up a solution I have...
  2. Clio windows not working... HELP

    Hey folks, Jst bought my first owned car Clio 2002 1.2 The front windows dont work at all.. I've checked all fuses and replaced them jst incase they'd blown (passenger side and under bonnet) Had the door inside off to check motor was working which it is I've no clue as to why they ain't...
  3. 1.4 16v dynamique clio

    My mottah!
    Good afternoon all! New here, just got hold of an 05 clio dynamique 1.4 16v, im looking to start work on it and try and squeeze a little more out of it, it feels like it has more to give! If any body has any ideas on how and where to start, I would very much appreciate any and all input...
  4. Weird warm start, read below

    My 2003 1.5dci starts really hardly when it is hot, but fine at the morning. Yesterday i found out, that after i put it in first gear then try to start (so it jumps one), it starts. Maybe it is not knowing the positions of the pistons. Is it TDC sensor? Just because i already changed it, can it...
  5. Genuine MediaNav Evolution 2.0 Android for sale

    For sale
    I have a new unit genuine MediaNav Evolution 2.0 with DAB with display Clio IV for sale. It have firmware version and original is without navigation system, but can be enabled navigation with only a country map. The unit have also activated Android Auto, Car Play, SIRI, Rear Camera...
  6. Temperature gauge broken and not fixed after changing coolant temp sensor

    Heating & cooling
    I was driving on the motorway for 30 minutes then came off and my temperature gauge was showing 2 bars out of 9. Aka engine is not het up to 90 degrees, I opened the bonnet and my radiator fan hadn't kicked in. So I drove for another 10 minutes the gauge still did not move. Tried reseting the...
  7. Immobilizer Light Flashing Fast

    I have Clio 2 1.4 16V 2005 model. Car suddenly stopped starting. There were no prior starting issues. The immobilizer light is flashing continuously fast. Car won't crank. All I hear is a relay closing when I try to crank the car. The key isn't being detected from what I've read. Central...
  8. Clio GT VVT 1.6 (2010)

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone can help me? When the engine is turned on the revs are idling at around 1200/1400 rpm until the engine warms up and then they drop. If I start driving straight away, before I've let the engine warm, the car judders forwards and backwards, if I change gear...
  9. 2011 clio bizu aux input

    In Car Entertainment
    I’ve just got a 2011 clio bizu, I bought an aux cable for 2 inputs infront of the year stick by the cup holders. The handbook says they are 3.5mm and my cable is also 3.5mm but I cannot get the cable in. It feels like the inputs are too small because no matter how hard I try it aux cable won’t...
  10. Clio III 2006 Clunk when turning at low speeds (parking)

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, I understand its a common issue but I can't seem to find a definitive answer. My Clio only really clunks when parking, seems to be quite loud and can be felt through the steering wheel. I'm thinking it's to do with the suspension, as there was an advisory on the last MOT regarding both...
  11. Clio 2 Initiale Gold Update List radio for sale

    For sale
    Hi, i'm selling my gold coloured 'update list' type radio from my old Clio as spares or repairs (as I no longer have the car to test it with). in case anyone on the forums is interested? Thanks!
  12. I cannot put petrol in my 63 clio!!

    I have had my 63 plate Clio for a few days now and when I went to fill up yesterday, I could not put petrol (Unleaded) in. I opened up the petrol flap and unscrewed the cap etc but it seems the metal part of the pump can not reach the entrance for the petrol to go in (if you know what I mean, I...
  13. Radio Display Query

    I own a Renault Clio Campus Mk2. I wondered what is the radio display at the top actually suppose to display? Mine at the moment has just the clock but I have seen elsewhere it is able to display outside temperature and some radio channel functions as well. Does anyone know if this varies with...
  14. 2010 Clio Mk3 Facelift replacement OEM stereo

    In Car Entertainment
    Hi, I have been trying to upgrade the stereo in my car. I bought a stereo that came out anther clio of the same era that had the optional upgrade for bluetooth etc. This stereo plugs in without issue. It turns on, the built-in satnav works and I can insert cds. But the rest of the radio...
  15. Clio MK 3 Phase 2 1.2 Dynamique 2010 CD player/USB/AUX jack issues

    In Car Entertainment
    My CD player is on the fritz and I'm wondering is it fixable or will I just save myself the hassel? CD player will accept a CD then eject it straight away and keep trying to eject a CD when there isn't one. I would switch through the radio and AUX then back to CD but it just reverts back to...

    For sale
    GENUINE Renault Clio RS wheels. Bought for my Clio RS rep but sold the car with original wheels, so they’re just taking up space All 4 alloys are in very good condition with 1 or 2 very small defects in the paint Tyres are Dunlop Sportmaxx 205/40/18 with plenty of tread left on them There...
  17. Clio mk4 (2015) Wiper Blade Replacement

    Recently bought some Bosch Aerotwins to replace the front and rear blades but I’m having problems removing the current Renault ones. Anyone know how to remove blades with this type of fitting? Can’t see anything about this type anywhere else online. I’ve tried pushing the button on left side and...
  18. Renault Sales Executive- NEW Member Introduction (CLIO R.S)

    Cars & motoring
    Hello Everyone, I would like to introduce myself to you Im Zayn, work for Renault in the Midlands, it's a pleasure being on this forum with fellow Renault enthusiasts. I'm currently driving a new Clio R.S and LOVE IT ! its a right little pocket rocket :):cool: Please free to ask me any...
  19. Clio 3 Heater Bulbs

    Hi guys, I have a 2007 Clio MK3, and both bulbs in the heater do not work. I have replaced them, but no matter what I do they simply do not work, all the other lighting in the interior does work. I was wondering if there happens to be a separate fuse for these bulbs? Thanks
  20. 2001 mk2 phase 1 clio parts for sale.

    For sale
    A while back due to my Clio throwing a po420 code every other day and the garage unable to isolate the cause, (they couldn't guarantee changing the lambda sensors and or the catalytic converter would fix it),so I've got rid of the car to the nearest breakers yard. As result I have some parts...