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  1. Renault Clio mk3 flashing orange light ???

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    Hi everyone. I’m a new driver and I passed my test about a month ago but not bought insurance yet due to going on holiday but I’m back now and have been looking at prices. Yesterday I wanted to clean my car so I moved it onto the pavement to wash it and as I was going to quickly move the car to...
  2. Clio mk2 tailgate replacement

    Hello all, I have a mk2 Clio and last week someone smashed the rear windshield with a rock and broke the nearside front wiper. I’ve had a poke around on here and have seen there was a facelift around 2005. Can someone tell me if the tailgate and wiper arm from any mk2 will fit or did it...
  3. Clio (2015 1.2) - (64 reg) - "Check Tyre Pressure Sensors" light

    Hello First post, so forgive me if I post this wrong. Warning light and message has appeared. First appeared 2 weeks ago then went off within a few minutes. Since then last 2 days appeared for several minutes, but now appears to be solid in appearance. Faulty part? Renault garage job...
  4. Backlight probles

    Hi, I bought a Renault Clio 2000 yesterday, and I found some problems. I check all fuses and they are ok. -So the first problem is a not working Horn. I think that the connections might be corroded but I need to check that. -Second and the bigger problem (at least for me) is that the...
  5. Clio 2012 Inner Front Tyre Edge Wear

    Steering and Suspension
    Looking for some help from a wheel alignment guru but welcome opinions from the assembled. See below picture of my front tyre and a good evenly worn tyre. You can see the severe inner edge wear. The tread across the tyre is also uneven with 1mm less tread depth remaining in the inner groove...
  6. 1.5 dci turbo issues

    Hi everyone, I have a 54 plate Renault Clio 1.5 dci with 43k on the clock. When i try and put my “foot to the floor” the car is lagging boost- e.g. cars currently in 4th at about 2k revs, the turbo doesn’t kick in till about 2.5-3k (sometimes varies) Anyone know what the problem is? It is due a...
  7. renault clio 2001 1.2 16v petrol--

    renault clio 2001 1.2 16v petrol------problem has developed when starting car-5 times out of ten when u turn key car will start without touching pedal-other 5 u have to give it more petrol and then u know straight away its missing-its down a cyclinder-yellow light starts flashing-i have hand...
  8. Renault Clio 1.5 d 14plate

    I've had a intermittent gear selection problem with my Clio for the past 2 months... It's been in the Arnold Clark Renault garage 3 times but when they test drive it the fault dosnt happen so they can't diagnoses the fault... Last time I took it in they changed the gear box oil... So today I...
  9. Mk4 Clio Dci revs hang between gear changes

    Hi I have a 2016 Mk4 Clio Dci with 16k miles. I find it hard to make a smooth gear change particularly between 1st and 2nd gear. It seems the revs are slow to drop to idle when I dip the clutch and sort of linger for a few seconds, if I hold the clutch for a few seconds and wait until it drops...
  10. Mk4 Clio Dci revs hang between gear changes

    Hi I have a 2016 Mk4 Clio Dci with 16k miles. I find it hard to make a smooth gear change particularly between 1st and 2nd gear. It seems the revs are slow to drop to idle when I dip the clutch and sort of linger for a few seconds, if I hold the clutch for a few seconds and wait until it drops...
  11. clio cornering lights not working ( Solved )

    General Chat
    Hi This is to thank Phil48 & ours 2012. The problem with my cornering lights is sorted. I ordered in a new lighting stalk (not genuine) and when it arrived the mechanism that cancels the intercom was damaged, however I plugged it in to see if there were any changes to the cornering lights and...
  12. Renault clio 2010 front wiper not working?

    Hello, I have renault clio 2010 and front wipers only works with fast settings, it doesn't work on settings 1 and 2 ? Rear wipers works fine. Can someone please help me to solve this issue ? Thanks
  13. Clio 1.2 2003 Squeaky Alternator belt

    Hi everyone Yesterday my daughters 1.2 Clio broke down, only to find the alternator belt had gone (shredded under car) AA took her to local garage & was replaced within a couple hours....she drove away no probs This morning it was screeching upon starting & then went quiet but started screeching...

    Recently purchased a Kangoo 1.2 16v (2005), disappointed to find that it only has 75BHP. what are the differences between :wink2:Kangoo and Clio? Would prefer to have nearer to 100bhp, - are there any simple changes (without swapping engines) that could help me?
  15. Clio mk2 1.5dCi - water pump failure?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all, I'm wondering/dreading what this might be... Driving somewhere local today (in the pouring rain) I put the fan on full blast to clear the windscreen. I then noticed the stop and engine management lights come on. They then went off briefly then came back on a bit before going off...
  16. Clio mk2 makes rattling noise when accelerating

    Hi I replaced my timing belt, tensioners and water pump and serpentine belt a couple of days ago and today I noticed that when parked on idle and I slightly touch the accelerator i get a rattle noise, when driving i can hear this but mainly on lower gears and when reversing, turning etc. Could...
  17. Renault Clio 4 Instrument Cluster removal

    Hi. Can anyone explain how to remove the instrument cluster from a 2014 Clio 4? I get as far as removing the top two screws that hold the whole cluster in but I can't then remove it. Are there any hidden screws/clips somewhere? thanks
  18. Clio mk3 2009 drivers door problem

    Ask the Experts
    Can anyone offer any advice on the following problem, the drivers door seems to be opening far too wide with no restriction, is there any way I can adjust it to prevent this happening , any advice would be much appreciated.
  19. Clio mk2 54 plate dynamique worth doing a carbon clean?

    Would it be worth having a carbon clean done on my 16 yr old clio its a petrol and has 127k on clock
  20. Clio 4 - rear door card removal (door won't open)

    Hi all, I can't seem to find anywhere online that shows me if I can remove the rear door card on a Clio 4 WITHOUT opening the door. Currently, the door handles (interior and exterior) feel disconnected, i.e. flap about and don't actually unlatch anything, so I'm assuming it's the handle...