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  1. In Car Entertainment
    I’ve cracked the screen on my built in satnav unit Clio 2014. What’s the easiest and cheapest way of getting it sorted? Can it be repaired? I bought a replacement off eBay ( I know) plugged it in to see message take it to your local dealer and took it to Renault garage. They hooked it up but...
  2. In Car Entertainment
    Hello everyone, When I plug the USB into the car lighter to charge the mobile, the radio becomes interfered with. Has anyone ever had this problem? Its a Renault clio. Thank you
  3. Interiors
    Hi, Has anyone removed a front door card on a mk 5 (2019-2021) Clio? Have found 2 small screws underneath and 2 more under plugs in the door, still seems very solid. Any info anyone has would be appreciated, there doesn’t seem to be much info about on these yet. FYI, need to remove the door...
  4. Transmissions
    Hey everyone! My first post here i am new to Renault. I just got Clio RS 200. I have transmission issue. Driving it, it gets to 4th gear and doesn't go into fifth! Just doesn't auto shift. I help it with paddle shift to shift into 5th and then does auto 6th. For some reason it is getting stuck...
  5. Transmissions
    Hi! My Clio has been having issues the past few months where it feels like rough on changing gears. I'd be driving at 50kmph and it'll be doing 3-3.5k RPM and I can hear it struggling a small bit and won't go up a gear until I accelerate a little more, whereas others times it'll drive smoothly...
  6. Electronics
    Like many before, I have found myself with a passenger window that gets stuck down and won't go back up. First time, I was 100miles from home. The window goes all the way down and will not budge to go back up. We couldn't push it up from inside the door, the garage I took it to had no choice...
  7. Bodywork
    Can anyone point me in the right direction to remove the rear bumper and lights to install rear sensors please. I've tried the search function but drawing a blank. Cheers
  8. In Car Entertainment
    I've got a 66' plate Renault Clio 1.5 dCi Dynamique S Nav with the Media Nav Evolution v9.1.3. I really want to get Apple CarPlay but I'm struggling to find a way to get it - does anyone have any idea if it's possible to upgrade to the latest version of Media Nav Evolution so I can use Apple...
  9. For sale
    Hi all. I have an RS18 (one of only 15 in the Country), but now due to poor health I'm reluctantly needing to sell. Can anyone recommend where to advertise.
  10. Engines
    I have a 2015 Renault Clio IV 0.9Tce. The car has about 103 000KM on the clock and is due for the 150 000KM service shortly. However this weekend one morning I got in the car and the Engine Failure Hazard warning came up. Proceeded to start the engine, starts no problem. Upon taking the car...
  11. In Car Entertainment
    Hello all! I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm getting desperate. I'm sure this has been asked many times, but I've just bought a Renault Clio dynamic which, I really love, but the Bluetooth is a serious issue for me. This car is an investment for me and was my first real time choosing my own...
  12. Cars & motoring
    Hi, I'm going to see a clio mk 4 2017 dynamique s nav dci 1.5 90 auto this week. I have sort of fallen in love with the car already from the photos but I've driven a manual cilo as a courtesy car for a day. Is their anything I should look for when inspecting the car or any common issues that I...
  13. Engines
    I think this is to do with fuel pump electrics. The car will prime start straight away run 1 second stall. Every time so its obviously using the fuel from priming and running out as no more fuel getting to it. Just don't know where to start on what tells pump to run. Any help be appreciated
  14. Engines
    Hi all, I have a 54 clio (petrol 1.2 75bhp 16v), the engine oil cap doesn't seem to seal correctly despite buying a new one too (Im sure its the right one for my car too) idk if this is a common problem or not? Any help and advice would be helpful, thanks
  15. Ask the Experts
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any idea why my car is jittering in 1st gear. When idle its absolutely fine. Gears 3-4-5-6 all smooth, faultless. However 1st gear when I pull away no matter how much gas I use or don't use it jitters. Without been dramatic it feels like the engine will rip out...
  16. In Car Entertainment
    Hi guys, Appologies if this is the wrong thread to use. I was hoping for a bit of help with the following queries. My wife has just purchased a 70 plate Clio with the 1ltr 75 petrol engine and Play trim. She just needed a basic car to get to work etc and seemed to get a really good deal on...
  17. Brakes/Hubs
    Hi all, Been reading up on how to undertake this job as my brake vacuum servo is on the blink and in need of replacing. Holds vacuum for a short while before 'deflating' under pressure with a rubbery squeaky sound. Deffo not the check valve as have tested that independantly. Haynes manual says...
  18. Bodywork
    hey! i’ve got a 2008 1.2 8v with 3 doors. just curious as to whether the 5 door model bumpers will fit or if they’re different shape? both bumpers preferably, thanks
  19. Electronics
    Hi guys, just bought a 64 plate clio 0.9 tce. All is well apart from when my friend tried opening the rear window when he was sat in the back. We soon found out both of the rear passenger electric windows don’t roll down at all. There’s no switch to lock/unlock it on the drivers side and I...
  20. Ask the Experts
    Hi can anyone point out the location of the engine fan relay ideally on a 2016 Clio please
1-20 of 500 Results