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  1. Electronics
    Hi I have a clio 2 x65 model Jan?2001 x reg . i wonder if the clip software supports older car like mine and if so what is/are the parameters i should check to see if my car runs lean or rich? any help will be much appreciated ! thanks
  2. Bodywork
    I'm looking for a bonnet for my Y reg Clio2, it's NV926 (Goodwood Green). I've been searching ebay and Gumtree for months with no luck. I live in Somerset. Thanks.
  3. Electronics
    Our clio 2 interior fan speed only works on speed 4 - have pulled out the resistor pack from the blower motor underneath the bonnet and traced it to the thermal fuse being the problem. I shorted it out and all 4 speeds work with it shorted. Was so tempted to solder a wire on , leave it...
  4. Engines
    I have the 2003 clio 2 with D4F engine, that much I know - but looking at some data sheet on the web there is a D4F-706 D4F-712 D4F-722 D4F-728 They are all 1149cc and fitted between 2001-2012 How/were would I look on the car as to what D4F engine is in mine? - is it stamped on the...
  5. Engines
    Anyone could recognize what could be the fault. When revving the engine a strange sound is being heard. The engine has enough oil. The below video is when engine was cold The below is when the I drive the car for 20 seconds
  6. Steering and Suspension
    I have a 2004 Clio2 1.2 16v which needs the steering rack changing, is it a very difficult job, it looks fairly easy to get at and I've done quite a lot off work on cars over the years any help would be much appreciated
  7. Bodywork
    My driver's side door has just dropped about an inch and needs to be pushed up and in to close it. I looked at the top hinge and pin which seem solid and unmoving but there is movement as though the inside of the door is coming away from the hinge. Is this repairable or do I need a new door.
  8. Bodywork
    There is a clip at either end of the grille that attaches it to the wings. How do you release these clips?
  9. Electronics
    3 Door clio 2003 DCI80 The Driver door does not lock either by remote or via internal "panic" button. Passenger and boot work fine. I intend to remove door panel and check for moisture/loose conections. Any ideas??? :crazy:
  10. Engines
    Hi everyone I went down a bit of a dirt track today and after leaving it a strange light came on my dashboard and the engine management light, the cars lights also started to dim and the engine would barely rev and judered at 2000rpm, it also idled at 1300 instead of just below 1000 like usual...
  11. In-car entertainment
    Hi guys, I am trying to swap the factory fitted radio/cassette player in my 2000 reg clio2 for a factory fitted cd/radio. I currently have the tuner list Phillips22dc461/62e fitted. The wiring for the display fitted in the car is a long and thin black multiplug type. On all the donor vehicles I...
  12. Transmissions
    Hello all, I need to reprogram a 2003 clio 2 sequential gearbox after the robotic clutch cable snapped while driving and was replaced. Currently it seems that the robotic mechanism is out of alignment (i.e. there is a discrepancy between what gear the robotic gearbox ECU thinks it's in, as also...
  13. Electronics
    my hazards not flashing indicators are ok switch lights up but not flashing nor the lights please help mot due...
  14. For sale
    Black, 3 door rsi 1.6i manual engine and gearbox [fitted new clutch], new timing belt and water pump, loom, ecu - most parts avail. My son wrote it off!! I had put all interior parts into a black 3 door 1.2 16v auto [box has drive solenoid prob] - fully loaded, engine is good. Many other clio 1...
  15. Wheels & tyres
    I am after some recommendations for tyres on my sons' 1st car - a 2003 Clio 1.2 Expression....size 175/65/14 T82...any recommendations or "don't buy" appreciated. The car is bog standard with Sagitar P307 on the front and Maxxis MA P1 on the rear :crazy: - neither of which I have ever heard of...
  16. Steering and Suspension
    Sorry if this isn't in the right place. I'm a vergin at this and couldn't find a place for steering. My lad aquired a 2001 1.2 16v Clio. Has all the usual issues but the snagger is some stiffness in the steering and no self centering action. Power assistance seems fine when turning with wheels...
  17. Engines
    Hi everyone :) This is my first thread :p, are there some clio 2 rxe 1.4 users that can tell me a grommet or hole where i can pass the positive cable to the inside of the car ? Thanks for any help :D
  18. Wheels & tyres
    Hi our clio mk2 has a shot front wheel bearing. I know i need to remove the hub to get it. Has the actuall stub got to be removed. If i remove the wheel, disc, calipper and undo the nut on the hub is that it. Do i then end up having to remove the lower steering joint and track rod ? Also do...
  19. Engines
    hi all i recently changed the cam belt water pump and clutch on my 1999 reno clio mark2,but when i went to fire it up it just keeps turning over????:confused: straight away i thought did i need a locking key to hold the engine in place from going off its timing am i right or wrong in thinking...
  20. Electronics
    my son's Clio alarm has started randomly going off at night. I'm not sure if it is temperature related as it has been on very cold nights. I've read the owners handbook and can find no reference as to how you can lock the car without switching the alarm on. Do you just use the key on the...