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  1. Clio
    I own a Renault Clio Campus Mk2. I wondered what is the radio display at the top actually suppose to display? Mine at the moment has just the clock but I have seen elsewhere it is able to display outside temperature and some radio channel functions as well. Does anyone know if this varies with...
  2. Electronics
    Just bought ....frustrated. Read manual - think I’m following instructions. I am trying to set the r link clock As I only have morse code on the screen! Pressing all the buttons correctly,I think, but when I get to set the time it is “greyed” out and will not function. Can anyone assist please.
  3. Electronics
    Hi My clock has stopped working on my 2017 clio, the option to set the time is no longer available. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Electronics
    Hello everyone, I have a Renault Clio MK2 from 2002, where I have changed the battery recently in the end of November for a new one, and in last 2 weeks, I notice a strange behaviour with the dashboard clock and the radio. It have started with the dashboard clock, where in the morning when...
  5. Electronics
    Hi, I have a Clio 4 year 2015. My clock keeps going back 2 hours. I live in Namibia.
  6. Engines
    Hi all, New to this forum. Hoping someome can shed some light on what i should do with my car. I bought this car brand new with delivery miles on clock. 4 days out of warranty, cylinder 1 injector went. Since it was serviced and maintained regularly by renault, renault customer support offered...
  7. Electronics
    2013 Plate Dynamique Media Nav - cannot change the time on the clock. can anyone advise? have tried to change the time manually and automatically, tried factory reset. Appreciate any thoughts on fixing this problem. I have linked here to a video of me attempting to change the time...
  8. Electronics
    Hi, my wifes Megane 2 cc on a 56 plate has the fault where the radio permanent live has no power to it no do the clock or temp unit work. I have checked all the fuses in the fuse box by the passenger side glove box and they are all ok. Does anyone have any idea if there is another fuse elsewhere...
  9. Electronics
    Hi there, I've just got a renault koleos 2.0 dynamique and can't for the life of figure out how to change the clock. The instruction manual is less than useless as it goes on about selecting a none existent clock menu in system settings and pressing 9 which I don't have anywhere. I was...
  10. Electronics
    Has anyone got a tutorial on how replace the bulbs on a renault master mk2 speedometer please. The wife is complaining she can't see the exact speed she is doing. Cheers
  11. Electronics
    Hi All, I'm having to sell my Laguna III as it's too old for work... Need a bit of help though if anyone knows the answer please. I had a 3rd party stereo in there and have taken that out and in the process of putting the original radio/CD back in I think I've popped a fuse somewhere. No...
  12. Interiors
    Hi, can anyone let me know how to remove a Megane coupé clock display as mine has just died.I have looked on google but only found the normal Megane clock removal. So l would be grateful if someone could give me the heads up.
  13. Engines
    So fitted a new rack today as the one i fitted 11 months started to make funny noises everything was fine until a i went on to full lock then heard some horrible grating and then the check air bag and spanner came on now it just makes a noise like when you used to put a peg on the rear wheel of...
  14. Electronics
    I have an issue with the Clock/radio display on my Scenic 1, when the the engine is off (key removed) The clock radio light flickers on and off , settings do not get lost (time is ok) When the engine is on the clock is fine, however i have occasionally seen slight light coming from the left...
  15. Electronics
    Hi, I have a Renault 5 - 1.4 'Saga' , which is one of the last run 1995 models and as such is all a little non standard being a C3J. I just treated it to an original Renault Clock (luxury) that I got from a Renault 19. It fits perfectly and the connection is correct isn't working...
  16. Electronics
    The clock spring assembly in the Mk1 Kangoo, was the same assembly fitted to all Mk1 Kangoos, that is do they all have the same part number ? And for that matter, what of other models, was it the same throughout or are they different?
  17. Electronics
    Hi guys today my mileage clock on my kangoo 2002 d65 went off when i started up the van it was off and i had to nock the ignition off and back on to get it back on also when i put my side lights on sometimes the spedo dont light up until i wiggile the switch on the indicator stick
1-17 of 236 Results