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  1. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Seems I'm joining the club for major problems with my Scenic. Blank dashboard as from Friday, broken window motor last month, back brakes replaced July and 2 coils replaced in April. Have managed to get the last 3 problems fixed by our mechanic mate but the dash will have to be 'dianosed' at...
  2. Engines
    can someone please help i have renault clio club med p reg, hasnt been running good at all, misfires no acceleration on pressing the pedal, this mainly happens when cold improves when engine heats, been into a garage had throttle body changed , inlet manifold gasket, breathers cleared or...
  3. Photography Club
    You can now join the photography club by visiting this page: This will show your interest in photography under your username and title and will help other members to find like minded members
  4. Cars & motoring
    hey does anyone know if there is a megane 1 owners club on the net?????:confused:
  5. Vel Satis
    Thought i'd start this new thread as there were quite a few Vel Satis owners chating on the "Vel Satis Problems" thread, but its title seems a bit negative. Perhaps if all problems, questions or general chat relating to the Vel were posted here, then it would give us all a focal point of info...
1-5 of 27 Results