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  1. Electronics
    Hi, my scenic was garaged for 3 years without a battery connection. Cluster was working 100% before I have now reconnected a new battery but cluster is dead. Otherwise car drives fine. 2006 Grand Scenic 1.9dci. Any ideas what the problem could be. I have checked the fuses and no problem there.
  2. Interiors
    Hi chums.... can anyone please advise how to remove the instrument cluster. I need to replace mine with a reconditioned one. I've searched the internet but there appears to be nothing out there. Whilst I have your ear..... will the oem number be displayed on the unit? Thanks in advance Pete
  3. Interiors
    Hi. Can anyone explain how to remove the instrument cluster from a 2014 Clio 4? I get as far as removing the top two screws that hold the whole cluster in but I can't then remove it. Are there any hidden screws/clips somewhere? thanks
  4. Electronics
    Does anyone know of a repair place for instrument clusters in or near Manchester
  5. Electronics
    Hi Got my 04 1.9 scenic back today from the garage after having a new clutch and duel mass flywheel, while it was at the garage they accidentally snapped the clock spring wire thing for the airbag/horn on the steering column, they have had to order a new unit so I had the car delivered back to...
  6. Electronics
    Hi , would you know why just started getting message in cluster display about battery not charging and battery light and stop light ... But here's the thing I start up the car fine, and the car idles for around 30 seconds and then the error comes up on the dash, not straight away when I start...
  7. Electronics
    Hi all, newbie to the forum,have just had the dreaded 04 scenic 2 dash going blank for no reason. Sent it away for repair and was pleased to see all was working when returned bar the radio code display which was missing (0000). The radio has power but there is no way to input the code without...
  8. Ask the Experts
    Hey folks, Trying to figure out which fuse runs the lights behind the instruments on my Modus(55 plate). All the lights on the Speedo work fine but the lights behind the heater controls are dead. Any clues? Fine during the day but becoming a slight hindrance at night! Cheers all
  9. Electronics
    Hello one question .. Can I change instrument cluster in my mk2 megane or it is have integrated immobiliser inside witch have to be coded? Anyone? Please need answer ASAP...
  10. Electronics
    Hi all First post and it comes with a frustrating problem. Instrument cluster on my Renault Espace 1.9 dci mark 4 has given up. Tried to repair it with a "repair Kit" from ebay and managed to get it working againe but with the first speed digit missing.(I kow I most likely have damaged some of...
  11. Electronics
    Help! My 2011 Renault Master has developed a strange issue where a few minutes after the ignition is switched off, a buzzing noise starts behind the instrument cluster and all the needles on the dials move slightly. It does this in a few second bursts for several minutes, then stops for a...
  12. Electronics
    Hi, I have an issue with my 2.0T Espace IV. The speedometer only shows -- instead of the actual speed. It also shows warninglights for ABS, ESP, brakes and engine. Sometimes even the handbrake shows a fault, but this usually goes away the next time i start the car. I took my car to the...
  13. Wanted
    Hello everyone :). I don't suppose someone could please help me in locating a dashboard cluster display housing? I am mainly after the housing itself and not so much the electronics that is mounted inside the cluster. This cluster also sits in the middle and on top of the dashboard. My...
  14. Interiors
    Hi, the instrument cluster led display is acting up so I want to remove. Looks like a plastic cover and two nuts/screws holding in place. Can anyone tell me how I got about remove, including unclipping that plastic bit. Thanks Tom
  15. Electronics
    Good evening. I'm wondering if someone could help me. My girlfriends 2005 clio 1.2 has been sat outside unused for maybe 6 weeks. Today I decided to clean it and get it reddy to use again well my car is having some bodywork done. The dash is acting really strange first thing is I have an...
  16. Interiors
    my old laguna (mk 2 facelift) had a much better setup for the instrument cluster than my new pre facelift model. does anyone know if the instrument cluster from the facelift fits and is it a straight swap? >:) bought s cheap banger and am already thinking of modding it....
  17. Electronics
    I've run into a bit of a problem. I got a fault in the instrument cluster and sent this off to a shop in Rugeley UK, dieselpumprepairs. (E-bay shop) Now I'm getting no feedback from them since December so I got to assume that was a bad idea... To the question: If I purchase a second-hand...
  18. Electronics
    Hi all, have a 2004 megane dci 120 and past few days the backlight for the small info display (between rev and speed counter at the top) seems to be going really bright so it's hard to read and the back to normal, done it every few seconds in a cycle today. Doesn't matter if I change to mpg etc...
  19. Electronics
    Hi all, The bulbs in my speedo seem to have stopped working on my mk3 clio. Can I replace these bulbs, is there just for the whole speedo or different ones? If so how to I access them? Thanks!
1-19 of 119 Results