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  1. Advice on clutch kits

    Hello, I’ve bought a Renault Clio (MK3) Expression, 2006, 1.4 16v. Yesterday my clutch started to get a bit “sticky” and hard to press. I did my research and what I found was that the clutch is starting to wear away. The clutch isn’t slipping and I can drive normally. I got a £300+ quote to get...
  2. Scenic Mk2 1.9tdi clutch problems

    Hi All On a budget but need the car for work so have no choice but to work out the problem and fix myself. Having problems with the clutch pedal not fully returning and occassionally the peddle sticks altogether. I can lift it back up with my foot and the clutch is working. Took it to a garage...
  3. Master cuts out when I press the clutch pedal..???

    Ask the Experts
    Hey there everyone, I have been woring on a 54 plate Master 2.5 dci. It was a non starter when it got to me, it now runs happily revs up nicely from idle etc all brilliant.... but when I begin to press the clutch pedal it cuts out like the ignition have been turned off. So I've scoured the net...
  4. Renault Megane dci 1.5 2013 clutch replacement

    Hello, my car has 63k miles and 7 years now, very low usage, when should I replace the clutch kit? Another question would be if is fine to wait some little problem before to replace it, for my understanding it's time to replace it for the age of it, but how much can be a risk to keep some old...
  5. Laguna mk3 diesel rh drive - Clutch master cylinder

    Hi, I have a problem - my garage also has a problem! My clutch peddle started to fail, with no resistance and dropped to the floor overnight. I was able to drive by lifting the clutch with my foot and over about 15 minutes of driving the pedal returned to its usual resting place and resistance...
  6. 2 problems with my 2009 Megane MK3 1.5 DCI Eco2

    Hi, I recently bought this 98k mileage Megane and have discovered 2 problems with it. 1. The clutch pedal.... You need thighs like tree trunks to push it. Should it be this heavy? 2. The engine starts and sounds well initially... until it has been warmed through for a while and then the...
  7. 92 Renault Trafic 1100D - Brake fluid reservoir

    Other models
    I have a question regarding my 92 Renault trafic 1100D, Recently have noticed some slipping in gears 4/5. Checked the brake/clutch reservoir and it is full of fluid, but noticed only one of the two wire connections is actually connected. I am wondering if this has been done on purpose or should...
  8. how to bleed clutch 2012 grand scenic

    Ask the Experts
    the master cylinder clip broke so I replaced the master cylinder with a Luk one I have fitted it but I cannot bleed the system cannot get the pressure please help
  9. Clio 1.5d 2014 sticking clutch

    My clutch pedal randomly sticks half down, I can put my foot under pedal to pull it back up, and then it can work perfectly for a week or so and then it can happen again, it does flip back up to normal position easy enough, but when I look underneath everything looks ok and nothing snagging, and...
  10. Laguna 3 engine does not start without pressing clutch pedal **Solved**

    Hi. I am not able to start the engine without pressing the clutch even the gear is in Neutral position. Besides, electronic parking brake can only be released by pressing brake pedal + pressing epb button. (normally, it should be released by doing no extra moves: ......1st gear + press gas...
  11. Clicking clutch

    Hey everyone, Have an odd one here where my clutch is clicking approx 3 times when depressing the clutch pedal at a slow rate. Just feels like a larger click if you press the clutch at a normal rate, as if you were driving. This issue has just started on its own so it's not been gradually...
  12. Grand scenic iii 1.5dci 6 speed manual clutch

    Hi, first timer here! Can someone please give me a rough idea how much a replacement clutch would cost at a local garage? Thanks Si
  13. 2010 Trafic whining over 10mph, dreaded gearbox or clutch?

    Hi guys I have a 59 plate Trafic I bought a year ago, 80,000 miles, recently it has started to make a whining sound/aeroplane sound when speeding up and then the sound 'powers down' on deceleration. I took it to my local garage hoping it is a wheel bearing but I don't think it is as spinning the...
  14. Dash cluster problems after new clutch fitted

    Hi Got my 04 1.9 scenic back today from the garage after having a new clutch and duel mass flywheel, while it was at the garage they accidentally snapped the clock spring wire thing for the airbag/horn on the steering column, they have had to order a new unit so I had the car delivered back to...
  15. Laguna mk2 2.0dci Clutch Sensors

    Hi. My car originally had no cruise control but the cruise light is amber when entering secret menu which made me think that cc is in there somewhere. I changed the squib on the steering column and added the cruise rocker switch on the dash. The only issue now is that the accelerator is not...
  16. Trafic 2 1.9 DCI 100 Clutch Slave Cylinder

    Hi All I am in the process of changing the clutch as the slave cylinder decided to puke fluid,so doing the clutch as a matter of course. In the packet with the new slave cylinder was an o ring,but cannot see where its supposed to fit ? Any help would be appreciated.
  17. 2018 trafic clutch master

    Ask the Experts
    Anyone no where I can buy a 2018 trafic clutch master from
  18. Trafic clutch problem

    Hi I have a Trafic 2009 82K miles and a few days ago the clutch pedal dropped an inch from the floor, it still worked but I drove without the clutch for an hour or so, after a few stop starts it came up again then stationary at light I saw it go down on its own ? I hoped it was the master...
  19. diesel clutch

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    what is average cost replace clutch in 1992 diesel 2.0 Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  20. Master Cylinder Clutch

    Need help from you kind experts. My car is in the garage after my clutch pedal died. He said the part is no longer available. He gave it me to see if I could locate one. I live in Spain, surely there must be one somewhere to purchase even if its manufactured by a different car supplier, or...