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  1. Stereo error

    Hello I have a 2004 clio and when I put the stock radio in it shows error where the code part should be I leave the car on for 20-30 mins but then it just beeps and turns off. I have tried to put a aftermarket one in and it won’t power on it just tried to eject cds. Any help please
  2. Grand scenic 3 1.5 dci p0202 code

    Hi I have a grand scenic 3 1.5 dci 110 with a p0202 code cylinder /injector 2 fault code. What cylinder is this please is it second in from gearbox or cam end?
  3. code df998 and df1012

    red light saying stop engine failure hazard. is it anything to do with theses codes and can someone tell me anything about them and how to resolve them. car has just had dpf cleaned although it didn't really need it
  4. Paint code

    I need the paint code for my new yellow Scenic, I think the colour is called Honey Yellow
  5. Renault master 2.5 , Fault code P0611

    Hi, I have an almost identical problem with same engine after head gasket repair. Difference being that we cant even start it with easy start. I have an issue with the ECU that is not helping I think. It is code P0611 fuel injector performance issue which stops injector codes being input and...
  6. Scenic II Airbag Fault Code - help...

    Hi there Nice to be part of the group. Already fixed a few errors on the car I purchased, electric windows and handbrake fault. This next one does not see. So easy but here goes.. I just purchased a 2007 Scenic as a second car, the fault I am struggling with is a passenger airbag fault...
  7. beginner's question on code reading

    hi, i'm new to the forum. good bit of experience with volvo 240's old american pickups but now i am in france with a 2003 kangoo 1.5 diesel. from searches on the site it seems that a icarsoft i907 code reader might work well for code reading on the kangoo. i've bookmarked a couple of sites that...
  8. Error code P0380 generic glow plug circuit a

    Hello, first post. I didn***8217;t bother joining Nissan forum as not too many interstars around. 2009 2.5dxi 100. Changed battery as it couldn***8217;t hold a charge. Since then it***8217;s had sluggish starting. Error code on iPhone OBD reader is P0380. Changed plugs, changed glow plug relay...
  9. Code P242a renault scenic ll

    2008 grand scenic 1.9dci. Code 242a-what is this code for, possibly egt sensor? where do i find the part on car cos theres no manuals 4 it. also code P242f-what is this code for, possibly dpf? Im so confused any help/suggestions thanks
  10. Check Emissions + P0180 code

    Got a 2009 1.6 Megane. Check Emissions + engine light came on a week or so back - seems to stay on for a day or two then off for a day or two. I connected to OBD and got a P0180 code. Doing a little bit of a search - seems to point at a Fuel Temperature Sensor fault. SO - am I wrong, could...
  11. Renault HARN1004 asks to Connect Diag Tool instead of unlock code

    Greetings, all I have purchased a Renault HARN1004 radio, for which I also have the unlock code. I recently installed it in a car that isn't a Renault (because the Renault radio is so much better looking than any aftermarket crap), but instead of asking for an unlock code, it displays "connect...
  12. Fault code P0380

    This code just popped out while driving my renault grand scenic 1.5dci auto 2011 model. I researched it with my diagnostic machine. From internet it means glow plug fault. How do I solve this problem?
  13. Fault Code Reader

    Can anybody tell me please which particular code reader will work with a 1999 Megane Cabriolet 1.6E Can't find a compatible one anywhere..... ty
  14. Fault code meaning Clio 65 DCi

    Hi A warning light has appeared on my 2005 70K mile Clio, no loss of performance but possibly is using more fuel than before. Three fault codes are shown, P0847 Exhaust gas recirculation throttle control circuit A /open P0409 Exhaust gas recirculation sensor A circuit P0670 Glow plug control...
  15. Laguna 3 2.0dci fault code

    Hi Folks Car was parked up for a few months , took it to work yesterday about 10 mile drive all ok , on the way home I got the check injection system warning and no boost afterwards , plugged in clip this morning and fault code was DTC065116 SENS.SUPPLY No 2 VOLTAGE 2.DEF , where is or what is...
  16. Laguna 2 2.0 16v OBD2 fault code

    Good afternoon, I have the following fault on my OBD2 reader:- O2 Sensor - Heater Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 2 Any idea where this is so I may replace it please?
  17. fault code DF106

    Another month another issue. I was driving home from work and my engine management light came on. I have had the codes read and there was a DF106 code. All I was told was it was a cat' code and it could be a problem with either a problem with the cat' or the down stream o2 sensor. The codes...
  18. megane mk3 UPC code.

    I need to replace the UPC on a 2013 megane. The code on the original is 284b62069R - -A I bought a secondhand unit with code 284b62069R - -B (it only stated the code without the - - B part!) does anyone know if they are the interchangeable? IF so will it need 'coding in'? or just 'plug and...
  19. Engine runs fine but showing fault code

    Hi everyone. Been a while since I posted. I have an 02 Clio 1.2 16v with 128000 on the clock. Torque is showing a problem with 02 sensor bank 1 sensor 1. The engine is running (@800 rpm idle when warm) and driving fine apart from one issue. When I restart the car, say about 10 minutes after a...
  20. cannot find radio code written in drivers manual

    paranoia may be kicking in but the wife has just bought a 2016 clio 4 and it has a medianav evolution radio and the car came with an owners manual as well as a manual for the medianav in the glove box but no-one has written the radio code in the back of the book or anywhere . i am just wondering...