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  1. Media nav post codes clio 64 plate

    Can into me help sat nav only allows me to put in 6 characters (which is as much use as a chocolate teaspoon)I have updated it via toolbox but still no go. Any ideas please
  2. Renault grand scenic 08 plate 1.9dci cannot understand fault codes or locate parts

    2008 grand scenic 1.9dci codes p242a and p242f. Forums said 242a is exhaust gas temp. but nowhere has this part for my car, also cannot get a manual for this car so cannot locate any faulty parts. Forums also said 242f is dpf have found it on car but told to do 242a 1st since it was logged on...
  3. Renault Megane 3 1.9 dci 2011 multiple codes.

    Hi everyone, looking for some advice/guidance with regards to my 2011 Megane, I took it to my local garage this morning for a diagnostic check due to having multiple warnings on the dash including a engine hazard failure warning. After the check the guy printed off the codes and they are as...
  4. Dpf blocked exaust gas pressure error codes

    General Chat
    I have been having issues over the past few months with error codes STOP ENGINE FAILURE (BIG RED) etc Gas pressure sensor error codes Now fixed after checking all pipes and sensors readings all being ok. First issue thermostat not working correctly needs to get to 90 deg half way on clock. Next...
  5. X Mod Paint Codes

    Have identified my paint code as NNM Dynamic Red Pearl on my 2013 Scenic XMod Auto. It has silver fake sump guards on and it has a chip I want to fix. Does anyone know the paint code for this?
  6. Limp mode. Preheating/electrical fault lights. NO fault codes?

    Ask the Experts
    Hi. I have a Renault Clio 2 1.6 16v 2004/2005. A while back I had antifreeze leaking into the car onto the passenger floor. After taking the car to a local mechanic to fix the problem. He said it was the air-conditioning unit that broke. He ended up cuting of the water pipes leading into the car...
  7. Fault codes 268 and 226

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I have a 2007 1.2 Clio the electric warning light had came on about 2 weeks ago. Replaced the accelerator pedal and throttle body. No other wire etc are loose the light was off for a bit after this and then came back on with they codes, anyone any ideas?? The code 226 says :motorised throttle...
  8. Megane 08 1.5dci fault codes **Fixed**

    Hi just wondered if someone could help me out my megane has lost power as if the turbos not working ive had it read and have 2 fault codes the first is df261 turbocharger actuator circuit the second is df427 turbocharger actuator control circuit, since this has happened ive changed the glowplugs...
  9. fault codes

    Ask the Experts
    Does any one know about fault codes on here??. Had AA out otherday as i still get front end vibrations at 60-70 mph on renault traffic 2014. plugged into obd and came up with few fault codes. no engine light has ever came on dash before and he wiped the codes and said just see if they come back...
  10. Kangoo 2006 1.5 dci intermittent starting 2 unknown fault codes

    Hi, my friends kangoo van randomly doesnt want to start, it originaly had 6 fault codes, 4 were due to faulty cam sensor which i replaced, was hopeing these unknown codes were related to cam aswel but they wont clear, the van still starts when it feels like and the codes will not clear. The...
  11. Renault master engine codes /

    Can anybody out there tell me the difference between the 2006 renault master 2.5 100 dci engine codes g9u754 and g9ua754 i am looking for a used engine for my van and i'm going nuts because of that extra a in the code would really appreciate any sound advice thank's, best regards alan
  12. Mk3 Renault Clio 07 1.2 16v Indicator Light Switch Control Stalk - Codes

    Hi, recently took the car in for the MOT and it failed because the light stalk ins't staying on all the time... been like this for 3 years never really been a problem as you push it a few times and itll engage. I have took the unit off and looked inside everything looks fine so im guessing it's...
  13. Help with Movano (Master) 2.2 diesel fault codes

    My Movano has just started getting the glow plug warning light on. At first it was just when the engine was working really hard, but over the last 100 miles of so it has started coming on at lower throttle settings. Extrapolating, it doesn't look like I will get home. I put the laptop and code...
  14. clio 0.9 tce error codes

    hi i have a 2013 clio 0.9 tce. once the car has been started and idles for around 2-3 mins if you press the gas pedal, the revs start to become uneven. revs can go to 2000rpm and sit there for awhile then drop and start jumping from 1500rpm down to 600rpm and that will just carry on and on...
  15. Fault codes

    I'v got a fault code of DF039 (p0110) showing on my icarsoft CR Plus unit but it does not show illumination of engine light, any one advise if its normal to have this code without it putting on the light? I only found it as i as testing this icarsoft unit to see if it would work on renaults.
  16. Brake system fault, loads of error codes.

    Ask the Experts
    Hi All. I have a 2010 Laguna 3 with an electrical/break issue, hope you can advise. Yesterday I was driving down an A road when the warning lights lit up with Brake system failure. It was a red warning with the break light on and the ABS in orange lit too. Stopped at the next parking spot and...
  17. Clio initiale Electronic fault codes help

    07 clio initiale Three codes on computer one df228 brake information fault C315 unknown code 0703 unknown code Stems from push start button which is not faulty but showing warning light on dash so failing its mot. Absolutely clue less as to issue, think ***x1f914; it may be due to duplicate...
  18. Problem with renault Espace fault codes

    Tools & equipment
    Hello, I have the Renault Espace IV 2,2dci. It currently has a "check injection", and "Airbag"fault indicated on the screen with the service indicator lit up. I replaced the MAF sensor and hoped this would clear the check injection but to no avail. Yesterday I went to a local shop and tried the...
  19. Advice on fault codes and where to look

    Hi all I have a Renault Clio 1.5 dci 2006 106bhp There are a few fault codes and any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. Also worth mentioning I have injector fault and stop engine light inlluminated. Here is what I've found could be possible causes from my own...
  20. Help! Error codes..

    Hello, First car, Renault Megane 1.6 vvt extreme 07, it started 'feeling weird' about 2 months ago, then about 3 weeks ago some lights come on and the screen said "check emission", had the diagnostic thing run and the results were as follows.. DF119 - camshaft sensor - camshaft tooth event -...