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  1. Key Reconiser Coil Around Ign Switch 2001 megane

    Thanks. Still trying to get my car started. Has anyone got a wiring diagram or can help with the the wireing to the Key Reconiser Coil around the Ignition Switch, The plug has four wires and none of them are alive, I need to find the feed, all normal checks have been done Fuses ect. appriciate...
  2. D.I.Y coil repairs

    Interesting one this, Maybe worth while a Member having a bash at this with a faulty coil ? The Mégane II Owners' Club :: View topic - Coil repairs Regards Ottoman:)
  3. Coil Problems - Scenic 2003

    :confused: I've hit the same old problem with my Scenic. Warning light on dash, engine chugging like a tractor - yes the old coils have went again! Can anyone help with something? I read that Renault released a Tech note stating that this is a design fault. I'm currently trying to get...
  4. coil spring

    General Chat
    i parked my car outside our house last night around 4.30.a neighbour was just getting out of his car around ten when he heard a loud crack-snapping noise, he noticed my car shake,he said the noise was that loud he nearly filled his trousers.i got my torch and on closer inspection,we discovered...
  5. coil pack

    ok so here's the problem, im going home on the motorway and i suddenly loose power. mangage to get to the hard sholer and stop. will not start agin but does do later on. previously i noted the car judder before loosing power so whats going on. im told it might be the coil pack. dont see how the...
  6. set of 4 coil springs

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello, Does anyone think that £330 is abit much to pay for supply and fit of 4 coil springs?
  7. Ignition / Engine Coil Faults - Clio

    Hi All, I have owned a 1.2 Clio (2000-W reg) Clio for 5 years. This has been a pretty reliable car until about 7 mths ago, when the engine starting cutting out now and again. Sometimes it would re-start first time, other times it would have to be left for a while. Apparently this could be the...
  8. Scenic Coil Fitting

    Cars & motoring
    My coil has gone on my 1.6 2002 Scenic. Can an amature change the coils on these or is it a dealer job? Thanks
  9. Scenic Pencil Coil Fitting?

    Hello, I have the usual Coil problem associated with owning a Scenic. How easy is it to change these and can it be attempted by an amature? Thanks Nick in Cyprus:confused: Oops, I own a 2002 1.6 Expression, that sounds likes it chuggs when I put my foot down and the toxic fume monitoring...
  10. that ignition coil problem

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    hi this is my first thread and would like to say a big thankyou for advice relating to this problem i rang AA and within an hour number 1 coil replaced car back in the road £43 but its the first thing i have replaced in 3and a half years since buying the car (scenic) i have since ordered a full...
  11. Pencil Coil Torx Size

    Hi All What size is the Torx bit required to undo the bolt for the pencil coil on the K series engines? Cheers Ray
  12. Coil bolt rounded help to undo.

    Cars & motoring
    I have a Laguna Sports tourer 1600 16v with an 01 plate (Irish). I have had the vehicle for 5 months and have just had the timing belt done by a Renault agent. I decided that I would renew the filters and fit new spark plugs. Now I have managed to remove the coils on three of the plugs and...
  13. clio - rear coil springs - MOT

    Cars & motoring
    hi all, my better half had her Clio MOT'ed today and it passed :) It will not Pass next year though !, the tester fella said it will need a new pair rear coil spring they are going rusty !. He also advised getting genuine Renault Springs, Coil Springs from anywhere else are crap !. I am...
  14. Renault Scenic Coil Packs

    Hi, Thanks for providing such a great resource. I wish I had found it a couple of years ago, but that's another story! I've recently (in the last 3 weeks) had my 99 Scenic 1.6 16v Sport Alize serviced at a local garage (national chain). Happy enough with the service. In the last couple of days...
  15. Laguna II 04 Rear Suspension coil spring failure

    Cars & motoring
    Hello All I have recently had a bad experience with Renault Laguna Sports Tourer 1.9dci. I was going on holiday and heard a large metallic snap and suspected suspension failure. Checked around the car seemed to be no problems. Loud clanging sound started whilst I was on holiday. I then came...
  16. Renault Laguna 2 - Coil Spring Failure

    Steering and Suspension
    wife has just went out into the car and after starting the car as she was just about to pull away heard a loud crack after a quick look seems like the front passenger spring has snapped as you can see it and its pressing against the tyre what i want to know is 1. how much (roughly) to get this...
  17. Please can anyone help! Intemittant Clio Coil Light Problem

    I am hoping that someone may be able to help me and my poorly clio! I have had it into the garage countless times now, and they have no idea now... so I am hoping some of you may be able to help. The problem:Only occasionally,and there is no pattern to it, but when I am slowing down to a...
  18. Renault Scenic - Electronics - Imobilizer Coil

    I have a Y Reg 2001 Renault Scenic Automatic and Petrol, I have a problem with the engine (or so I think) the car will without reason cut out when I am stopped, or alternatively it will refuse to start - I can not duplicate the fault and I am taking my car in tomorrow for testing Has anyone had...