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  1. Kangoo mk1 A/C not cold.

    Heating & cooling
    Tried my A/C for the first time the other day only to be very disappointed that there was zero difference in temp. As I have had problems with the heater panel I was thinking it may be that. Any advice?
  2. cold start sensor

    Ask the Experts
    Hi, I have a Renault trafic 1995 motorhome, 2.165 petrol, It's failed the mot test on high emissions because its running rich, the garage that its in says that its the cold start sensor that's the problem. My problem is that they cant get a sensor for the van, is there any way to bypass the...
  3. Heater blowing cold

    Heating & cooling
    Morning all, I have a 2010 Grand Scenic 3 1.5dci. The heater has started to temperamentally not blow out hot air even when the dial is right round to max. Doesn't make any difference if the engine temp gauge is up to the middle or if the AC is turned on or off? The engine temp gauge appears to...
  4. Cuts out when Cold

    Ask the Experts
    Hi guys really need help just bought a 55 plate grand scenic 1.6. Engine turns over ok but constantly cuts out when first starts once it gets up to temp it stays on. It can cut out sometimes when sat idling for no reason it looses revs and dies. Changed the tdc sensor spark plugs and coils any...
  5. 1999 1.2 Clio cold start problem.

    Hi, my daughter has the above car and it has always started quickly first time. Recently it has developed a problem starting when cold ie left for 24 hours or more. It turns over but won't fire until the third or fourth attempt. Once started it will start first time for the rest of the day...
  6. Cold start problem -Master 3.0 dCi 2005 ZD3/202 **Fixed**

    Hi! I could use some advice! The engine starts cold only if I keep the Webasto heater on for a few minutes but it's not a smooth start. At first it barely runs and doesn't rev up. After about 10-15 seconds it gets better and it responds to throttle. Same happens if I use engine starter fluid...
  7. Renault IV 1.5 DCI Blowing cold air

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all. our Clio 1.5 DCI has suddenly started blowing cold air into the passenger footwell. The heater still blows warm air but it is overpowered by cold air blasted by the fan into the footwell and cannot be turned off. Any ideas anyone?
  8. cold

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  9. Kangoo dci 1.5 idle dropping out on cold start **Fixed**

    Renault Clio Kangoo dci 1.5 idle dropping out on cold start. When the engine warms up a little its working fine unless you step on the gas fully on load and the engine will go to limp/safe mode. Newly refreshed injectors battery needs replacing although I do not think that it has anything to do...
  10. 1.4 scenic cuts out when cold

    Hi everyone. I'm after some advice regarding this problem. The cars a scenic 2, 1.4 petrol 56 plate. When the engine is cold and you press start, the engine will fire up and then cut out. To stop it from cutting out you have to keep your foot on the accelerator to bring the revs higher. Ive...
  11. Air con not getting cold

    Heating & cooling
    Hi Guys, Would appreciate anyone’s take on the following: 2005 Grand Scenic 2.0 It has normal air con , when the air con is on it seems to get cold but not as cold as it once did. It has been regassed and in the last couple of years it has been regassed 2 or 3 times , the condenser and...
  12. High pitched sound when slightly revving cold engine? Clio 2007

    Clio MK2's seem to never not have a fecking issue. Yesterday I noticed this slight noise. Wasn't as bad as it was today. Car had been sitting all night. The sound only seems to happen when cold. Noise is non-existent when its at operating temperature. I've included a video of the sound and what...
  13. Scenic 63 reg cold start issue + more!

    Hi been a while since last posted. We have a 63 reg scenic diesel only 40 some k miles and mysterious cold start issue. Start up is lumpy and Struggles to run smooth if engine cold and seems to be fine once warmed up. Car judders in 1st when moving in crawling traffic for eg in a morning. A...
  14. Hesitation On Hills When Engine Is Cold (MEGANE III)

    Noticed this over the last few days. I start the car, drive up a few hills, notice hesitation and loss of power. When the issue occurs, its as if I've lifted my foot off the gas. Other times it feels like it is struggling to build power. As soon as the car has been running for over a minute or...
  15. Airbag warning light in hot temps / Tyre sensor warning light in cold temp

    Hi! First of all hope its ok to post this, I did search forums beforehand and found similar problems to mine but no real answers. I have a 2007 Clio Dynamique auto. When its been a warm day I always get the Airbag warning light and the amber spanner on the dash - it then disappears after about...
  16. Clio mk2 1.2 16v cold map temperature?

    Heating & cooling
    Anyone know what temperature goes the cluo c9me out of its cold map please? Reason i ask is latly my temprature guage use to show 4 bars (upto operating temperature so i always thought) but recently its been showing just 2 bars so i replaced temp sensor and thermostate. Thermostate opens at 89c...
  17. 2009 Grand Scenic blowing hot and cold

    Heating & cooling
    When set to blow cold air into cabin from the ac on it does that but is blowing warm to hot air into the footwell. Driving in the hot weather has not been that pleasant. What might be up and how much is it to fix. Thanks.
  18. Laguna 2 AC not blowing cold on passenger side

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I have a Laguna 2 1.9dci from 2006. When I turn the AC, driver side blows cold air but passenger side doesnt. The AC is refilled so that is not the case. I have checked two mixer motors that are shown in the manual but they are ok. One is for recurcilation and other is for cold/hot air. I...
  19. Megane dci 2010 A/C blowing hot and cold air at the same time

    Heating & cooling
    Hi guys, my Megane dci 2010 is blowing hot air on the passenger's side and cold air at driver's side. I've have had a pressure test done and it appears there's excessive pressure coming from the engine into the radiator system. What could be the problem. Thanks
  20. Cold white smoke from AC - megane mk3 2010

    Heating & cooling
    Hello guys, At first, sorry for my English. Yesterday I have noticed that white vapor is comming out of my AC system. When I turn AC off, it stops. Then I realized that if I turn on AC and turn on cycling air in cabin too, there is no more white vapor - smoke. All time - when on , AC does...