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  1. Collapse of Rover / The long goodbye

  2. Clutch pedal collapse

    good afternoon just went to use my car and the clutch pedal is flat to the floor I have checked the fluid levels and it appears to have emptied what has caused this and how can I remedy it thank you
  3. o/s/f suspension collapse, just MOT'd

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, first post on this very informative forum so bear with me. My 1.5dci Kangoo went to the garage over the new year for work and an MOT. Total cost £800. First issue was engine, (glow plug light on and engine management light coming on under acceleration with power loss, hard first starting)...
  4. Gearbox collapse.

    Hi All. I'm worried. Clio 11 gearbox under normal strain - coasting along in fourth, popped out of gear, screamed, spewed oil from behind LH driveshaft. I Crept home 5k slowly in 2nd and 3rd. Any Ideas?? Is this well beyond my home workshop abilities.? Because I'm even more worried it's beyond...
  5. Kangoo rear suspension collapse.

    I have a 2WD 99 Kango 1.4 litre petrol and the rear, right side torsion bar has either snapped or let go. I don't have the tools to be stuffing around with torsion bars so I will source a complete drum to drum axle set up. Can anybody let me know what models are interchangable. ie. diesel to...
  6. turbo collapse after assesment

    Having taken the car I have had for six months back to the garage for the umpteenth time,I reported a new whining noise and general lack of power, the lack of power was not a new thing but had been a constant.The car, a 2002 Renault Scenic RX4 1.9 Diesel was put on a diagnostic machine. It...
  7. Escpace MK4 Suspension Collapse Due To Broken Spring, May Affect Megane, Laguna Too

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi there My wife was reversing out of our drive at about 3 mph last week when she heard a bang from the front suspension, the off side front corner dropped about 3" & when she tried to move the car there was a high pitch noise. I had a look at the car & was horrified to have found that the...
  8. Laguna 1 Oil Leak and Suspension Collapse

    Steering and Suspension
    Wonder if anyone can help. Two months ago the car had a new starter motor fitted. As soon as it came out of the garage, I noticed what appeared to be a major oil leak. A pool of oil appeared when the car was parked and left a line of oil splats every time I drove off. The garage said they'd...
  9. Renault Laguna 2 - Front Suspension Collapse

    Wheels & tyres
    Tried to drive my phase II V6 laguna to work tonight only to met by a horrible grinding noise from the front passenger side road wheel. The suspension appears to have collapsed while stationary/parked up as the front of the car is now very low to the road. A little worrying as I've been up and...
  10. Scenic Front Suspension Collapse

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, can anyone tell me how to remove and replace my o/s front suspension strut. The coil spring has broken and I would like to replace the whole spring/strut as a unit. Hope someone can help with tools required method etc. Thanks ps My Scenic is a 2000 model 1.6 SPORT alize
  11. Renault Laguna 2 - Coil Spring Failure

    Steering and Suspension
    wife has just went out into the car and after starting the car as she was just about to pull away heard a loud crack after a quick look seems like the front passenger spring has snapped as you can see it and its pressing against the tyre what i want to know is 1. how much (roughly) to get this...