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  1. Changed steering column now the car won't start need some help

    Ask the Experts
    Changed steering column on my megane mk3 now the car won't start. No warning lights on the dash. It tries to start but doesn't Any help would be appreciated
  2. Check ESP light, heavy steering and clicking from steering column

    I need some help I have a 2008 megane 1.5dci it had started to develop a problem. The car will suddenly lose power steering and also try to recentre itself, this happens for about 4 or 5 seconds the check esp light also illuminates and then goes off but comes back on and stays on til you switch...
  3. Engine immobiliser on car want start steering column fault showing on diagnostic

    Steering and Suspension
    Engine immobiliser on car want start steering column fault showing on diagnostic. Hi I have a 2008 espace 2.0 dci it cut out on me as I was driving along and flashed immobiliser fault I have had a diagnostic report and it shows a steering column fault sterling lock not engaged...
  4. Steering column

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi I have a 1992 trafic with a blown engine. I got a 1999 trafic of of eBay and am using it as a donor vehicle. It has power steering so am fitting that only prob is indeed to change steering coumn I undone pinch bolt unbolted 2 bolts on column and 6 bolts inside engine bay. But for the life of...
  5. Exchange steering column on Megane II

    Steering and Suspension
    I´ve got intermittent fault on the EPAS with total loss of powersteering. To try remedy this I´m about to make a change for a used steering column from the Chop shop. This is my first ever encounter with an EPAS. I´m kinda old school used to oil, pumps and drive belts. Due to my investigation...
  6. Electric Steering column 2004 Megan

    Is there any way to test a electric steering column? Apart from fitting it and powering it up ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Welded Mk1 Clio steering column

    Steering and Suspension
    My car has as above; a welded steering column. Can anyone tell me the effect of this on the airbag? i.e. does it prevent it from working? Thanks
  8. does a new power steering column (EPS) need recoding

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi guys, new to the forum, been a great help already and now I'm in desperate need for some info! I have a megane 2 2004 and my power steering has been playing up but finally given in! With the "steering fault" message I'm looking into buying a second hand steering colum from eBay as I don't...
  9. Steering column problem in Trafic.

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi , I am having problems with my 1991 Trafic steering column .According to my local test centre it needs to be changed as the Hardy Spicer joint has too much play in it. My mechanic says that the joint can't be replaced and the whole column has to be replaced .Is this correct ?. Or can I get...
  10. Trafic Steering column.

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi , I am having a problem with my 1991 Trafic's steering column. Apparently the Hardy Spicer joint is not working, loose etc. Can this joint be replaced or do I have to get a whole new column?. Furhermore my mechanic hasn't got the faintest idea how to remove it from my van. Any advise would...
  11. Megane 1.5 DCI - not starting after steering column change

    Hi Last week I gave my 2004 megane 1.5 dci for a steering column change which was suppose to take 1 day, that was swapped over and now the car does not start (no starting issues prior to this). The mechanic advised that all the windows, central locking work, radio still works but the instrument...
  12. New stereo fitting to steering column

    Hi guys I've just bought a new Bluetooth stereo for my megan scenic dynamic 2008. But I want it to work with the steering column controls how do I do this
  13. 1997 clio steering column problems

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all My mrs auto 1.4 clio pas from 1997 has just failed its mot due to play in the steering column - anyone know where i can get a decent used column for it from? Renault have quoted 430 plus vat for a new one so with fitting its looking like being twice the value of the motor!! Normally i...
  14. Radio LCD Display and steering column Radio remote not working.

    2007 Megane Coupe/Cabriolet 1.6. 16 valve auto. Petrol. Hi, hope someone can help. The LCD Display is only showing the time and temp. The side that gives the radio info is blank. The Steering column Radio Remote doesn't work. The Radio/CD still works but only by guesswork. Thanks.
  15. Clicking noise from steering column from start up megane DCi Convertible

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, this is my first post so "Hello" to all you forum sure is a great site! Anyway, my question is simple....." How do I stop the clicking noise (that lasts for about 5 seconds) from my steering column each time I start my car". My local garage says that I should fill my power...
  16. Steering Column Radio Controls

    Hi all Just collected a 2014 Clio 1.2 Expression Plus. Generally very pleased. On the steering column there are some controls for the radio. There is a rotating wheel that adjusts the radio tuning. Can this be set to just scroll though the presets? It seems a bit weird that it scans...
  17. Renault Scenic 05 Steering Fault / new steering column

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all I've had an 05 plate Scenic for 7 months. About 2 months ago the steering would occasionally lock when started, if the engine was then turned off and restarted the problem would go. This happened approx 5 times so not frequently. Yesterday this happened and despite restarting remained...
  18. Clio III 1.5 dci steering column / imobilser fault

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi guys, my Clio diesel has had a 2nd hand replacement steering column 2 years ago. I have just replaced the clutch and since the battery has been disconnected the immobiliser light will not go out and the car will not start. Renault dealer says it wants a new steering column as the car is now...
  19. Clio 3 immobiliser/steering column problem help please

    I have just bought a project and not getting very far with it,I'm hoping somebody on here can help me with it please! 2006 Clio,battery went flat,once I charged battery it wouldn't start ,red light on dash,won't crank over,somebody plugged into it with diagnostics said it needed a new u c h. A...