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  1. 2003 clio II 1.5dci, warning lights coming on??

    Hello!! New here. Happy to have this resource to draw from and contribute to!! I am new to this car, and have been fixing issues as much as i can. The current problem that i have not been able to sort out is a number of warning lights come on at around 110-120km. Once i back off they go out...
  2. Cooling fan coming on every 30 seconds while ac running

    Heating & cooling
    Recently the cooling fan kicks in a lot more than usual & will cause engine rpm to drop , car is LAGUNA 1.5dci 2009
  3. Engine failure hazard error coming in Renault capture

    Dear Team, i have purchased capture from India last 10 months. before 15 days i was going with my car and suddenly error is coming engine failure hazard. at that time i was called too your service center and my car was picked up for service. i have received my car tomorrow, today morning i m...
  4. Master SLD - door handle keeps coming off

    Hi my 2012 Master LWB has a problem with the Side door handle - it just keeps coming off, even my 13yo manages to do while not even trying too hard. I have checked that the locking ring for the leading edge guide is secure and this still happens , it feels as though there is no retaining...
  5. Oil light and stop light coming on and off

    Hi there I have a scenic auto 2004 and my oil light comes on with the stop light and goes off again I have topped up with oil but still does it any ideas
  6. Megane 2 Batteries changed, problems keep coming **Fixed**

    Good morning everyone, I own a Megane 2 , 2004 190.000 km...never had many problems but now she is driving me insane. One month ago I have changed the battery and bought a new one 74ah , 640 cca; the car never started at the first attempt and the longer I left it parked the longer it took to...
  7. Where is this oil coming from

    On my fathers 06 48,000mile 1.5 Scenic there's oil build up on this hose and I'm wondering where its coming from, could anyone shed any light ?
  8. no air coming through dashboard vents

    Heating & cooling
    not getting any airflow through the dashboard vents 2014 Fluence. Fan is working and blowing on windshield and floor but not out of the center vents and center console rear vents
  9. Espace 4 Automatic gearbox clonking when coming to a halt

    Hi My 2005 Espace 2.2 diesel (92K) drives beautifully except it has started to 'clonk' or 'jolt' when I come to a halt after warming up. Then on long journeys it corrects its self and halts smoothly after a while ??? My local Renault mechanic has put it on the diagnostic machine which shows no...
  10. Heater/A/C not coming on

    Hi all, today I started my captur 2016 automatic and the heater wouldn't turn on the knobs and buttons on the control panel are dead and there seems to be no power going to the control panel, checked the manual to see if their was a fuse for the heater/A/C unit and there isn't, any ideas or past...
  11. Engine Oil Leak - Where is it coming from? **Fixed**

    Hey Guys. First post on the forum so apologises if do some taboos. I have a 2006 megane mk2 1.6 petrol. I have an oil leak on the right hand side of the engine (closest to the battery). Can anyone tell me where it is actually coming from to help me decide on what the fix maybe. I have attached...
  12. New MOT laws coming in..

    Non-motoring news
  13. Stop light coming on every 10 miles

    I purchased my car 4 months ago and from the 2nd week the STOP light comes on after every 10 miles. If i shut off the engine and start the car, it disappears and then comes on again after another 10 or so miles. i had a diagnostics check and was told whilst its likely its something to do with...
  14. Kangoo lights coming on

    Just recently the headlights on my kangoo have started to come on by themselves whilst driving. Then today the wipers took a few attempts to get them going. Any ideas? Thanks
  15. Headlights delayed coming on

    General Chat
    Hey guys.. I have a Modus, and managed after the pain it was, to change the headlights last night after they both went within a couple of weeks of eachother.. They work fine, but once you click the lights on there's a delay of 2-3 seconds before they come on.. Any ideas what this might be?
  16. Immobiliser not coming off

    Hi there, we have just purchased a 2004 (04 plate) Scenic 1.6 VVT Dynamique very cheaply as it won't start. The guy we bought it from said that it was running fine until he pressure washed the engine and since then it appears that the immobiliser is stuck on. We have changed the batteries in...
  17. Clio MK3 - Bumper trim coming away from wheel arch

    Hi all, I've noticed this morning on the driver side of the front wheel arch the trim along the bottom of the bumper is now hanging loose, and the wheel arch is no longer clipped to the bumper on that side. I've done a search and been unable to find anything online, does anyone have any...
  18. Service light and air bag light coming on at the same time

    Hi, As explained in a previous thread, I recently had my Renault megane 2006 3dr serviced. However when driving the car the service light and the airbag light on the dashboard come on before disappearing with time particularly when I indicate to turn left or right. Is there any specific...
  19. 2005 scenic interior window coating coming off

    Hi all i have another problem with my Renault scenic. On the passenger side (Left Hand Side) it appears as if there is / was some kind of anti-scratch coating on the side window. I assumed it was from the dog and her nose (possibly was a little bit) however after rubbing for a bit the are got...
  20. AC system not coming on

    Heating & cooling
    Can anyone tell me which is the relay for the AC system in the Laguna 2.. My compressor is not coming on, the fuse is good. And where I can get one if its bad...