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  1. Espace IV pre-/post facelift front bumper compatibility

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a new bumper for my wife's Espace IV, 2007 so it's a post-facelift version. She pranged it, these things happen, no point getting upset - after all it's only metal and plastic. I've found a pre-facelift bumper in the right colour for a reasonable price (well, £90) and...
  2. Engine compatibility

    Hi all does anyone know if a scenic 2 engine and gearbox would fit in a scenic 1 my engine is a 1.6 k4m700 done163k miles and gearbox has a crack in casing so was wondering if it possible to change it to the newer type
  3. Scenic Bumper Compatibility

    Hello All, Had an encounter with a suicidal deer last night! Everyone is ok but our five year old keeps insisting that Santa will be angry!! Upshot is we now need a new bumper! Car in question is a 2007 1.6 automatic scenic I have found a few but they are from 2004, 2006 etc. Any idea if...
  4. Renault master seat belt buckles compatibility advice please?

    General Chat
    Hi I have a broken Renault master/ Nissan interstar/Vauxhall Movano double front seat belt buckle/clip (the one that is in the middle of the seat). see photo I've been looking on ebay for another one but i can't get hold of one, All of the van breaker i have messaged have none in. I was...
  5. Scenic wheel/tyre compatibility

    Wheels & tyres
    Have just acquired a 2003 Mk1 Scenic (1.6) and it seems to have the wrong size wheels/tyres fitted. I think it should have something fitted with 185/65/15 (which is what the spare wheel is), but is fitted with some slightly newer Renault alloys (I think off a Mk 2 Scenic) that have 205/60/16...
  6. under bonnet fuse box compatibility

    Hi everyone, i could do with some help please? 2004 Scenic 1.9 Diesel has an issue with fuse box, side and tail lamps not working, otherwise everything is fine! Can i use another fuse box with the same part number or does it have to be from a 1.9 Diesel from the same or similar year? I bought...
  7. Bluetooth compatibility

    Renault's updated bluetooth compatibility chart does not include Samsung Galaxy J5. Does this mean it will not work or just that Renault have not tested that phone type? I would have thought that a year old phone would not have connection issues--but--you never know.
  8. Gearbox Compatibility

    Hello I have a question please My Megane II engine k9k722 1.5 dci blow up, I brought an used engine but is a k9k704... by searching discovered I can use my injection system from my k9k722, BUT, will the gearbox fit? will the car run minimally good? thanks a lot!
  9. Engine Compatibility F4R / K4M?

    My question is, will a 2.0 16v F4R engine from a Scenic fit the engine mounts and the engine bay of a 2000 Megane 1 facelift which currently has a 1.6 16v K4M in without the use of grinders, welders or obscene amounts of curse words. Actually, scratch the last one. Thanks :)
  10. Laguna Mk 2 driver door compatibility

    Hi all, first post on here? Trying to get a second hand door for the 2005 *facelift* mark 2 Laguna but having no luck on eBay or breakers. Is the door the same on the pre facelift model? Is the estate compatible with the saloon? Thanks in advance Steve
  11. Clio III and North American Versa strut compatibility?

    Handling & braking
    I joined because i've got a Nissan Versa, and want Bilstein struts/shocks but there is no official cross reference number. The Clio III chassis is identical. Does anyone have pics of their struts or can measure the overall height, and length of the tube itself? I'm 90% sure if i get Clio III...
  12. ESPACE MKII Back Brakes Compatibility

    Hi, Car is a Renault Espace Mk II - Petrol. The back brakes are drum type and the Haynes manual shows that they can be either Bendix or Girling. From the images in the Haynes manual I appear to have the Girling type but I can only find Bendix available to buy. The shop states the two...
  13. Megane II Rear Disc ABS compatibility

    Hi all, I need to replace the rear discs on my 2007 cc but I'm concerned with the abs ring compatibility issue some have come across with abs light on after fitting. I want to fit oem and I'm looking at Mintex or SKF but would like to hear from other owners who have fitted none Renault discs...
  14. Scenic 1 hub compatibility

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, is anyone able to advise on the compatibility of front hubs from a 1.6 and 1.8 Scenic please? Hoping the driveshaft splines are the same.
  15. Laguna 2 phase1 and phase2 center console compatibility

    In-car entertainment
    Hi. I was just wondering if it is possible to replace the center console between the phase1 (-05) and phase2 (05-07) model? I'm only interested in changing the CD player + above empty box part (if that make sense). I'm asking this because I have a phase 2 model and I want to fit in a double din...
  16. Clio mk2 radiator fan compatibility

    Heating & cooling
    Hi folks Can anybody tell me if radiator fan for Clio mk2 1.2 patrol is same as for 1.5 diesel . It looks identical On photo but seller isn't sure ???
  17. Compatibility Megane headlights and panels

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can advise if the front parts of a Renault Megane 2011 two door Coupe will fit a Renault Megane 2014 Sport tourer.
  18. Megane I - interior light LED compatibility

    Hi guys, I recently bought these LEDs for my Megane: I hoped that 36mm would fit the dome light, but the LEDs are too short and measured 35.5mm, while the original bulb is 37.1mm. Can\Should I simply bend the holders a little bit? I'm not sure that would...
  19. Fuse Box compatibility for Scenic II

    Hi I'm getting confused trying to source a second-hand Under bonnet fuse box for my Mark 2 2003 2.0 Privilege Scenic. I'm looking on Ebay and there are loads of different part numbers but most of the descriptions state "Will fit Mark 2 2003 - 2009) nothing about the models, yet others state will...
  20. Alba ICS-105 compatibility?

    In-car entertainment
    I have bought an alba ics105, and tried installing it. However, when taking out the stock radio, it has a black connector with 6 wires, a white one with 8 wires, and a yellow one with 6. The new radio has 2 ports, one with 8 pins and one with 4. The yellow connector doesn't go anywhere, but I...