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    2014 mk3 trafic 1.6 , dci115 (R9M-408 engine) Im about to do a compression test through glowplug ports. I cant find a value anywhere of a normal value to expect. Anyone know roughly what the pressure should peak at? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi all. I recently refitted the head on thus motor, new valves etc, cam belt replaced, valve timing set as per specs with special tools. The car went out on the road, all good. Then ut gave a slight jerking like rynning out if fuel, stopped n swithched off, tried to restart and suddenly it's as...
  3. Engines
    hi. my 2.5 05 Renault master van wont start want to do a compression test does anyone know where to find out what the compression values should be
  4. Engines
    Does anyone know what the ideal results should be (apart from them all being the same) from a compression test on a 2.5 dci g9u engine? Ill be testing mine over the weekend. Thanks
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    looking at buying this car, mechanic informs me ZERO compression on cylinder 3 but cylinders 1,2 and 4 all show 150 psi, cars only done 58000 and is a 2004 plate. Looking for common faults i.e burnt value or blown head gasket. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Hi I just wanted to pick some minds, I got a clio 1.2 16v , got about 75k miles on it, running bad, I have done a compression check, cylinder 1 is low compression, others are ok. Are there any common causes of low compression on 1 cylinder ? the car has had a headgasket change done last year. I...
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    Hi! I did a compression test on my Clio 1.2 8v, the results are the following: Dry: 190 180 200 200 Psi (gearbox this side) Wet: 300 270 270 300 Is this mean that all of my piston rings are worn? Isn't this a "little" extreme? I'm just curious because the dry tests are not bad at all, and...
  8. Engines
    I was always told it's best to learn the hard way,,,,,, I was having a trouble getting the tdc on the meg 1.5dci, The pin was going in the tdc hole just before 12 or just after, i put it in just before, as when i tightened up the pulley clockwise any play would have gave me tdc. It took a while...
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    Hi, just wondering what the compression should be on a new build 2002 1.2 Clio 8 valve (I did look but couldn't find it on line). My car has done almost 108,000 miles and I'm wondering what compression it's lost. On a dry test, after 3 turns of the engine I got 12.5 bar (180 to 185 psi ) from...
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    Hi all I have a 2005 megane throwing up a injection fault at a certain rev range and it wont start unless i spray damp start. I had replaced all 4 injectors with good ones from a 2006 model. When i took the car to a mechanic to have the injectors codes the computer now showing that its loosing...
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    A quick one........... what are the correct compression readings for a scenic 1.6 2002 cheers
  12. Tools & equipment
    I am trying to sort a non starting clio 1.2 16v, what size compession tester adaptor do i need for a clio 1.2 16v ??? i thought 8mm as its a 8mm plug socket but cant find any for sale ? Thanks
  13. Engines
    I have done a compression on my renault megane 1.4 2003 and I got 120 psi in cylinders 1 and 2 and 0 in 3 and 4 I think head gasket has gone between them but thought I would ask before I start taking the engine apart
  14. Engines
    I want to carry out a compression test on my 1.9 dci prior to removing the head to determine which piston has low compression. I have done loads of compression tests on petrol engines but not on a dci. I have an adapter to fit the glow plug hole and will remove all four glow plugs and unplug...
  15. Engines
    Hi All I am new forums. A little help and guidance in using this tool will also be greatly appreciated. I have a 2006 Renault Scenic 2.0 auto. My wife drove it on the freeway when suddenly an alarm went of and the car displayed a stop message on the dash. She drove to the next off ramp where...
  16. Engines
    Good evening Can anyone tell me how i can work out what a compression test reading should be from just the compression ratio? (i know tempreture air etc will affect the reading) Just looking for a rough idea. Engine in question is 15.6:1 .
  17. Tools & equipment
    Hi all I am looking for a compression tester would this be suitable for my car: Laguna MK2 1.9 DCi Sport Tourer Estate 2002 (52) LINK HERE
  18. Engines
    Hi peeps. I got given my dads 2001 megane 1.6 petrol. The other week out of the blue it loses power and flashes up the eml. Driving it seemed like it was off on a pot. Took it into the garage i work at (i wash cars there) and they link it up and it reads 02 sensor at fault. But as there was a...
  19. Engines
    Hi, I bought a cheap 40 quid compression tester from ebay to do a test on a Clio 1.5 DCi engine. I have removed the glow plugs but have found the compression tester socket too short for me to screw into the glow plug hole!! I can only just get my fingers onto the end and screw it in a bit, but...
  20. Engines
    I have only had my Scenic (2001 y reg) about 4 weeks and when my wife was driving down to Stansted Airport when the dreaded exhuast gas emissions warning light came on. A quick look up on here suggested probably a worn ignition coil. She limped the last couple of miles to the airport and on...