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  1. Tail light condensation

    Evening. My Renault is 3yr old under warranty and one tail light has a lot of condensation that does not clear naturally and been this way for months. When 1 year old both headlights were replaced for same reason under warranty. Car just serviced, and i asked to change tail light but Renault...
  2. Laguna 3/III Air Con a/c condensation drain location?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi folks, Recently getting in my laguna to find it smelling like a wet dog, and rear footwells have water sitting in them. There appears to be more in the passenger side rear, and the front footwells aren't wet at all. I can remove the foot mats from the rear, and hold them up and it drips on...
  3. 66 Plate Clio MAJOR CONDENSATION!!

    Heating & cooling
    I got my 66 plate Clio 2 months ago and it's having serious windscreen condensation problems. Air recirc isn't on and no areas of damp in the car. It's been back at the dealer twice now to be water tested and even though I have sent Renault pictures of the moisture on the screen and one of it...
  4. Can Condensation cause a Xenon Bulb to Fail

    Yesterday morning I had Halfords change both my side lights on a 2003 Laguna. Using the vehicle only in day light hours since then I never got to check the full beam. This evening when leaving work I put on my headlights to discover that the O/S Xenon bulbs was out. I notice a lot of...
  5. Concrete Garage Condensation

    General Chat
    Back in August, I had an 18' x 14' Sectional Garage erected. Once October arrived & temperatures dropped, inside became like a rain forest. Soggy boxes, mould growing, tools rusting, etc. Seems the stuff stored, holds daytime heat & once the tin roof gets colder, MEGA Condensation occurs. At...
  6. Serious Condensation

    Right im at the confuzzled stage ...Better halfs 2011 Clio has serious condensation problem ...Garage cleared scuttle drainage and we have checked door seals nothing found , carpets etc dry but had to sit with demisters on for nearly 10mins this morning to clear screen ...any clues please (going...
  7. Megane III headlight condensation

    Hello all. Just picked up my 2012 megane tom tom and must say I really like it, love the car but have a small issue. The passenger side headlights suffers from condensation has anyone else had this and managed to sort the problem?? I have a 4 year renault warranty should this problem be covered...
  8. Trafic Aircon condensation pipe

    Heating & cooling
    Hi guys, I had my AC on most of the way to work this afternoon & when i got there i noticed water dripping from under the van, formed quite a big patch. I took it to my garage & the guy explained that there is an condensation overflow pipe - can anybody confirm this please. Thanks in advance.
  9. scenic 2011 - condensation in rear light units

    Please can someone help with this ... I have a 2011 scenic that I have only had a few days. There are a few things I'm worried about and would really like some advice. It's raining very heavily at the moment and I have noticed what appears to be condensation in the rear light units. I am...
  10. Clio IV condensation

    Hi, Have a 63 plate mk4 clio, every morning this week the window has been frozen on the inside as well as out. I know moisture has to be getting into the car somewhere but looking for suggestions on the most likely source. Thanks
  11. espace headlight iv condensation

    Exterior styling
    Hi, I have condensation in between the outer and inner lense of my headlight, is there an easy fix to dry out condensation? is the lense a sealed unit and a replacement to be sought? pics included Thanks
  12. Renault Megane Coupe condensation

    Hi, Can anyone tell me why I have so much condensation in my new Megane Coupe. I had it in my previous '09 model and was hoping it was a one off. I had never had this problem with any previous Ford model. I know it clears with air con, but seems to be a lot of condensation in this model. Thanks
  13. Condensation in Clio Headlamp

    Hi There, I have a 3008 Clio. Recently I got a guy in a local motor factors to change the driver side headlight for me. He never replaced the cover and so very bad condensation has got into my light. Does anyone know how to get this out? I work full time so getting to a garage is very...
  14. condensation * SOLVED *

    hi all again i did post on this before asking about water in headlamp but im sure its condensation , any ideas how to stop it and why im getting it ,, really starting to bug me :forehead::forehead::forehead::forehead::forehead:
  15. Condensation in Rear LED Clusters - Laguna Coupe

    Hi, Not sure if this is the right place to post this query? Anyway, Ever since I've owned the car (2011 - 2010 plate), I've noticed some condensation in the rear led clusters. It comes and goes depending on the weather, a temperature thing I assume? I had the car taken in to the dealers today...
  16. Condensation

    Hi not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I am sure someone will tell me otherwise: For a few years I have been having a problem with my 2006 clio privilidge in the this time of the year the inside steams up a lot and when the weather is colder, the inside windows freeze. (I...
  17. overflow condensation pipe from the AC

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I have water dripping from condesation on a/c in th middle of car inside nearside foot well, Where is the overflow condensation pipe from the AC to outside I think this blocked only drips when ac is on Thanks for any advice Geoff
  18. Clio Condensation Problems

    I have a March 2000 Clio auto (Etiole) 4 door in excellent condition with a factory fitted electric glass sunroof. It lives on my drive in Central Scotland. During the last two winters a serious amount of condensation has occurred between the headlining and inside of the roof above the front...
  19. Windscreen Condensation

    Anybody else suffer from this - am I correct in thinking this could be water getting in through seals etc? Thanks
  20. Clio Headlight Condensation

    I have a new 1.2 Clio Tom Tom and have just noticed condensation on the inside of one of the main headlights. has anyone else experienced this? It has dried out over 24 hours in the sun!