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  1. Electronics
    hi all today i had a look under my lether gater and found three connecter blocks one is ovel any idea what they are or for ???? car is a mk1 clio 1995 n reg if that helps thanks
  2. Engines
    The head gasket was recently changed and since then the fuel pipe quick connector has come undone twice. I feel that it should push together with an audible click, but the pipe from the fuel tank does not seem to go into the connector far enough. Trouble is there is so little room to work...
  3. Engines
    I need to remove the plug connecter to the fuel rail pressure senser to give me access to the glow plugs on my 1.9dci Scenic 2005. But no matter what I have tried it will not come appart. Brute force is the next option. Any advice please
  4. Electronics
    Hi, Daft question time... I'm wondering why my satellite control to the car radio does not work. Taking out the radio I can see that the red connector for the satelliate is behind the radio and not connected to anything. The connector does not fit any of the radio sockets. Does the radio not...
  5. Engines
    Hi All, Can anyone tell me how many of the above a Espace (w) 2000 Alize would have hidden in its nooks and crannies? Would the same ecu cover say the airbag fault and a panel fault? Anyone have a breakdown of what covers what? Confused!?? Cheers Johnfw0:)