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  1. J8S 2.1 TD Anti pollution crankcase breather system PCV

    Hi all you boffins I'm trying to sort out the pipework for the rebreathing system on my J8S 742 2.1 TD With ref to the attached photo. Does number 1 or 2 on the decanter go to the turbo air intake? The drain on the decanter goes to the oil sump pipe 7. I assume Number 6 comes from the side of...
  2. Megane mk3 (knight/gt line) DRL and fog light connections

    Having bought a 'damaged' mk3 megane knight I have found 10 wires that have been ripped from their connectors! (Pic 1) They are hanging by the front nearside wheel (behind the splash guard... if it were still there!)(pic 2) red arrow. I think that they must connect to the DRL's and fog lights...
  3. Contact cleaner for SRS connections?

    Hi, I have a question about contact cleaner for SRS connections where I have learned there are two types of contact cleaner, the type that says it leaves no residue and another type of which says it leaves a corrosion inhibiting lubricating film behind - Servisol Super 10 of which I used to use...
  4. Master van extra battery connections?

    The battery on my Renault master van seems to go flat so quickly, I think there maybe extra connections on the battery using up power. The van was originally used as a mobile tyre fitting van, so I'm thinking extra connections have been made for this. I can't find a photo/description anywhere...
  5. 12 volts connections not working

    Hi, I have a Renault grand espace 2007 and the 12 volt connections aren't working. I've changed the fuses and still nothing, can anyone help?
  6. EGR connections on Espace 2.2 DCI

    I have cleaned out the EGR on my 2.2 DCI Espace and noticed that the actuator on the valve body where the EGR is located does not have any hoses going to it. From my research it looks like there should be a small rubber hose from here to a solnoid valve that is mounted on the front of the...
  7. Radio

    I have a Gamme Radiosat Model RENRDW100-10 CD Radio in a 2004 Laguna. There is a spare 8 pin connector socket which has an adjacent blue sticker. Is it possible to connect an auxiliary plug with a 3.5mm to this socket for use with an external player? If so, where can the lead be purchased...
  8. wiring connections

    can anybody advise on the location of the multi plug for the rear lights of a 54 trafic as i am trying to wire a single socket towbar
  9. Megane 2009 iPod connections

    In-car entertainment
    Hey everyone, Just purchased a 2009 Megane 1.9dCi Privilege It already has the bluetooth streaming option so I can stream my iPhone to the stereo and control volume track etc from the steering wheel. What my question is, is there an adapter out there that I can use to connect my iPhone /...
  10. connections CD Changer

    Hi I have a french supplied LHD Megane 1 and want to connect a under seat Alpine 6 cd changer from a scrapped RHD My cable to connect to the back of the dash header unit must have a male rectangular connection - but it has a square one Any ideas? Can I get a wiring diagram and put on a new male...
  11. Trafic T1100 1991 pics of mystery electrical connections

    Hi all, I know this is a real shot in the dark, but I've found another two loose electrical connections in my engine bay. They are close together where the ignition module is mounted. One connector (grey) has 3 spade terminals and 3 wires - black, brown, and orange. The other connector (grey)...
  12. Tow bar electrical connections.

    Hi. I have a 1997 2.2td Espace which has a tow bar fitted and one socket for the indicators, night lighs and brake lights. I want to pull a caravan and need the leasure connector for the fridge and reversing lights to work. I have a kit with a bypass relay but I am not sure how to connect or if...
  13. 05 scenic 1.5dci dynamique battery connections??

    Hi guy has any1 got a similar battery connection there seems to be a connection that by the look of it had a wire at some stage in its life it's a single connection any help please:confused:
  14. Airbag light - Not seat connections or airbag squib (I think!)

    Hi, I have had the airbag light on my 2001 laguna 1.9dci for some time. Recently decided to try the seat connections fix but this didnt resolve it. Next step I took it to an auto electrician who plugged it in and told me the drivers airbag had an open circuit and this meant the airbag squib...
  15. Scenic starter motor, duff or connections?

    Hi guys, been a while but I'm in need of some advice desperately :o Been having a few issues lately where the car is turning over but not firing. Intermittent and if it does occur, normally starts after two attempts. Today, however, I went to start the car and it took a good four or five...
  16. Rear connections for head unit

    Hi, I am wanting to put a original renualt cd player head unit in my scenic 2000 model, here are some pics of the wiring, The big grey block is of the steering stalk. The rest of them is a black connector, white connector, and a little yellow square one. Its just the big grey one baffling me...
  17. Front Parking Sensors - Can bus connections

    Hi, Looking to add front parking sensors to our recently purchased 2007 Espace. Has anyone any experience of fitting these? The bonnet just disappears away, so some front parking sensors would seem to be a good idea! A bit of googling has thrown up that these should be connected to the...
  18. Automatic headlamp

    I am currently unable to get the automatic headlamp function working as it seems that the light switch stalk does not work as it should. Neither the parking lights or the dashboard lights come on when the stalk is the first (park light) position. I have not found any failed fuses but on taking...
  19. Clio 2 phase 3 ECU Connections

    Greatings from Greece to all members I am looking where does the speed sensor connected on the ecu. The reason is for this is i am planning to built a mpguino which is a DIY trip computer and needs speed sensor signals and signal from one injector in order to operate... I will post pictures...
  20. Radio remote control connections

    Hi, My daughter has just bought a second hand 2004 Clio 1.6 with a replacement Alpine stereo. The radio works fine, apart from a faulty speaker! but the remote controls on the steering column don't function. I've taken the radio out and found the remote control leads from the radio are...