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  1. Rear seat belt warning wiring loom connector

    Hi Does anyone know if there is a part to repair a broken clasp connector that goes into centre rear seat belt buckle for seat belt warning system and if possible a part number. Cant seem to find it on the renault part list. Had a broken wire right on bottom of connector Renault grand scenic...
  2. Cruise control steering wheel connector

    Hi there, Am I right in thinking that the grey connecter is for the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel? Thank you Clio MK3 1.4 Dynamique
  3. Coil on plug connector -- what exactly is it

    Our Megane 1 is approaching 360 000km and some of the electrical connectors are starting to fall apart. I refer here specifically to the plasitc surrounds on the male ends that plugs onto the coils. I went this evening to investigate a misfire and noticed that the two wires to the coil on...
  4. 2005 Scenic II - Help With Sourcing Brown Locking Fuse Box Connector

    Hi Everyone. Can anyone help point me in the right direction so that I can source one of these [see picture] connectors/plugs as the little plastic lugs holding the locking bar have broken off and these seem to be critical to the plug locking securely within the fuse box. Pushing the locking...
  5. Espace 4 1.9 Dci ABS Loom / Connector

    Ask the Experts
    I have a 2006 Espace 1.9 Dci with an ABS / braking fault which seems to be stumping everyone, so I'd like to eliminate potential causes one by one. I'd like to check the wiring loom for the ABS, and I wondered if anyone had a schematic of that particular loom please? Or perhaps a pin...
  6. Renault wiring connector

    I have had to remove my headlights on my Megane and the multiplug connector wire has come out. Do they split, so I can put the wire back in, or can I buy a new connector? Its the wire going to the sidelights that has come adrift.
  7. Clio Mark 2 ABS Pump connector

    Hello, I am changing the ABS pump on the above vehicle and have reached a point where I just cannot unplug the electrical connector. I have got the stupid slidy part off of the side but it just will not budge. My back is killing me, please help!:frown2:
  8. Clio Mk3 cable connector - where?

    Hi, Late last night I remounted my Clio's intake manifold and was pretty sure that I had reconnected everything, but the engine power was rather weak so I checked again this morning and found one loose connector. However I'm unsure if it had been in use until I removed the manifold. Those of...
  9. Scenic 2 - R301 connector Wiring Diagram

    Hi all, is there someone who can tell me the funtion of each position of the R301-connector on a Scenic 2 with non-electrical sunroof? This type of roof is called "TVFIX" in the equipment list, if someone has the apropriate VISU-CD. Would be great, if someone could help me. Best regards, Cristian
  10. Renault Trafic 2010 2.0 dci connector location

    Hi Guys , i recently purchased a renault trafic 2.0 dci on a 2010 plate , the van is currently in limp mode upon expecting the engine a few connectors were plugged out and i can see someone has been messing, at the moment i cant seem to find where the connector in the photo should be plugged...
  11. Daylight running light connector

    i have a 12 plate megane with the day time running lights under the headlamps, the connector plug got damaged does anyone know the order which the connector go into the plug or a pic would be better? Thanks
  12. Scenic Mk2 Climate Control, Mysterious blank connectors

    Hi! I am just about to destroy the dashboard of our scenic Mk2 to find the origins of a non-spinning blower. Power on fuse is OK. The car has an electronic climate control module with LCD and about 8 blower speeds. That's why I BELIEVE this car has no resistor pack but some PWM control...
  13. How to disconnect connector on the bottom of engine fuse box (Clio II)

    Hello. In order to diagnose an electrical issue (lack of ground on left head light) I'm trying to disassamble engine fuse box. There is one connector at the bottom of the fuse box that I just can't disconnect. It's a plug with yellow 'strips' on sides. They seem to be preventing the plug from...
  14. Clio II - fuel pump connector

    Hello, I’m in need of some help. I was fitting a new fuel pump to my wife’s clio and managed to break the connector to the fuel line. Hopefully the photo shows what I mean. Anyway I don’t see how the connector can be repaired and I therefore need to replace or find an alternative way to...
  15. What type of connector is this?

    This is the connector for the rear 12v accessory socket (cigarette lighter socket) in the boot of my Espace iv. My car does not have the socket but the wiring is present. I am trying to identify the socket type or name so i can purchase the matching connection so i can hard wire other things up...
  16. Throttle body fuel connector

    Hiya all, I am new on here, I have removed my Throttle body on a 2007 Scenic 1.6 petrol, when I went to put it back I noticed that the "clip" for the petrol line was missing and I cannot find it. do you know where I can find a replacement item as I cannot connect the pipe back up without it...
  17. R2 connector under passenger seat

    Im really hoping someone can help I borght an 04 grand scenic mk2 (I know gluten for punishment first Clio this will be my 3rd mk2 scenic lol) anyway got it home and noticed a serious oil leak took it to the garage parked it up the garage go to start it and its completely dead!! No electrics no...
  18. Clio Elect Connector Burst - Help

    Hi Any help appreciated, I have an electrical connector which the wires have come out instead of the connector coming out. Its the left hand brown connector in the under bonnet fuse box on a 1.2 16v 59 Clio. It appears that the connector block is for the lights. There are 8 wires, any help...
  19. seat belt connector

    hi all,i have a clio mk3(2006)..when i plug the seatbelt into the connector near the drivers seat,the seatbelt light flashes and beeps,if i press the red button in a little,it will stop beeping and flashing. is there any way of cleaning the connector that the belt clips into or would it be...
  20. What is this connector for?

    Hi All, Bought a 2009 Scenic 1.5dci recently (mark III). When looked under the bonnet, noticed an electrical connector by the battery box which I cannot figure out what it is for, or why there is no connection to it. There is also a red piece of cable, one end of which is screwed to something...