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  1. 19mph or 31mph message on dash and centre console loss of power

    Hi all New to here,hoping someone can help. I have a 17 plate Megane GT Line. It has this strange fault that it keeps having where I get a 19mph or 31mph message on dash near to the speedo and the centre console loses power. You hear a relay click and the centre console goes off....after...
  2. No power to centre console

    Ask the Experts
    Need some advice please. I have a Renault Grand Scenic 2011 with no power to the cigarette lighter, electronic parking brake switch, or centre console. Receiving "check transmission" fault. Swapped body control module and ECU etc to make sure they're ok. Still no power to above. Personal...
  3. Centre console

    Hi, I have recently bought a 18 plate clio dynamic nav and the smell of smoke I cant clear, I have found the source and its where the diagnostic port is has clearly been used as an ashtray, can these parts be removed by dealer easily or any ideas on how to hoover there? I do plan to complain to...
  4. Scenic 2 sliding console power cable?

    Hi. Can you buy a replacement power cable for a sliding centre console? Just I bought one for my scenic, but the connector has been snipped off of the cable. I noticed that it connects to a green connector on the inside. I can try and get some photos if needed to verify what I am talking...
  5. Grand Scenic central console sat nav problems

    Hi, I have a 2010 Renault Grand Scenic privilege which has a central console to control the sat nav. Everything works ok on it apart from the centre button which is used to select/confirm. It only works occasionally which can be so frustrating. Does anyone know what the issue might be or are...
  6. Sat Nav Centre Console problems

    Hi, I have recently bought a 2010 Renault Grand Scenic Privilege, which has a built in tom tom sat nav, controlled by a centre console. I am having big problems when I try to select menu options or especially when I try and enter a post code. The centre toggle button which I have to press will...
  7. Radio and central console do not work!!

    Hi, i recently bought a newer clio and decided to upgrade the radio to allow me to play music from my phone. (i did this on my last clio aswell) but when fitting it, there was a spark between the cables you connect it to and now my central console, new and old radio do not work? i checked all...
  8. Phone charger and 12v Centre console adapter not working

    Good afternoon. I drive a 2007 1.9dci Scenic. I have a problem with glove box Phone charger and Centre console 12v adaptor. I have googled this problem and have seen that most of the problem is possibly a fuse. I understand that usually the fuse that runs the centre console and glove box...

    2007 RENAULT MEGANE Grande SCENIC 1.5 DCI 5DR I CENTRE CONSOLE & CARD READER AIR VENT Hi I have a renault Grande Scenic 57 plate 1.5D, and when I inset the ignition key i get the Card Not Detected error. It is the casing that holds the key in that has snapped round the edges and now the key...
  10. Clio III radio/ centre console lights

    Hi all I had a Kenwood DAB radio fitted about a year ago. It was running fine but has now decided to stop working completely. I'm not car savvy at all but I've managed to pull it out and check the wires behind- still nothing. Centre console lights no longer work which is really irritating of...
  11. 2000 renault scenic centre console lighting

    my november 2000 scenic's centre console lighting (behind heater control/AC knobs) has gone out.. is it possible to replace bulbs?
  12. Megane scenic centre console

    Hiya guys I own a megane scenic 7 seater 2005 1.6 16v. The centre console is the flat tray type. I can see that it unbolts very easily am I able to change it for a different type of not?
  13. Radio Console

    Good Day All Does anyone know how to remove the radio console to reinstall the AC switches.Im not sure if i have it right so won't try yet.
  14. New Magane central console noise

    Hi All, First post for me, please be gentle with me. I recently (2 weeks ago) purchased a Renault Megane Estate DCI Signature Nav. I am very pleased with it... as such. However, after wrestling with the phone connections (Still not resolved!) and the particularly bad Voice recognition (DO...
  15. Carminat sat nav console

    My carminat is frozen on last address entered. Cenrtral console stopped working. When car drives the last address entered comes up . Can't change address as console doesn't seem to work. I have tried taking out sad card and putting back in before starting car but nothing happens. Thanks for...
  16. Adding a Sliding Centre Console - Wiring

    Interior styling
    I'm adding a Sliding Centre Console into my 08 Scenic - I've taken out the existing tray to have a mooch to see if there is any wiring. There isn't! In my mind it might be sensible to run some new feeds from the fuse box under passenger seat. Is this the best route? Or is there a better way to...
  17. Scenic MK 3 console & heater control panel removal

    I am trying to remove the central console on a MK3 scenic, to get at the airbag ECU. I know that there are two bolts holding this in place, that are covered by heater control panel trim, but I cannot find a way of releasing this. Has anyone any information as to how this can be removed ?
  18. Centre console mounting bracket

    Hi. All. Having just passed the mot i thought i would give the old girl (Scenic 2 2005) a treat. I have got a centre console to fit instead of the flat tray.Easy job i thought after fitting new rear springs and front dampers. I find i am missing a mounting plate it seems it fits under the...
  19. USB Console 280230006

    Hello I have Renault Fluence 2011, with radio CD player 281150743, the car has an RCA Console part number 280230005 , may i have your advice to replace this console with the new console 280230006 to play mp3 via USB console ? Thanks.
  20. 2010 Megane - Some centre console lights & steering wheel lights not working!

    Hi, Newbie here! I have a Megane 1.9Tdi Tom-Tom edition. The car is great, however at night I have noticed that some of the console lights, 1 button on the Sat nav and the steering wheel lights (cruise control) are not coming on. All other lights seem to work although I would say they are not...