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  1. 1.5 dci fuel consumption - are injectors blocked?

    I have a Grand Scenic 1.5 dci (2010) 178 000 km on the clock. A trip computer tell a diesel consumption is 7,4 l/100 km but calculated from tank to tank, the real consumption is 6,0 l/100 km. I think the reason for this is probably blocked diesel injector/injectors. On the other hand, is there...
  2. Civic Petrol High COnsumption

    Other makes
    Hi guys, Been busy lately with the mortgage formalities and finally got stuck into 30 years of debt relationship with the bank >:) While wife`s Civic is getting older (2008), it still has low number on the counter - we have around 47K miles. Two things I do not like, terrible paint quality...
  3. Very high oil consumption Clio II 1.2 16v

    I took a turn at moderate speeds (about 50kph) and my oil pressure light went on. I assumed because the bend was tight and long that the oil pump couldn't get to the oil. As it turns out I had so little oil that it barely showed on the dipstick. The dashboard oil level indicator said i had...
  4. Megane 2011 (III) 1.5 DCI oil consumption

    Hey guys, I got this car 6 months ago, since then I have done 8k miles with 54k on the clock currently (motorway, commuting to work) and ive had to top up about 2 ltrs of oil. I contacted a Renault dealer and they advise that 500ml per 2k miles is normal but I haven't ever had a car that uses...
  5. Megane II 1.5 dci oil consumption

    Hi my 2006 1.5 dci Megane ST, over the last 5 months it has started to require regular engine oil top ups. I have checked for the obvious leaks:sump plug, oil filter etc removed the engine under tray which I cleaned when I did the last service, (some oil spilt removing the last filter) and...
  6. Renault Laguna Chip tunning

    Tuning & Modding
    Hi.I was wondering does anybody have some expirience whit chip tunning the Laguna with the 2.0 dCi motor or any car with that enginge.Mine is from 2011 and it has about 180000km.It has 150hp and i wanted to get 180hp and 400nm beacuse it feels a bit underpowerd at times and i wanted a bit lower...
  7. Laguna 3 diesel consumption

    Hi everyone. I have a Laguna 3, 2008, 150 bhp, 2.0 litres diesel. I'm having problems with the diesel consumption I think. The best mpg that I can get from my car is on motorways and it's 37.6 mpg. Even in the city the consumption is almost the same, it drops into a minimum of 37 or 36.7 mpg...
  8. Fuel consumption

    General Chat
    Hi I have a 1.5 dci 2016 clio when I bought it I looked up all the reviews and it said it gets between 60 - 80 mpg but mine seems to be drinking the fuel my 2.2 civic used less fuel any ideas please
  9. Clio 1.2 mk2 '02 High fuel consumption no warning lights

    My daughter's Clio suffered misfire, which turned out to be the coil pack, which was changed. Since then, it's been using a lot of petrol, and lacks power. There are no warning lights on, and reading the codes with a cheap reader only tells of Transmission temperature sensor faulty. It starts...
  10. Consumption and emissions zero-sum game

    Fuel Economy
    Hi, I have been thinking about emissions recently and how the MPG of newer diesel cars is reducing and how the hysteria of "pollution" is increasing. 1980's cars are bad, my first car was a Y reg 1.6 Cortina Mk5. It had a VV carb and it was smelly. Indeed recently I was driving along and I...
  11. High oil consumption (10 litres in 1000 miles)

    Hi, Im new to the Renault scene and recently got a 2005 1.5dci grand scenic now I love the car and it drives really well but ive put nearly 10 litres of oil in it within 1000 miles, now its not leaking out anywhere and the turbo got replaced just before I bought it and its not puffing out loads...
  12. Master movano high fuel consumption

    Hi I've been recording my mpg on my rwd 2.3td movano 2014 reg master in disguise and been averaging 18mpg which seems to me to be pretty poor considering it's not loaded nor carrying any thing ! Done quite a lot of checks to see what the possible problem maybe but to no avail ! Air filter fuel...
  13. Excessive oil consumption

    My Renault Trafic has needed it all topped up just 6 months after its annual service. The van is only 18 months old and has done very low mileage why is it using so much oil? Is this normal? The garage have checked it for leaks and found nothing untoward.
  14. New Captur Fuel Consumption

    Hi, My wife has just had a new Renault Captur Dynamique S Nav 0.9. First Renault we've ever had. I've got a question about the fuel consumption as it seems really poor to me. As a test I've just warmed up the engine thoroughly and then driven down the dual carriageway at a steady 60mph for 10...
  15. How to change fuel consumption methods.

    I have a brand new Renault Megane 2017 with R Link 2. It shows fuel consumption in km/l I want it in l/100km! I have looked through every setting in R-Link 2, been through every page in the manual and googled but I have found nothing about how to to it.
  16. Weird fuel consumption on trip computer

    Hello! I've got a 2002 Clio 1.5 Dci 82 HP. The on-board trip computer gives me a whopping 91 UK mpg (or 3.1 l/100km) reading, yet that is far from reality. It's usually around 60 mpg, maybe more if I'm really careful. The values were somewhat less optimistic a while back, but after changing...
  17. 2016 Clio fuel consumption

    Fuel Economy
    We have a new 2016 Clio 1.2 16V Dynamique Media Nav. Its now just on 3000 miles. Fuel consumption is sitting on around 28MPG to a max of 32MPG. Its worse sometimes, down to 25 at times. Manufacturers figures state 54 combined MPG for this car. This is our third Clio in a row and the last 1.2...
  18. Power loss bad fuel consumption

    Hi all,iv got a 1.9dci grand scenic,06,as I'm driving the car loses power, ie no boost,if I stop and stop and restart power comes back it does this on a regular basis, also fuel consumption is about 37 mpg,where I'm used to 46 mpg,any ideas plz ?
  19. 1.9 DCI sudden acceleration near or above 3000 rpm with oil consumption

    1.9 DCI engine on Megan 1, 2002, near or above 3000 rpm, in cruise- 5-th gear, engine accelerates itself, power increase, whistling noise from charger increase and white-blue smoke appears on exhaust, followed by oil consumption. during this event the injection/heating plug indication came on...
  20. Modus diesel fuel consumption

    I have had my diesel modus 1.5 dci since 2008 and have covered 142000 miles. I use it virtually exclusively for commuting back and forth to work. It is a motorway trip 55 miles each way and I drive at between 55 and 60mph. ever since 2008 my practice when i refuel is to reset the fuel computer...