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  1. steering wheel controls not working with aftermarket stereo

    I have a Renault Clio dynamic 05 plate. I bought a pioneer MVH-X850DAB stereo and the extra wiring harness for the steering wheel controls. I have connected everything but the steering wheel controls still aren't working. Does anyone know why this may be? Thank you
  2. laguna 3 lost Sat nav, display, heater, speakers **Fixed**

    hi I have no sat nav display or sound from speakers also have lost heater controls and the display and the heated screen switch not lighting up I did have radio out looking for its aux port and everything was fine before this Could it hopefully be a fuse if so is there one to control all...
  3. Drink split on sat nav controls

    Hi, my son split a slushy drink in the middle of the two front seats and now the sat nav controls don***8217;t work. Any ideas? 09 grande scenic. It***8217;s been about a week and not dried out
  4. Rear TEMIC replaced - Window controls reversed

    Hi, Recently had my Nearside rear window stop working on my 2005 Grand Scenic MKII 2.0L Petrol 4 Speed Auto and diagnosed the TEMIC had failed. Ordered and installed a replacement and the window now works again with full functions BUT when I press the button down, the window goes up, vice...
  5. Unable to access the climate controls

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I bought a Megane Dynamique S Nav 17 plate yesterday and everything was fine. This afternoon I went out in the car and noticed that the climate controls (normally located at the bottom of the screen underneath ***8220;Menu***8221;, see attached pic) are only partially visible, not...
  6. Clio 2004 aftermarket stereo steering wheel controls?

    Hi all, have been trying to get my steering wheel controls to work with my Kenwood aftermarket stereo for months now. Purchased a Connects 2 lead and more recently an Autoleads CP2 for Renault vehicles but none are working at all. I’m not very good with changing wires and all that but I presume...
  7. Steering Wheel Controls

    I dont know if anyone else has had this problem, but my steering wheel controls for my stereo are extremely sensitive ( only the rotary selection wheel), very nearly thought control, I think about touching the it and it makes changes, which is generally OK if you are only taking changing songs...
  8. Radio Control Buttons

    If I am in the wrong place please redirect me I have a 15 plate dynamique Twingo, and next to the steering wheel it has the radio control remote. The volume up button when pulled is very loose and doesn't always work, however the down volume button is more rigid and works a treat. Is there a...
  9. Espace IV no power to climate controls

    Heating & cooling
    Lost all power to climate control units on both sides. Checked all fuses under dash and seem ok. All other systems working. Fans nit running at all. Anyone know if there is a hidden fuse?
  10. Retaining steering wheel controls

    I have a clio campus 2007 and want to upgrade the stereo to something similar to this: I don't want to lose my steering stalk controls. I've been advised to get an adaptor and patch lead? But I want to make sure I buy all the correct stuff before...
  11. Tutorial - Install New Head Unit Keeping Steering Wheel Controls Alive

    In-car entertainment
    Things you need Connects 2 Wiring harness Part Number for your car ( Connects 2 Website ) Connects 2 remote Control Steering wheel shown in the bottom left of the item above for your make of new head unit Some Stores offer a free CTMULTILEAD.2, if they do take it, and follow the...
  12. Scenic III drivers window controls

    Hi everyone, I'm having an issue with my drivers window controls and I was wondering if anyone here has had similar in the past. There is power going to the switches, which is evident as there is a little red light showing on the child lock button, but none of the switches are working. This...
  13. Bluetooth radio installation for 2008 Twingo w/ stalk controls

    Hi Guys, Just got my first car (2008 Twingo GT), want to add a Bluetooth radio/connectivity and keep the steering wheel stalk controls etc. Are my options likely to be this...
  14. Clio RS - no steering wheel controls

    Just drove my new Clio RS Sport out of the showroom (in Australia), having been told by the salesman that the 'Voice Dial' button on the steering wheel is disabled in all but the Premium model. Half an hour later I tried to engage cruise control - nothing. Is this disabled too? The build was...
  15. Steering wheel controls for Parrot?

    Hi guys, I've got a Laguna Mk3 2.0dci with a Parrot Mki9100 and I'm just wondering I'd you can somehow make the steering controls work with it? Thanks guys, Nathan. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  16. 2004 Renault Trafic Pioneer Steering Wheel Controls Issues!

    Hello all, Hopefully someone can help me get my steering wheel controls working... i'm having a nightmare! Background info: I have a 2004 Renault Trafic 2.5 DCI and recently decided to upgrade the standard headunit to a double din. Before upgrading the head unit, my steering wheel controls...
  17. 65 Twingo dash lights and cruise controls freezing

    Any ideas here would be more than welcome thank you. We have a 2015 (65) Twingo Dynamique SCe 70. During a long dive yesterday we had 2 issues which I feel may be related may but may not be they occurred at different times however. Both of these corrected and did not occur as explained below...
  18. 2016 Trafic remote controls not working

    Hi all - Newbie alert! took delivery of my LL29 Trafic Sport crew 140 on the 1st March after a 6 month wait for build and I have a few problems already. The remote controls to turn volume + / - answer the phone etc do not work, they should connect to the MediaNav Evolution, also the Siri button...
  19. Megane 2 heating controls

    Heating & cooling
    Hi We have recently purchased a megane 2, 1.5 dci the heater control for the direction of air is very hard to turn . Is the cable prone to becoming kinked at any point or does it need a new cable. Thanks in advance
  20. scenic 3 centre console sat nav controls

    hi i recently purchased a 2012 Scenic 3 that was fitted with the floor only console , i have managed to purchase the armrest centre console with the built in sat nav control unit . i havev connected the wiring plugs from tyhe console to the wiring loom on the floor and am getting power and...