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  1. 1.6 16V kangoo ethanol conversion.

    Hello! I would like to know if my 2004 Renault Kangoo, 1.6 16V (engine code: K4M-752) is safe to use with an aftermarket E85 conversion kit? Kit I am talking about is this "eFlexFuel" box that goes between fuel injector wiring and it will modify the injection signals in such way that the engine...
  2. 04 grand scenic 7 seater handbrake light on a conversion

    Hi my partners epb failed so I'm doing the manual conversion. I have everything i need and fitted everything to the car (apart from my new caliper as it hasn't turned up yet). My questions are where do I get my feed from to operate the handbrake light? Will I have any other warning lights come...
  3. Espace 2007 rear mirror conversion to auto dim?

    Hi, I tried searching for more info here but couldn't find any results, hope someone can help me here. My 2007 2.0Dci Espace has a standard rear view mirror. I had been told they are pretty easy to replace by an auto dimmer version. Sometimes there is apparently already a plug behind the...
  4. Espace day Camper Conversion build thread

    Tuning & Modding
    Well I was asked by the forum admins to post a progress thread when I started this project so I have and here it goes. I might be a bit busy to be timely on anything though. The specification is to build a day camper from a 1.9 espace Dci with sunroof. It will be more of a limo seating style...
  5. Manual conversion - lever clarification

    We have a 55 plate scenic and the EPB is goosed. My partner wants to do the conversion, though as we are late to the game on that one the regular 4 bolt handbrake levers are like hens teeth now. Would a Megane handbrake fit? It has the 4 bolts and 2 cables.
  6. Renault Clio MK2 Sunroof (conversion)

    Hey! So in this wonderful weather I decided to open the sunroof. Got it clicked into position, then hit a pothole and >snap< the lever/handle to keep the sunroof open cracked and it closed. The sunroof still opens but closes after going over a bump, because it can't be left open. Would any of...
  7. J6r to j8s conversion

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi I have sourced a couple of engines my one is petrol j6r knackered and the ones I have found are a j8s 2100 diesel and a 1900 diesel from a later traffic 1999 t1000. I am pretty sure the j8s engine will fit onto my gearbox. So a couple questions is it possible these engines would fit and if so...
  8. 1.5dci conversion to 6 speed

    Hi, I've got a 2015 Kangoo 1.5dci with 115k on the clock. Looks like the diff has just packed in and I've been told it could be up to £800 for a full rebuild. I'm looking at getting a 2nd hand gearbox off ebay for around £250/300 but I was wondering whether I could get away with putting a 6...
  9. Mk1 Laguna Engine conversion

    Tuning & Modding
    I've searched this a few times and nothing ever comes up.. I've a mk1 Laguna and wanting abit more go out of it It's the 1.8 8v in standard form, is there any tuning options for this engine? If that's a no go, what's the best engine swap? Have been looking along the lines of the 172/182...
  10. Single mass flywheel conversion for Laguna mk2 2.0T F4Rt

    Hey all, What are the possibilities to convert a DMF to a lighter single mass flywheel on a Laguna mk2 with F4Rt? My current flywheel is going, so I'd rather replace it with a solid one. I tried googling and found no info or conversion kits. Maybe there are other Renaults which can be...
  11. Camper conversion.

    Campervan Chat
    Hi All. Has anyone on here done a camper conversion on a Renault Trafic crew cab and been able to keep the crew cab bulkhead and seats in place? If so please could you give me some advice on the layout, sleeping arrangements etc. Photos would be good as well if possible. Thanks in advance...
  12. LPG conversion

    I like some advice from any scenic owners who have had their car converted to run on LPG. I’m seriously thinking of having mine converted after Christmas. I’ve had a quote from one company who say they can convert it in one day & it comes with a lifetime warranty. Mine is the 7 seater version so...
  13. Newbie with a Renault Master camper conversion

    Campervan Chat
    Hi, We recently bought our Master (ex ambulance) camper conversion (Bessie). Looking forward to living the dream - well, as often as real life allows :-) We have a few niggles with her but nothing that stops us going and having some wonderful mystery tours. I hope to maybe pick up some ideas...
  14. Newbie with a Renault Master

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, Hoping to find like-minded friends and advice. We've got a Renault Master (ex ambulance) converted into a campervan. Only got it 5 months ago but loving it already. We have a few teething problems but "she" now has a name (Bessie) and we are looking forward to plenty of us and the dog time :-)
  15. New owner from Sweden, van conversion!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi guys and gals, Timothy Atkins here from Stockholm Sweden, and new owner of a used 2006 Master 120 cd I extra high roof with 130000 km om the clock. I will be building this out to a mobile studio and living space, since I am a landscape painter. I plan on traveling through Europe paitning for...
  16. Renault Scenic Camper conversion in 5 minutes

    Cars & motoring
    Hey Guys, normaly I travel with family and caravan... this year, I had to travel by my own. So I decided to convert my Scenic in to a mini camper. Importand: it hat to be cheap, fast conversion, comfortable bed, cold beer and hot coffee... I made a short video with english subtitle from the...
  17. Steering wheel conversion

    Hi guys I have a phase 1 lag 2 V6 2001 with a very tatty steering wheel. Would a steering wheel from a phase 2 2006 GT fit?
  18. Electronic handbrake conversion to manual

    Hi hope someone can give me advice. I have a 2007 Renault Megan's scenic DCI(106) the electronic handbrake warning light is on and my handbrake does not work as it should, definitely faulty want to change it to manual handbrake .I have found a garage that will covert electronic handbrake to...
  19. Megane II to Megane 225 conversion

    Exterior styling
    Hi all, had a quick search but couldn't come across what I was looking for...I've a 2003 Megane 2 3door in black. Found a front and rear bumper off a black 225 for a great price. Question is, will they go straight on? Know I'm gonna have to replace the headlights (due to shape?) to the...
  20. Laguna II xenon to halogen headlight conversion

    Hi there! After a whole day of surfing your huge posting and problem solving articles database, I haven´t found the solution to the problem I have in my 2003 Laguna II. I have also tried to post in the mechanical forums, but it seems I dont have enough privileges to do it. So here is my...