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  1. Laguna II xenon to halogen headlight conversion

    Hi there! After a whole day of surfing your huge posting and problem solving articles database, I haven´t found the solution to the problem I have in my 2003 Laguna II. I have also tried to post in the mechanical forums, but it seems I dont have enough privileges to do it. So here is my...
  2. Conversion from Megane 1.9dci Dyn to 2.0dci GT

    General tuning
    Can anyone tell me the difference between the 1.9dci Megane and the 2.0Dci Megane. The reason I ask is that my megane 1.9dci, is now end of life as far as the Shocks, Springs, Brake Disks and wheel bearings and exhaust. I would like to convert it to a 2.0Dci GT model
  3. 1991 Trafic Camper Van Conversion.

    Desperate to find a replacement Oil Temperature Sensor, quickly running out of options. Any ideas out there as to where I could try?
  4. Renault Laguna Handbrake conversion

    sorry if this is in the wrong place, Well the story goes, i took my car for a mot and failed on the electronic parking brake, and we all know it costs over 500 to replace :devil: so i decided to bite the bullet and look into converting it. Well i went to my local scrap yard and got a center...
  5. Espace 3.5 V6 Auto to Manual conversion

    General tuning
    Hi new to the site and I am probably going to ask the impossible! I have a 2004 Grand Espace 3.5 V6 and it is a beautiful rare car but I hate the auto gearbox. Can a manual conversion be done? Yes I know it involves not only the box but the pedals, master cylinder, ecu etc but was wondering if...
  6. Opel vivaro engine conversion

    Other makes
    Hi i am from South Africa and own a 2006 Opel Vivaro 1.9 cdti F9Q 760 engine with a endless list of problem , I want to convert this to Petrol does anyone know what Petrol Renault engine would fit the gearbox please
  7. 1.5 80bhp to 1.9 130bhp conversion

    So i just bought the 1.5dci 80hp and as much as i love the car i could do with a bit more power. Now i would like to do an engine swap but what do i need to change and can i keep the 5 speed box? Also what can i do to get more power if i can get the 1.9? Are there better turbos and injector...
  8. megane 2004 pre facelift to facelift conversion help

    hi guy as mentioned int the title above i need help with facelifting my pre facelift megane. basically all i want to do is to fit the headlight off a megane 2008 facelift to my car, i have bought the headlight already and also fitting a hid kid to it too, what i need to know will i have any...
  9. 2005 clio extreme flasher relay location

    I have a 55' plate renault clio 1.2 Extreme. I am converting the bulbs to LED's. Once i fitted them they are flashing really fast which means i will have to convert the flasher relay to a LED converter. Although i cannot find the relay in the car at all? I have looked on autodata and phoned...
  10. Clio 2 electric window conversion

    Hello Everyone, My girlfriend has a 5-door 1999 Clio 1.2 Grande with manual windows and the driver´s one has finally given up; I did give it an overhaul last year but this time it´s terminal in that the hub that the cables wind around has just completely disintegrated. After having no luck in...
  11. 1.4 clio engine conversion ( i am new to this)

    General tuning
    I bought a clio mk2 1.4 on a v plate, Bottom end has gone so i decided to do a engine conversion ( alot of people are not going to like this but here we go) Am going to put a mondeo st200 2.5 v6 engine in i am removing the clio engine over the weekend and seeing how the st200 will fit in. What...
  12. laguna electronic to manual conversion

    Hi every1 new to the forum scene my apologies for any future mistakes I make I have an interesting conundrum I have removed the electronic handbrake and converted it back to manual fairly easy my big question is this can the ecu on the vehicle be programmed to tell it has not...
  13. EPB to manual handbrake conversion

    Hi. The EPB on my grand scenic. Rather than opting to pay the silly money renault want to replace it, or risking a second hand unit packing up too, I wondered if it was possible to get rid entirely and fit a manual handbrake system. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  14. LHD to RHD Headlight conversion

    I have a LHD Grand Espace 2006 with the flicky xenon headlights, can they be programmed to point the other direction? Will I have to change the units or where do I stick the tape to get it through MOT? Thanks.
  15. Renault 25 headlight conversion from LHD

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi All, Anyone know how to convert a LHD driver's side headlight for use as a nearside headlight in the UK please? There are no UK nearside headlights left and I need one for my other R25. Toyota (ex B&M Renault) in Amersham have some old stock including a UK driver's side headlight (pic) and I...
  16. Megane 3 rca to usb conversion

    Hi everyone, just bought a 2011 megane dynamique sports tourer and this came with two rca plugs instead of usb/aux inputs. Is it possible to change the rca module to a usb/aux module, and is any modification to wiring necessary for this? Can you guys point me to a supplier who can sell these...
  17. clutch conversion 2.2 laguna sports tourer

    Cars & motoring
    Do any members know of a supplier of a clutch conversion kit for 2005>2007 phase II sports tourer 2.2Dci. Thanks bobo77:confused:
  18. Rx4 Conversion to Rear wheel drive

    My 2003 rx4 has a badly knocking nearside cv joint. Is it possible to convert to rear wheel drive so I can delay replacing the joint?
  19. R18 running gear conversion

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    I have a R18 GTS that has had the fuego 2 litre engineand gearbox fitted but I would like to upgrade the running gear to match that of the GTX but they were never imported here in Australia. does anyone know what the GTX ran in the way of hubs/wishbones etc. ?
  20. grand scenic handbrake

    Before you say cant be can and has been done, very nicely i might ad. After many attempts at making my grand scenic 2 electronic handbrake work and fail, i decided to av a go at a manual conversion. Out of a 04 plate scenic ( not grand ) i took the whole handbrake assembly...