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  1. Grand Scenic manual handbrake conversion?

    I wont bore you all with the details but Im looking to do away with my electric handbrake. I know some of the first scenic 2's did have manual handbrakes but I'm told grand's only ever came with electric so can't be converted as they never produced cables long enough?
  2. 2003 Clio 1,2 16v Ethanol conversion

    Engine is D4F 712. How would I go about doing an ethanol conversion? Is it possible to use a fuel pressure regulator to raise fuel pressure (to prevent knock) or do I need to change the injectors to use E85? I know how to change the injectors but am wondering which injectors I should go for in...
  3. RENAULT KANGOO 1.7 engine conversion??

    Hi people, My bro has a kangoo diesel 1.7 and decided to take it swimming... SO the crank is bent, amongst a list of other things and it needs a new lump. only thing is I cant find any 1.7 engines to put in it. also they're slow as hell so wanted to put a TDI engine in instead. all the...
  4. Scenic electronic to manual parking brake conversion?

    Hi I have a Scenic 1.6 2005 model 5 seater fitted with electronic handbrake system. I am wondering is there anyone out there who has successfully converted to a manually operated handbrake, utilising a good old fashioned hand brake lever, who could give me some advice? I understand the bolt...
  5. grand scenic 1.9 dci 04 dual mass to single mass conversion

    Hi all hope u all had a good new year just wondered if any one has any advice I've got a grand scenic 1.9 dci on an 04 Reg I've just been trying to get a few prices for a dual mass flywheel and clutch best price I've got for both is £530 for parts but I've aalso been told I can convert it to a...
  6. megane 1.6 f7r conversion

    Hi guys iv just bought a 1999 megane coupe for spares with the intention of swapping alot of tne bits onto my 2000 cabriolet, as for the engine as long as I change the loom and ecu etc will the 2.0 fit into mine? My cabriolet currently has the cable version of the 1600 16valve
  7. megane rear disc conversion....?

    Handling & braking
    Hey guys im planning on doing a rear disc conversion on my megane this weekend, its a 2000 cabrio obvs with drums atm, do I have to change the axle or can I just get the backing plates etc and do it that way?
  8. Manual climate control to digital conversion

    Interior styling
    Hi. I have a Clio mk2 1.2 16v 05 plate with air con. I was wondering if I can change the normal manual dials for a digital one, and if so what would I need to do? If anyone can help it would be very much appreciated. Thanks Alex
  9. Clio Dual-optic conversion HELP PLEASE!!

    Hi guys, I have a mk2 ph1 2001 Clio Alize, It had the original H4 headlights, and I got a set of the HB3/H7 dual optic lights to fit into them. I got them to work following a guide which shows how to split the H4 socket into 2 feeds for the the separate bulbs and a common earth, however, not...
  10. Clio mk3 182 conversion

    Yep, another engine conversion, do apologise if I posted this in the wrong area but i've looked around and cant find any posts relating to my query. I am wondering if the Clio mk3 will take the older 172/182 engine. I have driven a 182 and was much impressed with the performance of the little...
  11. Espace 3.5 v6 2003 LPG conversion

    Hi - I've just bought a 2003 espace v6 with full Renault service history and 45k on the clock. It appears to be a prime candidate for LPG conversion but I've no idea where to get it converted and any pitfalls. One place I spoke to recommended a flash lube system to protect the valves but I've no...
  12. 7 seat to 8 seat conversion - Espace

    I have been searching online and can't seem to find any information on finding a 3 seater bench seat to replace the two rear seats of my espace. Can anyone tell me if there is such a seat available and where I could get one please. Many thanks karla
  13. HID Conversion? ebay

    Are these any good? do they work and would they fit a scenic 04 reg...
  14. kangoo f8q 1.9d engine conversion

    Hello, was just on the hunt for some info regarding transplanting a F8QT into a kangoo 1.9d 2001 F8Q, has any one ever done this or is it possible. thanks George
  15. LPG conversion for 2.0 L petrol Espace

    I have just bought a Gran Espace with a 2.0 L petrol engine which is also converted for a wheel chair and i was thinking of LPG conversion, does anyone have any experience of LPG with the Espace range?
  16. engine conversion

    hi i have a mk3 clio and was wondering if i could put the 197 clio engine in mine and what else i would need, i will be buy the whole 197.
  17. Captain conversion for Renault trafic

    Anyone have any wise wisdom to share about swapping out chairs. I'm planning to bin off the sweat stained cheesey damaged seats in my traffic with some big comfy captain style ones and I wonder if there are any easily fitted ones from other vehicles? (A bit like dropping saab seats into a...
  18. Renault trafic camper 1647cc engine conversion

    Hi everyone, first time on the forum wondered if you could help. I've a Renault camper bought as a project. Been standing for around 3 years. Van is basically ok but the engine refuses to turn. I think the engine is kaput. I wondered what car engine could be used to convert thie camper? I was...
  19. Trafic 1.9 diesel to TDI conversion

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Any one one converted a pre 90 Trafic 1.9 diesel to Turbo diesel as been offered early Xantia engine ,i know its a lot of work just need the extra power,Thanks Paul
  20. turbo kits for kangoo info

    Tuning & Modding
    hey guys i got a 2009/10 kangoo and i wanna do a turbo conversion, its petrol, auto and too slow for me lol, does anyone know anywhere that sells a kit or can give me information on what needs to be done, i need to know everything... hope someone here can help mike btw im from aus, cant join...