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  1. Catalyst converter

    I have had a new catalyst converter replaced by a garage last week I took my Renault Capture today for its annual service to Renault dealer where I bought the car from to be told that the garage has fitted the wrong catalyst converter when I told the garage they told me that is impossible...
  2. Clio MKIII 1.6 GT VVT 2009 - Catalytic Converter Issue

    Hi All, At my whits end here so thought I would post a thread to see if anyone has had this problem/has a solution. Basically my MkIII Clio has failed it's emissions test due to a faulty catalytic convertor, I was told that the garage can get me one but obviously they tend to be pricey, after...
  3. Megane 55 1.9dci cat converter

    Hi all. I have Megane 55 reg 1.9dci convertible. Unfortunately the cat converter has collapsed inside stopping the car from revving up so I have started to do top all disconnected from turbo. Underneath next but getting dark postponed till Friday now got go to work in between. The question is...
  4. Renault megaune scenic 1.9dci catalytic converter

    Hi everyone l’m a newbie hoping someone can help me out here please .. My Renault scenic 1.9 dci has just failed a mot and needs the lower catalytic converter replacing as its rattling and failed its emissions test. I noticed these have a upper catalytic converter also but it the bottom one that...
  5. 1.5Dci Turbo Converter Valve/Turbo issue?

    Hi All, This is more of a "what I found" thread, but I still may have a problem. Car had been off the road through the winter, but had been started regularly, but not driven more than 1/2 mile each time. Had been having trouble where engine was producing smoke (blue/white). Engine had been...
  6. scenic 1.5dci turbo pressure converter

    Hi, i have a scenic 1.5dci 86hp 2005 i have fitted a new turbo pressure converter part no. 8200 575 400, does the ecu need reprogramming for this and also does it need reprogramming for a new air manifold sensor part no. 8200 168 253 or are they just plug and play type, should have said Map...
  7. remove catalytic converter

    I have a 1.6 16 megane. I want to remove the converter ( no current fault codes with it ) but i have a feeling that its starting to get blocked. Power at low rpm is horrible. So we dont have smog regulations or emissions standards here. My question is has any one removed it ? did the engine...
  8. Catalytic converter function fault 463

    Hi ! I recently bought 56 Reg Clio expression. While driving on motorway the engine management light came on but the car drove perfectly fine. Did diagnostic test and showed fault in catalytic converter. Everyone giving different suggestions and I have no clue what to do? There are no issues in...
  9. Continual P0420 code after new catalytic converter

    Bank in late February My 2004 Laguna failed MOT due to emissions, and garage replaced an apparently faulty front oxygen sensor & a OEM catalytic converter. After about 70/80 miles yellow engine lite came on, returned to garage - no faults so cancelled and on my way, after another 79/80 miles...
  10. Unburnt fuel poisoning Catalytic Converter, How long & what happens?

    Hi, Clio 1.2 petrol 16V 2005 The coil pack failed, resulting in a misfire or no firing on one cylinder, thus some unburnt fuel was delivered to the catalytic converter. How long (ballpark) could the car be run like that before the cat was poisoned or ruined please, are we talking a mile, 10...
  11. Wanted. Catalytic converter 1.5 DCI

    Look for a cheap or broken CAT, looking at decatting it so don't really care about the condition or insides. I can pick up within 40 miles of middlesbrough but don't really wanna spend loads as its not getting used for its intended use lol so if anyone out there has one please let me know 2003...
  12. How to remove a catalytic converter

    Hi just hoping I can get some advice. I have a Renault laguna W reg. I need to know how to go about removing the catalytic converter as it has blown. Would appreciate any help with this matter. Thank you. Ricky
  13. Catalytic converter and turbo problems

    Hi, i have a 06 renault scenic 1.9 dci. I have removed the cat and 2 days later the turbo popped. Is this coincidence or does the removal of the cat affect the turbo. Your expert help with this question will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. Catalytic Converter

    Hi There My Catalytic Converter Light comes on occasionally. My Engine is loosing power when I push down the accelerator and jerks and then picks up again. What could the matter be. Now the Car is not idling properly and stalls.Do you think this is a simple thing with the Converter or something...
  15. Catalyst converter

    Hi all i have put a new catalyst converter on my renault clio 1.2 extreme but stupidly didnt realise there was two different types an i have put the wrong one on my car normaly needs the solid converter but i hav put the one on that has a flex on it that runs from the catalyst to the manifold...
  16. Catalic converter

    Can anyone give me a suggestion please. I have a grand scenic, 57 plate. The catalic converter has gone. The problem I have is the part I need is two pin but you can only buy three pin. I can of course get the part from renault at a cost of 670. Which is way more than I can afford.
  17. Removal help on Front bumper and Cat Converter

    1.9 DCi Laguna II Spourt Tourer 2002 (52) Looking on how to remove intercooler on this car as well as taking off the Front Bumper as I know this has to be removed first If anyone can help.. thanks As well as Removing the Cat Converter to see if any crap is inside Reason for Checking and...
  18. espace light converter

    Hi, got twin lights on my Espace, do I need a light converter for both lights, going to France :d
  19. does a 1993 renault extra van 1237cc need a catalytic converter?

    Cant seem to find one on my exhaust system
  20. Catalytic converter warning light... car stoped. Kangoo 1.4i

    On my 01 Kangoo 1,4i the catalyc converter warning light came on while driving. I stoped right after and turned the engine off. When i tried to start the car up again it ran very uneavenly, almoust like it was running on three cylinders. I had the car towed home. I tried to start it up at home...