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  1. Coolant Temperature Warning Light

    Heating & cooling
    Hi there, Own a 2000 Renault Master 2.8dTi. Have been trying now for a few weeks to work out why the Coolant Temperature Warning Light comes on after I start driving. The temperature gauge rises to a 1/4 - doesn't sit in the middle and for a while everything is fine and no light comes on. After...
  2. Cooling fan Traffic Mark 2 ( Solved )

    Heating & cooling
    Hi , my problem is my cooling fan works but its not coming on when my renault trafic 2004 reaches temp . I had changed the thermostat first thinking it was that , i renewed the radiator , there was a small leak and some of the old radiator in the corner was badly corroded . Checked the fuses in...
  3. Cooling fan coming on every 30 seconds while ac running

    Heating & cooling
    Recently the cooling fan kicks in a lot more than usual & will cause engine rpm to drop , car is LAGUNA 1.5dci 2009
  4. Does the mk3 have a cooling fridge eg glove box like mk3 had?

    Just curious. As my mk2 had it
  5. Megane GT line 1200cc turbo Cooling fan does not switch off

    Heating & cooling
    I normally drive to work and back everyday and have no problems with the cooling fan switching off with the engine, however if I stop for 10 minutes to got to the shop and then drive home (a 5 minute drive) the cooling fan stays on after I switch the engine off. Even after 10 minutes the fan is...
  6. Primastar temp gauge and cooling fan

    A couple of minor issues. The temperature gauge seems to be fluctuating between 0 and half way. Also the cooling fan is coming on a lot more frequently. Considering a coolant flush. Which coolant should I be using? The stuff in there looks clear???? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  7. Trafic 1 gearbox cooling

    Hi, I need to change the box on my Trafic 1 phase IV ( 1998) . I have located what seems to be a suitable 2nd hand box but it has an additional cooling circuit. The casing on the old one has blanked of plugs where the pipes go in and out but looks to be the same with this feature blanked off...
  8. Cooling system cleaning additive ?

    Given I have ascertained my cooling system is absolutely minging I am to shortly commit to a serious system flush and so come to the question of cooling system cleaning additives of which given how manky my cooling system is I intend to use and would like from others here that have perhaps been...
  9. Flushing my cooling system

    Heating & cooling
    Hey, My coolant is due to be replaced, But I've never flushed the system out before (I do have some mechanical knowledge), After draining the old fluid out, do I just flush the system with just water with some soap or is that a bad idea. Obviosly then put the new coolant mix in. Looking...
  10. Radiator Cooling fan cutting in too late ?

    What components in the radiator cooling fan system would cause the radiator cooling fan to cut in too late ? And what is too late , what position on the cab temperature gauge is normal operating temperature ? What occurs is normal operating temperature on my car appears to be with the needle...
  11. Engine Cooling fans

    Hi, Happy New Year to everyone here at Renault Forums. I had an interesting experience recently that I would be keen to get some thoughts on. I drove our 2003 Clio (1.4 Ltr 16V) down the coast from our house to MIL's for Xmas. That day it was hot (41C). The car performed well with the A/C...
  12. Overheating Issue Renault Grand Scenic Megane 2008

    Heating & cooling
    Hi there, My Wife recently (1 month ago) told me she had a warning on her dash that her oil was low, I told her to go to halfords and had arranged a click and collect for the exact oil she needed, she goes there and they kindly offered to put it in free of charge as she was holding my 6 month...
  13. No aircon after swapping UCH/ECU

    Heating & cooling
    I was having trouble with a faulty UCH which was causing the indicators/wipers to malfunction, so I replaced them with a new one. I got a complete set of UCH/ECU/Key which all had the exact matching part numbers. Everything works (even fixed an issue with a dodgy window) but the aircon. It was...
  14. cooling fan switch/sensor laguna1 1.9 dti,which one?

    Hi guys, I recently changed my engine in my laguna 1 ph2, 1.9 dti, everything works fine just the cooling fan won't start at all. Car has 4 sensors related to water temperature: one green and one white in thermostat body, one in left side of the radiator, and one on the cooling fan body. I would...
  15. Cooling fan staying on and temp gauge not working

    Hi Guys. my wife has 2011 Megane 3 DCI since getting an oil leak on the rear crank seal the engine fan stays on all the time and the engine temp gauge doesn't read any temp, it also says to check ignition system. We've tried replacing the temp sensor but that hasn't worked any suggestions?
  16. 2007 1.6 clio 3 cooling fan runs all the time

    Heating & cooling
    Hey there all trust u all good. Anyhows here it goes, ive got such a headache and the agents can't help me. My cooling fan on radiator don't stop running even with key out of the ignition. My temp gauge stopped working and i found that temp sensor was faulty and i was told that was my problem...
  17. Mk1 Trafic FN1 1.7 petrol Cooling electrical faults

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi, I have a 1989 FN1 1.7 Petrol Trafic with a couple of electrical faults that I'm trying to sort out: 1) The first is my engine temperature gauge seems to be working in reverse? When I switch on the ignition the gauge jumps down to zero as it should and stays there if the engine is cold or...
  18. Renault espace 3.0 dci 2003 cooling system problem

    Heating & cooling
    Hi I have an Espace 3.0 dci diesel with the Opel engine and the cooling system keeps over pressuring and pushing all the coolant up into the header tank and the coolant won't drain back on its own , it has not got any water contamination of the oil and it holds it's pressure when stopped , I...
  19. MEGANE 3 RS 265 2013 Cooling fan not working

    Heating & cooling
    Hi I would like help with my RS. The cooling fan does not work. I checked the fan on 12V DC and it works fine. I checked the relay giving power to the fan, and that works fine. It seems the relay does not energise so it can send power to the fan. I have been trying to find from where it has to...
  20. cooling fan renault scenic megane 2001

    In an urgent need a cooling fan for a 51 plate scenic megane Any body got one near to Langsett just outside Sheffield Tel:Ian 078919*****.Please PM for contact Details Plus Im need of any other parts people might have lying around gathering dust etc,maybe new and never fitted?