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  1. Brakes/Hubs
    Which is preferred when replacing brake pipes?
  2. Engines
    I have a slight leak from the drain plug after an oil change and after more tightening its still there only less. It obviously needs a new washer. I understand Renault do a kind of washer with a rubber "insert" but I imagine a good old copper washer as used for generations will work. My usual...
  3. Brakes/Hubs
    anyone know the average price a mechanic charges to fit each copper brake pipes
  4. Engines
    Hello people :) My missis has a 05 Megane II 1.5DCI and we had noticed an exhaust fume smell in the interior, at low speeds/idle when the heater fan was on, it then also developed a loud tapping noise (sounded like tappets!!), worse when cold. Long story short - I found the first injector...
  5. Engines
    Can someone please tell me what size copper washer I need for a 55 plate Megane 1.5DCi. Thanks all :d
  6. Engines
    I'm wanting to change my gearbox oil and have a question about the type of washer used on the gearbox drain plug. My engine oil sump uses the metal and rubber style washer so will the washer for the gearbox drain plug be the same? Also, I see that other Clios use a copper sump washer. Are...
  7. Engines
    Hi all hope someone can help. I have a blowing sound coming from my 1.5dc megane engine. It's the exact sound an place as the last time the washer went. It cost me £100 to get it done last time which for a washer I thought was expensive. My question is this... Is it just a case of unscrewing the...
  8. Wheels & tyres
    I was changing a wheel today but whenever i took it off the wheel nuts threads were covered in copper grease, why do garages use copper grease on wheel threads?