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  1. Electronics
    hello where can i buy key copy because i have only one key i would like an flip key thnx clio 1,4 16v 2002
  2. General Chat
    Basically i keep coming a croppa playing with renaults so would like some technical data and methods and dialogys seems the way to go. Searching on google the only things i can find are manuals up to 3.99 in english 4.8 seems to be the latest all available on ebay. Is it best to get one from...
  3. Electronics
    Can anyone help me please my 1999 Laguna will not play burnt cds yet they play on all other car players including my grandsons Clio
  4. Formula 1
    :Original Article: This kind of thing happens all the time in F1, but I didn't post this to get back into the cheating in F1:) It's a good example of how fast the teams can move when they see something that may give them an advantage. So, as is stated above Renault first ran this at a test...
  5. General Chat
    picking mine up at midnight tonight, will give it a short blast before getting some shuteye. come the weekend all hell is gonna break loose :rofl:
  6. General Chat
    Does anyone know where i'll get a copy of my computerised MOT and if it will cost me anything? It might just save me having to turn the whole house upside down looking for it :crazy: TIA