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  1. Engines
    Hi All, My 1989 R19 TSE has lost all its coolant due to a corroded core plug according to the repairer. They can source a replacement but the problem is the location of the plug which is on the bulkhead side of the engine (1.4L) and the manifold has to be removed to get at it. They are...
  2. Heating & cooling
    as the title say I want to replace the reguler heating core to the electric one I see there is a big connector near the heater matrix with a zip tie so did anyone ever tried this? I want to know what I need beside a new heater core
  3. Engines
    I've completely removed the egr housing in my dci but there is a hole in the manifold where the gold pipe was. What's the best way to block this
  4. Engines
    can anyone advise the size of the core plugs in a F3R head, casting number 9813. The core plugs are on the manifold side, next to the head bolts, thank you.
  5. Heating & cooling
    Good day all I have a 2004 Clio van which has , or should I say, had air conditioning. It would appear that the radiator is dual core, Renault want £650 to replace hence the question, does anyone know of a cheaper alternative? The van is a 65bhp diesel which runs well.
  6. Engines
    Hi have got a 2.5 dci traffic just had a new fuel pump fitted but now the oil plug in front of the pump keeps coming out and dumping all the oil everywhere the garage said it was a clogged rocker cover building pressure and popping it out so have stripped that out and cleaned that but has made...
  7. Heating & cooling
    Last winter I change the heater core because it only blew slightly warmer air than what was outside. It wasn't blocked in any way, but there was some stuff on the tubing inside the core that severely limted the warm water's contact with the metal. From what I heard that was something that could...
  8. Tools & equipment
    Can anyone advise if the core plugs which are needed to be removed to fit cam locking tools are included in the cam kit? I have a Gates powergrip kit which contains belt. idler, sprung tensioner, crank bolt with washer & two plugs/ covers one 40mm dia & the other 56mm dia are these the required...
  9. Heating & cooling
    I have removed the heater unit on my R19 convertible because I was so sure that was blocked. The heater was blowing only slightly lukewarm air, and a guy who's had the same car told me that the heater should be just as good on this as on any other car. I thought I couldn't access the system in...
  10. Heating & cooling
    I have tried flushing and using chemicals, but to no avail. So to get heat in the car I guess I have to change the heater core. But do I have to remove the dash on this model, or can I get it out without doing that? And do I have to take out parts of the engine as well? The hoses into the heater...
  11. Engines
    just wanted to say thanks to renault forum for the help fitted my core plug yesterday was alot easier than i thought it would be and the car is running like a baby thanks again for the help :) :) :) :)
  12. Engines
    hi all can anyone tell me why a core plug on a clio would go would it be just the plug or would there be something worse wrong with the car any help would be great thanks
  13. Computer Club
    My firewall keeps saying this is trying to access the net ....any ideas ?