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  1. MOT help. Rough cost?

    Cars & motoring
    MOT just failed on 2011 Renault Megane. Worrying about cost and garage now closed. Coukd anyone estimate how much the below would cost: Stop lamps not working Headlamp insecure Registration plate lamp inoperative Shock absorbers has a serious fluid leak offside rear Tyre has a cut in...
  2. 2011 Air con Issue Cost vs Worth

    Heating & cooling
    Hi Everyone, My first post on a forum. Today at 32c heat my air con on my 2011 Modus decided to give up the ghost. I am going to try the fuse in the engine bay first. If its not that then from reading on here its going to be about 700 pounds to replace the AC compressor as there is no click as...
  3. Trafic 6 Year Service Cost

    Hi Just a quick question regarding a 6 year service cost on my 2011 Renault Trafic SL29 Sport Dci 115 17800 mile. All been done on age rather than mileage as you can see not my daily. I have had it from new and all servicing has been done at the dealer but there pricing has been very...
  4. Advise on expected cost of replacement front brakes

    I have a MK2 Renault Clio Campus Sport 2006 that I had inspected yesterday at a local garage since the brake fluid was very low and the brake pedal feels like it goes quite a ways down before any braking happens. They found this: In the past, the wrong brake pads and rotors on the front near...
  5. Rear coil spring likely cost?

    Steering and Suspension
    I've just purchased an 02 plate renault clio automatic and noticed that on the advisary mot it recommends the offside rear coil spring is changed. Can anyone give me a rough estimate as to the likely cost please? Many thanks in advance to any/all replies.
  6. Grand Scenic II 1.6 Cost of Clutch JOB>>>

    Dear All, Can someone give me a guide price on the cost of supplying and fitting a clutch on a Grand Scenic II 1.6 ? - Possibility including the flywheel. Main dealer charge? Independent charge? Thanks in anticipation of your replies : EN4
  7. laguna 2 rear axel/suspension bush part cost ?

    Steering and Suspension
    Anybody kindly give me an up to date price of genuine axel/suspension bushes ? The genuine ones I fitted only 2 years ago seem to have gone again and i'm considering fitting Meyle ones that have a 2 year garauntee . If genuine ones are twice the price and only last 2 years anyway it seems an...
  8. 2004 Megane Cabriolet rear window issue, larger dealership cost

    Hi, apologies if this is the wrong place to post, I am posting on behalf of a family friend who is having issues with their Megane. The car was sat fairly inactive for about half a year, with a few dead batteries, unsure if this is relevant but recently has developed a fault on the passenger...
  9. Cost of part for a modern car

    General Chat
    Have you noticed that parts for new cars are getting more expensive than for older ones ? was at the motor factors last week, chap came in wanting a price for an exhaust for his car. You would not believe how much it was. Car - 2012 Telsa Model S any Guesses ?:crying2: Al
  10. Best/most cost effective OBD for 2011 Grand Scenic

    Tools & equipment
    Hi guys Following on from all my DPF pollaver in my other post - DPF regenerating? I'm now considering purchasing one so in the event I...
  11. Cost for a cambelt change for Clio 1.2 II 53/54 plate

    Can anyone give me an idea how much to expect for the cambelt to be changed on a clio 1.2 II 53/54 petrol please ? Just wondering what sort of ball park we are looking at The car has done 68k and its never had one done if i recall so its well overdue I'm a competent DIYer and have just done...
  12. Renault clutch kit cost

    Hi all, Is anyone here a mechanic who buys clutch kits direct from Renault? If so, would it be possible to confirm whether Renault levy a surcharge if the old clutch isn't returned to them please? I'm having the clutch replaced on my Trafic van (long story) and was told the old one is still...
  13. 1.5DCI repair cost

    My clio needs two diesel injectors. I've been quoted £540 to do this. Anyone know of a decent cheap repairer south of London?
  14. brakes and pads replacement cost

    does any one know the cost cost of replacing brakes and pads in front wheels on clio 2011 dci expression thanks
  15. Renault Scenic Megane 02: Aircon repair cost?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, my Renault Scenic Megane 02 plate started making gurgling sounds on the passenger side, followed by liquid running into the passenger foot well. This was on a hot day with the air con set to a cool 17 degrees) If/as the aircon has failed (which the AA guy said is the problem) what sort of...
  16. dephaser repair cost

    Hello chaps and chapettes. As some of you may have seen my1.6 megane cc has developed the much loved dephaser knock and as such I have got it in for repair. Now I have order the depahser along with new timing belt, tensioner parts etc and a water pump all are genuine Renault parts all be it...
  17. Potential Cost if Cambelt Breaks?

    This could happen on any Renault petrol or diesel engine, if unlucky, or past the scheduled service time or mileage (£581 at my Renault dealer for the Modus 1.5 dCi). Are the pistons resilient enough to merely bend the valve stems without fracturing themselves? I was wondering what sort of...
  18. Reasonable cost for repairs to a Clio II dCi 65?

    General Chat
    Hey guys, I hope this post is in the right place, and apologies if it isn't. Just looking for your opinions. Recently, I've had to have an MOT done, a ball joint replaced, two front springs replaced and two front suspension forks replaced. I've been charged £310 all in. I just wanted to...
  19. Renault Master Internal Radio PCB COST

    The radio in my Renault Master recently stopped working. A mechanic has tried charging me £450 for a pcb board (the master board within the radio). I was just wondering what the average price for a pcb board would be. Is this a rip off? Thanks
  20. Cost of rear bumper

    Hi, :censored::censored::censored::censored::censored::censored:Would anyone be able to tell me how much the upper and lower part of the rear bumper for a Megane III GT Line Coupe costs unpainted/in primer. The silver diffuser part isn't damaged so I don't need that. I've got a little bit of...