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  1. Clutch costs grand scenic 2012

    Ask the Experts
    Does anyone have a rough estimate of how much a new clutch should cost for a grand scenic 2012 1.5 dci? Im just researching pre purchase Online quote says 1200 quid which seems ridiculous. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. Clio MKII MOT failure costs :(

    Cars & motoring
    Hi there, just had a few MOT failures, I asked the garage to give me an estimate but said they couldn't until they got the parts no matter how much I pressed. The following are teh MOT failures: MOT failures: 1) Registration plate lamp not working rear 2) Front constant velocity joint gaiter...
  3. Garage Costs Comparison Site

    Cars & motoring
    Just come across an advert for this site It seems a comprehensive service and the results are quite surprising when you do a search. Maybe some members may find it useful in finding a garage for work? Has anyone seen this site before and used its recommendations?
  4. Clio Front Wing Costs?

    Hi just wondered how much it would cost for a new 'Renault Clio 05 Front Wing Passenger N/ Side panel' to be replaced at a garage. My wife had an accident with ice, so a few cracks & indicator cover broken off. Is it worth claiming on the insurance? The indicator cover on the side wing was...
  5. Replacement key card costs (preferably in Scotland)

    I know this question has been asked several times before, but I would like to know whether anyone has ordered a replacement key card for their renault ? How much was it ? And where did you get in ? Some people on ebay are posting a reprogrammed key card for £85, I assume, the key itself will...
  6. megane 2 (2007) owner trying to save labour costs

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all. I have joined the forum to get advise on any car issues and see if i can expand me knowledge while saving a bit of money.
  7. Trafic McPherson struts replacement costs

    Steering and Suspension
    My 02 Trafic i going to need McPherson strut replacing for MOT (was advisory on last MOT). As I think the vehicle may be approaching end of life I'm not wanting to spend silly money getting it through the test. Can anyone advise what a garage might charge to replace a strut and do they have to...
  8. Wheel loss costs Vergne 10 grid spots

    Formula 1 news Vergne has been handed a 10-place grid penalty for the Formula 1 Gran Premio de Espana Pirelli 2014 after the right-rear wheel came off his Toro Rosso at Turn 1 during Friday's second practice session in Barcelona. Stewards...
  9. Service costs

    Cars & motoring
    Hello to all. as a newbie to this forum, I wonder if anyone could help me please. Having not owned a newer car for a long time, I purchased a 09 plate Megan 3 last year. the service light has now come on at 61000 mls. could anyone please give me the aprox cost of this service.. Many thanks...
  10. Clio Engine Seized - Costs - HELP

    My 2001 Clio 1.2 8v engine has seive. Long story. I have been quote by the local garage a min of 11hrs to put a new engine in, I was wondering if this sounds reasonable as I have no clue. They are also saying I should have the clutch done at the same time (is this true?) At the moment we...
  11. Renault dealer brake costs?

    Hi, my local Renault dealer called me today to tell me I need new brakes, they diarised this after my MOT in Feb. They tell me they will quote me after I bring the car in, could do without this I just need a quote to decide whether to take to Renault or to independent garage like Quik Fit or...
  12. Repair costs on Grand Scenic

    Hi guys, I have just purchased a 2005 Grand Scenic for £1750 and have now discovered that it needs a new dephaser pulley (it sounds like bag of spanners on start up!) I have been quoted £450 to do the dephaser and the timing belt from a garage who have done quite a few of these. I have a few...
  13. Big problems and big costs ??????

    Hi everyone! Just found this forum and hoping somoene can help me. Bought a Renault Espace 54 2.2diesel a few months back. We've got problems. It is leaking oil and in order to look at it properly apparently it needs to be taken apart a bit. Several garages are telling me different things. One...
  14. renault garage costs

    Cars & motoring
    following on from earlier thread,any ideas on houry charges at renault dealers
  15. Costs

    Wheels & tyres
    Morning First post on here so hope i have got it right. Need to get the n/s track rod end and ball joint replaced. How much should it cost at a local garage for parts and labour for this job ?? Cheers
  16. 9 year old Scenic leaking coolent

    Heating & cooling
    My 9.5 year old Scenic is leaking coolent from as far as I can see the engine. I can see it slowly dripping when the engine is runnig. I have to top up coolent fluid every week. The tubes and Radiator look fine. I am just wondering is the car still worth it ? Is this going to cost me hundred...
  17. Clio MKI ph3, Gearbox change needed. Costs?

    Hi guys, Got myself a clio around 5 months ago. And well its looking destined for the scrap heap. A month or two ago it started to make a slight whining noise in gear. Last week. Whenever the clutch WAS NOT pressed, it sounded like it been eating nuts & bolts :( A very deep, gravelly...
  18. Cambelt replacement

    Morning fellow renault enthusiasts, Got a query that you will more than likely have heard before - cambelt replacement Taking my grand scenic in for its cambelt replacement - it's at 29000, but 5 years old in January 2010 but wondered: - should i ask for water pump replacement at the same time...
  19. Read this, if you think your Renault costs a lot to run...

    General Chat
    Hi there. I subscribe to EVO magazine, and was interested to read the article 'The true cost of supercars'. The most expensive car (surprise, surprise) was the Bugatti Veyron - here are a few stats... Tyres must be changed every 2500 miles @ £6325 per tyre... The wheels must be changed every...
  20. Laguna III servicing costs question.

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all, recently bought an 08 Laguna III 150hp dci diesel with 11000 miles on it. Its already had its first service and the dealership have offered me a 3 service cover plan for just over £800. This seems a bit high to me, but I've been unable to find any price's for the servicing of the car...